Difference Between Dough and Batter (With Table)

Both dough and batter have different importance in the food as both as the basic ingredient for most of the dishes, whether it is a cake, cookies, donuts or anything even in India dough or wheat is used on a daily basis in every kitchen. Both dough and batter are used for baking and making other dishes.

Dough vs Batter

The difference between a Dough and a Batter is in their consistency and their ingredients. The dough does not contain eggs and has a thick consistency and is dense, whereas Batter always contains eggs and has a thin consistency and is not dense in comparison. Therefore different methods and techniques are used for the preparation of Dough and Batter.

The dough is made by mixing flour with liquid (mostly water) and other ingredients such as salt; it is mixed till the mixture becomes dense enough to get molded in any shape. It can be given shapes as its consistency is relatively thick.

The batter is similar to the dough, but when flour is mixed with liquid, an additional ingredient that is the egg, is also added to it and mixed till it becomes very thin. The batter doesn’t have its shape as it is not dense enough and has a very thin consistency.

Comparison Table Between Dough and Batter

Parameters of ComparisonDough Batter
Eggs inclusionIt doesn’t contain eggs. It must have eggs
CategoriesTypes of Dough are Stiff Dough and Soft Dough, Unleavened Dough and Leavened Dough etc. Types of Batter are: Drop Batter, pour batter, and coating batter.
ConsistencyIt has a very thick consistencyIt has a Comparatively fragile consistency. 
MixingIt is mixed and can be work with hands as they are dense enough.It is mixed and works by whisking the ingredients.
UsageIt used for Pastries and pasta.It is used for Muffins and cake doughnuts

What is Dough?

The dough is flour which is mixed with some liquid. There are different types of sough:

  1. Soft Dough and Stiff Dough: Stiff Dough is the type of dough that is more compact but is not very difficult to knead, such as Scones, Pizza Crusts, and cookies. Soft Dough is the type that is very soft and easy to handle and knead, such as rolls, biscuits, and yeasted donuts.
  2. Unleavened Dough and Leavened Dough: Leavened Dough is the type of Dough that is made by using a Leavened Agent, which can be either natural or chemical. Leavened is the rising agent. The most common natural leavened agents are fermented yeasts and sourdough starters, and the chemical leavened agents are baking soda and baking powder. UnLeavened Dough is the type of dough that does not include any rising agent. There is no addition of chemical or natural leavened agents. It is used for dishes such as pasta, tortillas, and flatbread. 
  3. Laminated Dough and Non-laminated Dough: Laminated is the layered dough that has many layers in it which can be made by repeating the process of folding and rolling. This type of dough at least has eight layers in it. Non-Laminated dough included both leavened and unleavened dough, which does not have layers.

What is Batter?

A batter is a mixture of liquid, eggs, and flour with some additional ingredients. Most common dishes made from Batter are Biscuits, Dosa, Cakes, Muffins, and cornbread, etc.

The type of Batter includes Drop Batter, pour batter, and coating batter:

  1. Drop Batter: Drop batter is a type of batter that is made with a ratio of 2:1 with one part water and two-part flour. It is dropped easily with the help of a spoon—for example, Muffins, Cakes, Dumplings, and Cake Donuts, etc.
  2. Pour Batter: this type of batter is thinner in consistency than the dropped batter. It runs when poured with a spoon. Its ratio is 1:1 with equal liquid and flour—for example, Pancakes, waffles, and Funnel Cakes, etc.
  3. Coating Batter: it is a type of batter used for coating and frying. There is more liquid and less flour used in making this type of batter. It is used for shallow frying, deep-frying, and grill. For example, Beer Batter, Tempura Batter, Cornmeal Batter, and Plain Batter

All of the above types are based on how they are used and their consistency.

Main Differences Between Dough and Batter

  1. Dough and Batter both have a different ingredient that is egg, Dough does not contain eggs in it, but eggs are a must for the preparation of eggs.
  2. The Dough is categorized under various headings such as stiff dough and soft dough, unleavened dough, and leavened dough, and Batter is categorized as Drop Batter, Pour batter and Coating batter.
  3. The consistency of the dough is very thick that it can be molded into any shape, but it is not the same with the batter, the consistency of the batter is very thin.
  4. Mixing of Dough is comparatively very easy as it can be mixed with hands, and for the batter, a blender or mixer is used to mix it with its ingredients.
  5. The dough is used to make pastries and pasta, and the batter is used to make muffins and cake, and other dishes.
  6. The batter is also used for coating, but the dough is not used for any such purpose.


Therefore dough and batter, despite their similarities are different the most common is that dough can be made with bare hands by mixing flour or something with its ingredients, but the batter is made with a blender as its consistency is very thin it is not possible to make it with bare hands. Therefore, it is made by mixing ingredients in a blender. Therefore what differentiates dough and batter is mainly its consistency. If a batter is turned into a thick consistency, it will be considered as dough.


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