Difference Between Epilator and Threading

Unwanted hair removal from the face and other parts of the body is a tradition that women follow to make them look exquisite. The materials, methods and pieces of equipment used are numerous.


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 At the same time, a few hair removal processes can be done by ourselves too. Epilator and Threading are two different hair removal processes that we come across.

Epilator vs Threading

The difference between Epilator and Threading is the hair removal process. Epilator helps to remove the hair from the root while threading removes the hair from the follicle and most of the times breaks the hair in half to enable regrowth as well.

Epilator vs Threading

The Epilator is a hair removing equipment used by women to remove unwanted hair from the body. It is an electric device that shall remove the hair from the roots.

Threading, on the other hand, is a hair removal technique done by the use of cotton or a polyester thread. It helps to remove hair from the follicle.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEpilatorThreading
FunctionalityUnwanted Body Hair removalHelps remove unwanted hair from the face and helps shape eyebrows
EquipmentEpilator itself is an electric deviceThreading is a technique that uses a thread for hair removal
Wet/Dry Hair removalEpilator can be used for both wet and dry hair removalThreading is usually done on dry facial hair
Hair removal depthEpilator removes hair from the root.Threading usually breaks the hair at the skin and helps regrowth
ConsequencesUse of Epilator can cause sagging of the skin as it breaks the collagenThreading is not harmful but can induce thicker hair growth

What is Epilator?

Epilator is a hair removal instrument used by women to remove unwanted hair from the body. The device is powered by electricity or battery power. The Epilator comes in two different categories

  1. Dry use
  2. Wet and Dry use

The battery-powered devices are used as wet and dry. It is considered convenient since the model does not have any cords attached.

Of course, it is a little painful as you run over the epilator on your skin for hair removal. However, as you use it regularly, you shall get used to it.

It removes several hair strands at a time, and it might cause some pain. The redness on your skin and the pain shall subsidize quickly.

Skin Experts have suggested using the epilator during the night as it takes time for a few skin types to reduce the redness. The epilators normally come with speed settings.


What is Threading?

Threading is a hair removal technique developed in India, especially to remove facial hair. When we say hair on the face, it includes the eyebrows too.

Threading helps in shaping the eyebrows. Normally a dry process, threading is a harmless technique for your skin. There are three different techniques available for threading

  1. Hand Method
  2. Neck Method
  3. Mouth Method

They differ in the pressure applied. Of course, it is like tweezing where a single hair strand is removed, but threading shall remove multiple hairs at a time and can cause a little bit of pain.

Threading requires expert help and cannot be done on our own. It is more advantageous to set your eyebrows rights than waxing.


Main Differences Between Epilator and Threading

  1. Epilator removes the hair from the root, and Threading usually removes the hair from the follicle
  2. Epilator removes a group of hair easily as you run the device on the skin, while Threading can pluck a few strands of hair at a time.
Difference Between Epilator and Threading


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