Difference Between Elementor and Beaver Builder

Creating a website is the theme of a WordPress page builder. Page builders are creating a personalized WordPress concept, like designing based on figuring out a cluttered blueprint, misconception, etc. These issues can be solved using the page builder plugins that are present on WordPress. 


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Web designers and developers are still the finest for a fully self-designed website. But it does not pull down the need for page builders. Both of them contribute equally according to the client’s or user’s requirements. Generally, Page builders help web designers to complete their work more efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  1. Elementor and Beaver Builder are two popular page builder plugins for WordPress that enable users to create custom website layouts without coding.
  2. Elementor is a more feature-rich plugin with a live editing interface that allows users to create complex designs more quickly. At the same time, Beaver Builder has a simpler interface but provides more control over the design details.
  3. Elementor offers more pre-designed templates and widgets, while Beaver Builder provides more flexible layout options and better performance.

Elementor vs Beaver Builder

The difference between Elementor and Beaver Builder is that there is a sufficient shortage of options for the free version of Beaver Builder that scores a negative impression. Whereas the Elementor offers quite a lot of superior features, which brings out a clear hunch for the value of the product. 

Elementor vs Beaver Builder

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Elementor and Beaver Builder provide a fluid interface with easy entry to use tools. Elementor has more custom-built options that the sidebar in Beaver Builder is quite user-friendly to traverse. Both the page builders provide a variety of options for designing and creating sites using templates. Both of them have a short way of transporting, making, reusing the modules, and using them to create the page.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonElementorBeaver Builder
SimplicityModerateVery easy to use
Target customersClients, Users, Agencies, Designer, DeveloperDesigner, Web developer
Unique attributesUniversal appliances, and Implanted
template wherever
White label aspect
Consistency with editingPresentAbsent
Foundation of elementsMore than 8031
Ready-made templatesMore than 300 in pro-planBasically 40 in the free version and around 90 in the paid version
Distinctive attributeActive contentBeaver Themer
Elements usedFlip box, Social share buttons, Audio
player, Portfolio, Animated Headline,
Social follow icons, Facebook comments, and a log in option
Social share button
Adding custom CSSAvailableUnavailable
Design aspects in page builderShow/Hide contents, Distinct borders, Individual font sizesShow/Hide contents, Distinct borders, Convention breakpoints
Loading time (average)1.47 sec1.38 sec
Support systemNeeds improvementVirtuous
SecurityDependable in pro version (has Honeypot measure to avoid spam-bots)Assured

What is Elementor?

Elementor was introduced in June 2016. The plugin was more popular that is instantly aced the market.

The free version of Elementor was well-liked by everyone is because of the developers who offered a user-friendly encounter and attributes that were solely available in premier drag and drop page builders.

Any WordPress widgets can be used with Elementor. This unlocks the boundless chances for combining widgets from the plugins which are need from WordPress.

Some of the features of Elementor are openly accessible, mobile-friendly, and is improved for the Internet. A pre-made collection of templates is also provided here.

It can be altered as well as used as such. These pre-made templates can be saved and used as a design for other pages. These templates can also be transported anywhere.

Pros in Elementor are:

  1. Robust pop-up builder
  2. Template library
  3. Mobile responsive site
  4. Personalization attributes
  5. Pro version has: Creation of Custom headers/footers, post-type blueprints
  6. Front-to-End page editor
  7. Block library

Cons in Elementor:

  1. Weak library of block and template
  2. Lack of schema in header/builder
  3. Absence of White label feature
  4. No response for a custom solution
  5. Deficiency of useful option

What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder was instigated in April 2014. It is an easy-to-use platform and has premier aspects that allow creating a simple yet professional site. The plugin is very famous for designers. Beaver Builder also allows the user to custom-built their website using a front-end visual editor.

A free version is also available but the pro version is quite popular. A sub-structure named as “Beaver builder theme” is the higher-priced licenses for Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder uses an essential platform that fixes quite well with the default WordPress color program. The interface has a swift loading of the network. All the layouts can be used and applied to other pages. The content segments are all arranged properly for the user’s benefit.

It has:

  1. Basic modules-10 
  2. Media modules-9
  3. Action modules-7 
  4. Blueprint modules-4 
  5. Information modules-2
  6. Posts modules-3

Beaver Builder Pros:

  1. Supreme page builder for Agencies
  2. White label option
  3. Modernized design aspects
  4. Swift front end page builder
  5. Dependable 
  6. Complete block and template library

Beaver Builder Cons:

  1. The form builder is poor
  2. Requires a third party add-on for attributes
  3. Slow development
  4. Extra costs for theme builders

Beaver Builder offers:

  • White-labeling – A customized page requires a white-labeled end product. The Astra theme also bears white labeling. By combining Beaver Builder with Astra, 100% white-labeled outputs are created.
beaver builder
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