Difference Between Facebook and Instagram

With the world now getting better and better every day with the latest inventions and technologies that are being upgraded to comply with the needs of the people making their life easier, Social media has easily become a part of a person’s life. There are many of them that a person can choose to be on one or all of them.

Both Facebook and Instagram have the same principle and just different types of use of applications. They both are most popular in India and the United States but are banned in countries like China, Iran, and North Korea. Though they are used by over a billion users over the world, people with a particular interest or age group prefer one over the other.

Facebook vs Instagram 

The main difference between Facebook and Instagram is that Facebook has a different outlook compared to Instagram. The main focus point of Instagram is on visual presentation like photos and videos, while Facebook is more about the texts and messages that are posted by the users. Facebook is also older than Instagram.

Facebook vs Instagram

Facebook is a social media and social networking site that engages and connects people to each other online. It is available on all electronic devices, whether it be a laptop or phone and as a site or an app that can be downloaded. Its features include following and liking, reacting to people’s photos and texts. Besides that, it includes the function of messenger and going live. It was named the most downloaded app of the 2010s.

Instagram is a social media service that connects people all over the world with the use of the internet. It is a photo and video-sharing app that was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Captions beneath the post, liking and following, Stories are some of its main features. Eventually, in the year 2012, the company made a deal to sell it to Facebook, Inc., i.e., The technology of Facebook.

Comparison Table Between Facebook and Instagram

Parameters of ComparisonFacebookInstagram
Definition A Social media platform built to connect different people to each other.A Social media platform primarily focusing on sharing photos and videos.
Another nameFbInsta or IG
Year of development20042010
Developed byMark ZuckerbergKevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
Available Language11132

What is Facebook? 

The name “Facebook” came from Mark Zuckerberg, the main developer, and the current owner. It was based on the directories that are given to college students that have information that helps in getting to know each other. They are mainly used in the United States. It is a California-based social networking site that is used by people to get connected to other people.

The idea was first thought of by him and his Harvard roommates and college students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. It was initially designed to be used by Harvard University students only as a place for the people in university to stay connected.

Though it regularly updates and stays on trends with active updating, Facebook has accumulated many flaws by some people as well. Such as Invasion of privacy, fake profiles, make people feel self-conscious, lose self-confidence, etc.


What is Instagram? 

Instagram is a social media tool that also connects people. It was first started out as an application that was used as a photo-sharing app. The thing that made it stand out from the other social networking sites at that time was that it was primarily focused on visual representation. It made it very cool and aesthetic for the users.

Soon, people saw it as a great opportunity for advertisement and started promoting their businesses on it as it captured the mind of the user at a less time considering it focused on pictures rather than on big texts or messages like other social media platforms. The social networking site was named the fourth most downloaded site of the 2010s.

The feature of “Stories,” which is a message or photo removing after 24 hours, was introduced on Instagram earlier than Facebook. Its developers are Kevin Systrom and Mike Kroger and were called “Burbn” at the start by Kevin Systrom, but that social network didn’t work out because it seemed too complicated for the people. Hence, Kevin Systrom had to bring Mike Kroger to make it better.


Main Differences Between Facebook and Instagram 

  1. Facebook has far more users than Instagram, as it is older than the latter. It also has more languages available on it compared to Instagram.
  2. Instagram is owned by Facebook, meaning it is under the control of the latter, and the decisions about the site are made by Facebook. Clearly, Facebook is bigger between the two social media outlets.
  3. Despite the fact that people can make online groups and start discussions on both of the platforms, Facebook is more of closed knit formed with people that the person actually has met or know in real life, for example, School buddies or family relatives. Instagram joins people over a topic that both the people have a common interest in, like painting, etc.
  4. Instagram depends heavily on mobility, meaning the best features and the functions of the application would be available when the person is using it as an app on the mobile phone. This social media is not that great while as an online website and on a laptop or computer, while Facebook is pretty much the same on all the devices, it is being used at.
  5. Instagram is considered more commerce friendly, meaning the rate of people actually buying from the advertisement is more in percentage than in Facebook. Instagram also regularly corrects and upgrades the formatting about this feature making the businesses more known to users.


Whether it be Facebook or Instagram, or any other social media site for that matter, they all have made people raise their opinions and voices, making them heard to the people of the world. In today’s world, when there are now jobs created out of them like influencers, etc. One can only imagine how much people spend time on the applications and notice them.

Though people may also point out some disadvantages about them like excessive screen time, etc., there is no denying the fact that they have filled the purpose of what made them build in the first place, and that is to unite people.


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