Dyson Animal vs Absolute: Difference and Comparison

Vacuum cleaners are savvier when it comes to cleaning. They do more work in less time and reduce manual efforts. Vacuum cleaners are basically life-changing inventions.

Both Dyson Animal and absolute vacuum cleaners are very similar to each other as both use V8 technology. They have similar suction power, run time, dust capacity, and filtration type. Both of these are Dyson’s popular vacuum cleaners.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dyson Animal is explicitly designed for homes with pets and has a tangle-free turbine tool for pet hair removal.
  2. Dyson Absolute is designed for all-around cleaning and has a soft roller cleaner head for hard floors.
  3. Dyson Animal has stronger suction power, while Dyson Absolute has a longer battery life.

Dyson Animal vs Absolute

The difference between Dyson animal and Absolute is that Dyson animal has a unique ability to suck up and clean pet hairs. Dyson Absolute’s soft roller head gives it the ability to work extraordinarily on hard floors as well as carpets. This feature of Dyson Absolute is unavailable in Dyson animals. Hence one should see their requirements before choosing their ideal vacuum.

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Dyson animal vacuum cleaner works on all floor types. It is powered by Dyson digital motor V8.


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It has a dust capacity of 540 ml, which makes it perfect for household cleaning. It comes with several accessories and two power modes.

It has a suction power of 115AW.

Dyson absolute vacuum cleaners are ideal for hard floors. It also works extraordinarily on carpets.

It gives carpets and rugs a deep cleaning which is required for domestic hygiene. It is also powered by the Dyson digital V8 model.

It has a similar suction power and dust capacity when compared to the Dyson animal vacuum cleaner.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDyson AnimalDyson Absolute
SpecializationIt works exceptionally well in collecting fine pet hair.It works exceptionally well in hard flooring.
WeightIt is a little lighter than Dyson absolute.It is a little heavier than Dyson Absolute.
CostIt is expensive than Absolute.It is less expensive than Dyson Animal.
DimensionDimension of Dyson animal is 9.9/8.9/49”. Dyson absolute is 8.2/9.8/49”.
ComplainsIt is not sturdy and has a plastic body.It does not have a long run time.

What is Dyson Animal?

Dyson V8 Animal is one of the models of Dyson Vacuum cleaners. It was launched back in 2016 as an upgrade to Dyson V6.

It added several features to Dyson V6, which was itself a popular model back then.

It is considered to be 150% more powerful than the V6 model.

It is a good choice for pet keepers as it is mainly prepared to collect even the finest pet hair. It works amazingly on low-pile carpets and thin rugs.

It has a cordless run time of 40 minutes, which is very good compared to other cleaners. It has good suction power and dust capacity.

The disposal of dust in Dyson animals is easy and convenient as it has a hygienic dirt ejector. Hence, one doesn’t need to manually touch the dust for its disposal.

It can also easily be converted into a handheld mode which can be used to clean cars, stairs, or any hard-to-reach places.

It also comes along with a variety of tools and brushes. According to many users, it easily picks up small dirt particles and hair, but it may displace or push large debris like paper and rice particles.

Many complain about its low-quality plastic build, which is not very sturdy.

dyson animal

What is Dyson Absolute?

Dyson Absolute vacuum cleaner was launched in 2016. It is a cordless, portable, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. It is also powered by Dyson digital motor V8. It has a slim, stylish body which makes it easy to carry around.

It has similar features to Dyson Animal, such as 40 minutes run time, suction power, and dust capacity. However, it works exceptionally well on hard floors because it has a soft roller cleaner head included as an accessory.

Hence, if most of your house is hardwood flooring, it can be your ideal vacuum cleaner. But this does not mean it lacks in cleaning carpets. It equally works well in carpets when compared to Dyson animals.

It weighs about 5.75 lbs. It is less expensive than the Dyson animal vacuum clear.

It also works in two power modes that are powerful models which can be used for regular day-to-day cleaning. The other is the max mode which lasts for seven minutes and can be used for very deep cleaning.

In the long run, this cleaner has been quite effective. However, there have been complaints that the cleaner does not last 40 minutes when attachments are used.

It reduces its run time, and one needs to charge it again for about 4 hours to use it again.

dyson absolute

Main Differences Between Dyson Animal and Absolute

  1. Dyson animal is expensive compared to Dyson’s absolute vacuum cleaner.
  2. Dyson animal is mainly designed to collect pet hair. Hence is ideal for pet keepers. This feature is not included in Dyson Absolute.
  3. Dyson Absolute is mainly designed to clean hardwood flooring with its soft roller. This roller is not included in the Dyson animal.
  4. Dyson absolute is a little heavier compared to Dyson animal. However, the difference is very small. Dyson animal is 5.65 lbs, and Dyson animal is about 5.75 lbs.
  5. Dimension of Dyson animal is 9.9/8.9/49” and Dyson absolute is 8.2/9.8/49”.
Difference Between Dyson Animal and Absolute
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