Difference Between Dope and Weed (With Table)

Smoking weed and taking various types of drugs has become a common practice mostly among youngsters today. There are several possible reasons why individuals involve in such things. Some do it out of choice, while some get into it because of peer pressure.

These unwanted substances are quite harmful and cause vigorous side effects on the human body. Even though people know about it, the thing is that they do not realise how serious it can get. Alternatively, people think that those things can help them relax and keep out of stress.

When one takes any type of drug, it has a subconscious effect on the mind, which in turn, keeps the mind out of the thinking process. As a result, the mind forgets about the problems one has. This is called the psychoactive effect of drugs. It might be a temporary solution for staying away from stress and tension but it can have a lasting effect on the body and mind.

The after-effects of taking drugs or smoking weed can range from health problems such as brain disorders, memory loss, respiratory problems to losing interest in doing things and the person is left with no motivation. This is because drugs affect the mind in such a way that it loses its capability to think and act.

Dope and Weed are two terms related to drugs or marijuana. Although they are quite similar to each other, they have certain differences in them too. Weed is basically more sort of any unwanted plant. It is used to refer to Cannabis or Marijuana. Dope, on the contrary, is linked to marijuana but is also referred to as other illegal or legal drugs such as heroin.

Dope vs Weed

The difference between Dope and Weed is that Dope is necessarily a slang used to refer to marijuana and other drugs (heroin), whereas, Weed is any type of unwanted plant that causes nuisance; it is usually referred to as the very common marijuana.

Comparison Table Between Dope and Weed

Parameter of ComparisonDopeWeed
TermDope is a term used for referring to marijuana, but mainly drugs. Weed is a term used to refer to unwanted plants like Cannabis.
Related toIt deals more with legal and illegal drugs. While it deals more with marijuana.
LegalityDrugs like heroin is a legally issued drug. Whereas marijuana is illegal.
Side Effects It generally affects the respiratory tract or skin. It generally affects the brain.
Health IssuesIt causes severe allergies, respiratory problems, drowsiness, lower heart rate etc. While it causes brain disorders, memory loss, unusual behaviour, lack of enthusiasm etc.
IntakeThe drugs intake is not very common as compared to weed, it is because they are not so easily available and costs in bulk. Weed or marijuana is very commonly taken all around the world.

What is Dope?

Dope is a term or more preferably a slang that is used to refer to marijuana and also other drugs, mainly heroin. Heroin is a drug that comes with a legally controlled tag in the United Kingdom. It also has effects quite similar to that of marijuana and is also used for the same purposes like keeping free from stress and relaxing.

The psychoactive effect of drugs is nothing but the effect or control they have on the human mind. They reduce the ability of the brain to think and react, and as a result, makes one forget about everything such as stress, tension temporarily.

People consider this effect as an advantage and involve in the intake of drugs and marijuana. But along with this, there is a huge drawback that people forget about. Serious health problems are caused by drugs. Mainly respiratory problems, lower heart rate, drowsiness, short breathe and also severe allergies are the health issues caused.

Drugs are a type of addiction. People who use them regularly, become addicted to using them. If taken in large doses, it can also result in unusual behaviour and reactions in a person.

Although dope or drugs come with a temporary solution to fight stress, they can be extremely harmful if not used marginally or not looked upon with a sense of control.

What is Weed?

Weed is a term associated with any type of unwanted plants that cause nuisance, mainly Cannabis or commonly known as Marijuana. Marijuana is an illegal and harmful drug that causes euphoria, just like any other drug. It is used for keeping the mind free from any kind of stress or tension.

Cannabis is a genus of plant that originated from Central Asia. It is considered an indigenous species. The primary psychoactive component in weed or drugs come from breeding cannabis strains. These psychoactive elements create a sense of control over the human mind and body, due to which the mind loses the ability to think and other health problems occur.

Intake of marijuana makes people prone to several health issues including brain disorders, memory loss, difficulty in adaptation. Taking large doses of it can even result in a loss of enthusiasm and unusual behaviour within an individual. It also, in turn, affects the growth and development of a person.

Just like dope, weed or marijuana is also a type of addiction. It has a very strong effect on the human mind, and in turn, affects all of its functions such as feelings, thinking, reacting etc.

Within proper doses and controlled use, marijuana can be used without having much side effects. This should be realised and acted upon at any cost.

Main Differences Between Dope and Weed

  1. Dope is referred to as drugs, while weed is referred to as unwanted plants.
  2. Some drugs are legal, but marijuana is illegal.
  3. Dope affects the respiratory tract, weed affects the brain.
  4. Allergies and breathing issues are caused due to dope, while brain disorders are caused due to weed.
  5. Weed is more commonly used than dope.


Dope and Weed are associated with similar things like drugs and marijuana. But they have distinctive properties and effects on the mind and body. Proper and limited usage of such things should be addressed urgently.



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