Difference Between Double Size Bed and Queen Size Bed (With Table)

Mankind has come a long way when it comes to lifestyle. From sleeping on the ground to snuggly beds, we are surrounded by endless limits to comfort. There are several types of beds in the modern world that often confuse the customers while selecting one. Two such types of beds that are difficult to pick from are double size and queen size beds.

Double Size Bed vs Queen Size Bed

The difference between double-size and queen-size beds is that double-size beds are smaller in dimensions as compared to queen-size beds, which are much bigger. Since the sizes of the two beds vary, the space required to fit each one of them also differs.

A double-size bed includes small mattresses that were initially made to barely fit two adults, specifically designed for couples. A double-size bed has measurements 54 inches by 75 inches, which is exactly the same as the measurements of a full bed. Double beds were popular before the introduction of queen size beds.

A queen-size bed includes comparatively big mattresses that were designed to comfortably fit two adults and a child too. A queen-size bed has measurements 60 inches by 80 inches. To practically consider, a queen-size bed is 6 inches wider than a double-size bed which is a noticeable amount of extra space when it comes to comfortable sleep.

Comparison Table Between Double Size Bed and Queen Size Bed

Parameters of ComparisonDouble Size BedQueen Size Bed
Measurement54 inches wide and 75 inches long.60 inches wide and 80 inches long.
FrameThe frame for a double-size bed is a rectangular box with no center leg.It has center leg support in addition to the normal rectangular structure because of the extra size.
Advantages It leaves extra space in the room.Easily comfortable for an average couple and a child too.
DisadvantagesOnly comfortable for one average adult and it can barely fit a couple.It needs more space and is not recommended for small rooms.
PopularityLess popular nowadays and only 21% of bed sales include double-size beds.Most popular since the last two decades and contribute about 32% of bed sales.

What is Double Size Bed?

Double-size beds came in early 1870. Since these beds were double the size of single-size beds, they came to be known as double-size beds. In terms of dimensions, the double-size beds had double width and equal length compared to single-size beds. At that time, double-size beds immediately became popular because these were the first beds that could provide enough space for two people. A Double-size bed is also known as a full bed.

For almost 80 years, these beds were the most preferred. But after the introduction of even bigger beds in the 1950s, there was a steady drop in the sales of double-size beds. Despite fitting two people, double-size beds were still too small for two individuals, and to sleep freely on them was not as comfortable.

Regardless of the fact that they are less preferred nowadays, double-size beds are still a good pick for children, individuals who are not too tall, and pets, etc. Since they take less space, double-size beds are the perfect pick for smaller rooms making room for any other furniture. There are abundant double-size bed choices readily available in the market including custom woods, mattresses designs and stuff, and the number of storage compartments, etc.

What is Queen Size Bed?

Queen-size beds were introduced in the 1950s at the time when double-size beds were the most popular. A queen-size bed is generally wider and longer than a double-size bed. The dimensions of a queen-size bed are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Queen-size beds gained popularity shortly after they were introduced. Queen-size beds were named so as a marketing strategy and it worked like a charm. The bed had become a new status symbol in society. They soon became globally famous due to their royal-sounding names.

Even today, Queen-size beds are the most commonly preferred beds in the market comprising about 32% of sales among all the bed types. Queen-size beds are considered to be the most optimal size. Being larger than double-size beds, queen-size beds offer more individual space and allow comfortable sleep. Not only the couple, but even a child can also fit in the queen-size bed making it perfect for families.

With the introduction of queen-size beds in the 1950s, the sale of double-size beds went down by a substantial margin. The drawbacks that the double-size beds had, were mostly corrected with queen-size beds. As a result, double-size beds were never preferred as much again except by a few selective people.

Main Differences Between Double Size and Queen Size Bed

  1. Double-size beds are 6 inches less wide than queen-size beds.
  2. Double-size can be placed even in a smaller space whereas queen-size beds need a larger area.
  3. Double-size beds are usually picked for children because of less space only and queen-size beds are preferred for adults and couples.
  4. Double-size beds can be short for people who are particularly tall. On the other hand, queen-size beds offer 5 more inches of length making them suitable for everyone.
  5. While the styles of bed frames in double-size beds are limited, queen beds offer a variety of custom frames to choose from.


As times have changed, humans have found innovative and practical methods to have a comfortable sleep. Since the 18th century, beds have become the only place that provides both quality and comfortable sleep. Even though many types of beds and mattresses came and overtook one another, queen-size beds have been the best till now. Providing the perfect balance of dimensions, queen-size beds are the most commonly used everywhere.

Although queen-size beds are exceptionally good, a double-size bed does offer a few advantages over a queen-size bed. For smaller rooms, queen-size beds are not the ones to pick as they leave less room for any other furniture. Double-size beds even though smaller, leave enough room for other things. For individuals who are not tall, children, and couples who need less bed space, double-size beds are the ones to pick.

There are a lot of bed sizes available in the market including twin-size beds and king-sized beds but nothing is as practically optimal as the experience that double-size and queen-size beds provide. Even though queen-size beds are the right pick for most people, double-size beds still do have their place in the market. As a result, double-size beds even though less popular now are still sold as they are the only beds preferred by a selective group of people.


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