Difference Between Enchilada and Wet Burrito (With Table)

Food wraps have been in trend for centuries. But there have in innovation in them to make them more interesting and healthy. Enchilada and Wet Burrito among these food wraps, which have been loved by many, they are Mexican dishes with Spanish names. 

They both look pretty similar due to the presence of sauces and rolled-up appearance. But they are not the same at all. They have different basic ingredients and different origins too. It won’t be wrong to say that Wet Burrito is just a burrito with sauces on them. While there is no dry version of Enchilada, they are always eaten with some savory sauces.

Enchilada vs Wet Burrito

The difference between Enchilada and Wet Burrito is that Enchilada was introduced earlier than the Wet Burrito. They both have different ends and sauces. Apart from all these, they also differ in the way they are eaten, types of tortillas used to make them, and their sizes too. Mostly Enchilada is made up of red and green sauce, whereas any sauce or cheese can be used with the Wet Burrito.

Enchilada is a Mexican Cuisine, but the name is derived from Spanish. It is rolled dish with fillings of various other ingredients, such as meats, cheese, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. the one thing which makes it different from other dishes is that it is made with the corn tortilla and baked with the sauces.

Wet Burrito is a rolled dish, the outer covering is made with the flour tortilla, and inside it has several veggies, meat, etc., among which black olives are the main. It is not cooked with the sauce, but later sauce or cheese (optional) is added to it. The Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is said to be its origin place.

Comparison Table Between Enchilada and Wet Burrito

Parameters of ComparisonEnchilada Wet Burrito
Introduced inIn the first Mexican cookbook, in 18311966, by The Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan
EndsAre not rolled.Are rolled.
SaucesBaked with sauceThe Sauce is poured after.
SizeSmaller and narrowerBig and broader
TortillaCorn tortillaFlour tortilla

What is Enchilada?

Enchilada is a Mexican dish. Basically, it is a rolled-up dish. The outer covering is of tortilla (corn tortilla), while inside it, there is a filling of veggies, mutton, and chicken. It is baked with some sauce in it, mostly the sauce is a chilly sauce with spicy flavors. This is a very famous dish, as it is also celebrated on May 5th, as Enchilada Day.

This dish can also be customized as per the preference of the customer; therefore, it is very helpful if some leftover is left in the house, as with them also a very delicious Enchilada can be made. Not only this, extra toppings and dressing can be done, especially for the children.

It is covered with sauce completely, which makes it quite difficult to eat this with the bare hand. A fork and spoon will do the work.

This is not a new dish, it is very old and therefore loved by many, and over the years, certain changes were also made, especially in the sauces, as now there are varieties of sauces available. Some sauce dishes can be eaten with the sauce itself. But it is not the same with Enchilada, it famous and can only be eaten with sauce (also baked with it).

What is Wet Burrito?

Wet Burritos, despite being a Mexican dish, has a Spanish name. The reason is most people there knew Spanish only. To under Wet Burrito, we need to know first what Burrito is, as wet burrito is the same as wet burrito just the sauce is added in them making them wet.

Burritos, tortilla wrapped dish, the tortilla used is made up of flour and inside it is filling with meat, vegetable and many more, which can be changed according to the need. In various countries, the fillings inside vary as per the taste of their citizens, but the main idea of the dish being rolled inside the tortilla remains the same. They are dry dishes and therefore can easily be eaten with hands.

Now Wet Burritos is Burrito which is after added some sauce, or cheese or anything that is preferred as per taste. While eating a normal burrito is easy, having a wet burrito is quite a task as it cannot be eaten with the hand. A proper knife and fork are needed.

This dish can also be customized with toppings and dressing. Due to its sauce presence, it is sometimes confused with the Enchilada. A Wet Burrito has high calories of around 400 to 500.

Main Differences Between Enchilada and Wet Burrito

  1. Enchilada is an older dish than the Wet Burrito as it was introduced in 1831 in the first Mexican cookbook, whereas Wet Burrito was introduced later in 1966 by the Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  2. They both have a difference in the ends, as Enchilada is although rolled, but its end is not covered or rolled, while ends of the Wet Burritos are rolled, making it look different in appearance.
  3. Although both dishes have sauced in them, the way they are added to them are different. Enchilada is baked with sauces (usually green or red sauce) while Wet Burrito is cooked with sauce, and later on, the sauce (any sauce) is poured on it.
  4. They both also vary in size and appearance, while Enchilada is more colorful, smaller, and narrower while Wet Burritos comparatively less colorful and is larger and broader.
  5. Tortillas used in both of them are also different, while Enchilada is made with the Corn Tortilla while Wet Burrito is made up with the Flour Tortilla.
  6. Another difference could be that eating few Enchiladas is easier than the Wet Burritos as they are comparatively more difficult to eat.


Therefore, it is now easy to differentiate between Enchilada and Wet Burrito. They both are very delicious. Both these Mexican dishes are famous among people worldwide. They both come in different varieties and with different sauces. Therefore people can choose which sauce they want in it. They are apart from all the above differences are very similar to each other; they mostly have the same ingredients and always have some sauce in them, making them a wet dish.

If unhealthy ingredient such as oil with fats is not added in them in excess, they have among the healthiest meal.  


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