Difference Between Dropbox and Google Drive

In the modern era, storage of information and maintaining the privacy of data has become the topmost priority of people. With the invention of artificial intelligence, this work has become much more manageable.


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Dropbox vs Google Drive

The difference between Dropbox and Google Drive mainly lies in the amount of storage space given free of cost, which is more in Google Drive than in Dropbox. Also, they vary in other parameters such as their developers, as on features, number of versions of files, etc. 

Dropbox vs Google Drive

Dropbox was developed a long time ago. Its developer is Dropbox. Inc. It was one of the major revolutions in the field of cloud storage. It provides a storage space that is free of cost for its users.

Google Drive, on the other hand, was developed by Google. It came much later but soon began giving a tough competition to Dropbox.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDropboxGoogle Drive
CreatorsIt was created by Dropbox. Inc.It was created by Google.
Free storage spaceIt provides a free storage space of up to 2 Gb.It provides 15 Gb of free storage space.
Number of versions of filesIt can store infinite versions of the same file.It can store a limited version of the same file.
Variations of files It doesn’t support a large variety of files.It can support a large variety of files.
Sharing of filesSharing is done with a Web application.Sharing can be done with sharing option. 

What is Dropbox? 

Dropbox is a storage app developed by Dropbox. Inc. Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi were its creators. It’s ‘Cloud’ storage. Cloud storage is something that keeps our data stored on a separate site.

Its advantages are that it is supported on many operating systems such as Windows, followed by Mac, Linux, Windows in the phone, Ios, and finally Android.

However, some of its cons are, a considerable variation of files is not supported in it. Also, its storage space, that’s available free of cost, is relatively low. It is only 2 gigabytes.

What is Google Drive? 

Google Drive, on the other hand, was developed by Google. It came much later, but its excellent features soon made it one of the most used cloud services. It came much later in the year 2012.

Its pros are that It provides the user with a high amount of storage space, free of cost. It is as much as 15 Gb. Also, it can support a great variety of files on it.

There are also some cons to this. First, it doesn’t support a varied number of operating systems. Also, it doesn’t let us store many different versions of the same file.

google drive

Main Differences between Dropbox and Google Drive

  1. There cannot be many variations of files in Dropbox. However, Google Drive can store many variations of files. 
  2. Sharing of files is done through the Web app in the case of Dropbox. Whereas, Google Drive uses the share option and no specific app. 
Difference Between Dropbox and Google Drive


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