Difference Between E-Ticket and I-Ticket

The ticket has also undergone many evolutions during the time. As the transportation system and technology changed, it also led to many changes to ticket reservations. The new software and programs helped in changes of the tickets. First, the ticket was handwritten, and the confirmations took days.


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As new technologies came, the ticket booking system also changed. The e-ticket and i-ticket both are forms of tickets that are used to confirm a seat booking and proof of the money that is given by the passenger.

E-Ticket vs I-Ticket

The difference between E-ticket and I-ticket is in the process that is used to confirm the seat on the train. Both the ticket requires internet. Yet, the I ticket is brought three days before the travel date. It is a paper ticket that is provided by the Indian Railway.

E Ticket vs I Ticket

An e-ticket is a ticket that is brought online using a smartphone or computer. The ticket is provided in digital format and not on paper. The Indian Railway is not responsible for sending you the ticket in paper format. The passenger is themselves have to either bring the ticket in digital or print form.

The I-ticket is a name used for the ticket that is brought offline. It is a paper ticket that is brought to the station. The process of I-ticket is considered easy and trustable by some people. The I-ticket is the responsibility of the Indian Railways to provide you. They are also sent to the passenger with the courier.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonE-TicketI-Ticket
Full formThe e Ticket stands for Electronic Ticket.The I Ticket stands for the Internet Ticket.
Paper formThe paper form is printed by the passenger.The paper form of the ticket is provided by the Indian Railways.
CostThe e Ticket is cheap as compared to the i Ticket.The i Ticket is costly because of the shipping charge.
Booking policy Can be brought on the day before the journey.They need to be brought three days before the journey.
Ticket FacilityThey are emailed to the passenger’s ids. Therefore, provided digitally.They are either provided in hand or mailed at the doorstep of the passenger in paper form.
Cancellation ProcessThe cancellation can be done using a smartphone or computer.The cancellation needs to be done by going to the station and is also time-consuming.

What is E-Ticket?

The E-Ticket is an electronic ticket that can be brought anytime and anywhere. The E-Ticket is provided digitally, and the payment is also made using online options like debit cards, UPI Payment, etc. The process of booking an E-Ticket is easy and less time-consuming. Steps are the following:

  1. The passenger needs a ticket booking site or app example: redbus, ixigo trains, etc.
  2. The passenger will fill in all the details of the passengers in case there are more than one, then he or she has to fill in the details of all the passengers.
  3. After filling in all the details, he or she just needs an IRCTC Id to confirm the booking.
  4. When the booking and seats are available, then using the payment gateway, the tickets are booked.
  5. The confirmed ticket is mailed on the passenger’s email id.

The cancellation process of the E-Ticket is also easy and less time-consuming as it just requires a single click to cancel the tickets. The E-Tickets are not only used by the Indian Railways but also being used in the booking of theatre, buses, and flights.

The e-ticket is found much better as they are easy to book and can be booked anywhere. The people at first were a little afraid about the online transfer. As they didn’t find it promising. Yet, e-ticket use is increasing these days because of the safety and security ensured by the payment gateways.

What is I-Ticket?

The I-Ticket is a name given to the offline ticket. The paper form of the ticket is brought by the passenger at the station by paying in cash. The ticket needs to get booked at least three days before the journey for confirmation. The I-Ticket is the guarantee of the Indian Railway to provide you in the paper format.

The I-Ticket is very time-consuming and expensive. The ticket is brought to the station using the computer of the authorities. The passenger just needs it’s an Id for the identification. The ticket is either provided in hand or mailed to the passenger’s doorstep. 

The cancellation process is very frustrating. The passenger needs to visit the station and ask for the cancellation. After that, the cancellation will process, and the ticket refund will take many days. The money is also deducted if you cancel the ticket.

Main Differences Between E-Ticket and I-Ticket

  1. The e-ticket is the digital ticket, while I-Ticket is the offline ticket.
  2. The e-ticket is less time-consuming as compared to the I-ticket.
  3. The e-ticket is cheap as compared to the i-ticket, as shipping charges are also included in the i-ticket.
  4. The I ticket needs to book three days before, whereas the e-ticket can be brought even the night before the journey.
  5. The e-ticket can be brought anytime and anywhere, but the I ticket is brought to the station.
  6. The cancellation process of the e-ticket is easy and feasible, while the I ticket cancellation process is a little exhausting.


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