Difference Between Epilator and Shaving (With Table)

Health and hygiene are important concerns in our daily lives. It is important to keep ourselves clean and maintain proper health and hygiene. Proper washing, cleaning up our bodies are important aspects of daily lives. A healthy lifestyle comes from a healthy mind and body. We should do our best to keep ourselves clean and hygienic and maintain the same environment which surrounds us. 

One of the important hygienic practices involved the removal of hair. This practice has been common among people and is in use for ages. Some people do it for health and hygiene purposes, some do it for beauty purposes. Some of the popular hair removal methods include shaving, epilating, sugaring, waxing, trimming, etc. 

Epilator vs Shaving

The difference between Epilator and Shaving is epilator is a device used for the removal of hair using the epilating process, whereas shaving is a process by which removal of hair is done. Epilator involves removal of hair from the hair follicles, i.e. epilating, and shaving involves the removal of hair using a razor or any other bladed device. 

Epilator is hair removal devices which are usually corded or are rechargeable. Epilator has tweezers that help in removing the hair directly from the follicles. The use of an epilator can be painful sometimes, and if the person is using it for the first time. It is generally used once every two to three weeks. 

Shaving is the process of removal of hair from the skin epidermis using a razor or any other bladed device. It removes hair from the skin, so the hair regrows very soon. Shaving is usually done twice a week. It can be used for head shaving, facial shaving, and body shaving.

Comparison Table Between Epilator and Shaving

Parameters of comparisonEpilatorShaving
MeaningEpilator is a device used for removing the hair directly from the follicles.Shaving is the process of removal of hair from the skin.
DeviceEpilating done via epilator.Shaving is done with the use of razors.
Device DescriptionEpilator has tweezers.Razor has blades.
DurationEvery once in two or three weeks.Approximately twice a week.
Hair Removal MechanismRemoves the hair from the follicle.Removes the hair from the skin surface.
Skin TextureDoes not makes skin pokey or harsh.Skin becomes pokey and harsh after shaving.
Time RequirementEpilating is painful and time-consuming.Shaving is not painful and requires less time.

What is Epilator? 

Epilator can be described as a device used to remove hair by mechanical means by grasping the hairs and pulling them out simultaneously. Epilator does not remove the hair from the epithelium layer of the epidermis but somewhat works similar to that of waxing. Epilators are usually corded or are operated by means of a battery which are rechargeable. 

Epilating involves plucking out hair from the roots, so it can be painful. One should not go for epilators if one has a low tolerance for pain. Most epilators are used after the application of numbing cream to number the area being epilated. Also, the epilator has different speed functions. One can opt to use it at a low speed if the process becomes painful or can use it according to the speed at which they are comfortable. 

The epilator was first used in Israel in 1986 and was manufactured by a company called Mepro. The epilator is of various types: Spring type, rotating disc type, tweezer type, and wet use type. In the case of an epilator, one can use it once every two weeks approximately.

 Although it may vary greatly from person to person and the growth rate of hair in every individual. The epilator doesn’t give the smoothness level when compared to that of smoothness from waxing. The use of an epilator can be painful as it removes the hair directly from the follicle. 

What is Shaving? 

Shaving is the process of removal of hair using a razor or any other instrument having blades on it, which helps in the removal of hair from the skin surface. It is one of the most common practices opted by both men and women for the removal of facial hair and body hair. Men, when removing their beards entirely, are often referred to as clean-shaved. 

Shaving is a very old practice. Copper razors were first invented when copper tools were being developed around 3000 BC. The modern razor, known as the straight razor, was developed around the 18th century. Head shaving is also used in some holistic and religious events, in armed forces, and in various sports. Earlier, head shaving was also used to punish and humiliate people, being recorded in history and as an act of showing power and authority. 

Shaving can be classified as dry shaving and wet shaving or manual shaving. Wet shaving can be done with the use of straight razors and safety razors, while dry shaving can be done with the help of an electric razor or beard trimmer. There are many aftereffects of shaving, which include irritation, abrasions, cuts, inflammation, etc. 

Shaving is usually the first method opted by people as beginners. It is painless, affordable, and can be done without much knowledge about the techniques to be employed. The biggest disadvantage with shaving is the regrowth of hair. You need to shave at least twice a week in order to maintain nice hairless skin. 

Main Differences Between Epilator and Shaving

  1. Epilator is a device used for hair removal, whereas shaving is a hair removal process. 
  2. While epilating, hair is removed directly from the follicles, whereas, in the case of shaving, the hair is removed from the skin surface. 
  3. The regrowth of hair takes approximately two weeks in case of epilating. Hairs start growing after 3-4 days of shaving. 
  4. Epilators were invented in the 19th century, whereas shaving has been in practice since 3000 BC. 
  5. After shaving, the skin areas become pokey and harsh, whereas, in the case of the use of an epilator, it does not. 
  6. Epilator use can be painful, but shaving is painless. 


The demand for a healthy lifestyle is increasing, and so is increasing the demand for health and hygiene products. People should encourage healthy and safe hygienic practices. The demand for Electrical razors and epilators has been increasing over the time course. Epilator is used when people busy, so to save time for hair removal, they use epilator as it requires re-use after about two weeks. 

Shaving is preferred as an immediate option or when people opt for a painless method. Epilator is one of the latest methods for hair removal, whereas shaving is one of the earliest used practices. In both cases, electrical devices are preferred nowadays. 


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