Difference Between Fairies and Pixies

Kids all over the world have been raised telling stories that can add value to their moral beliefs. Incidentally, these stories are told to instil belief in God and life.


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It may be noticed such folklore shall have certain characters depicted as good and bad entities. Moreover, such characters feature in certain animated films and comics as well.

Such display of characters that the kids can see and the stories that they listen create a world of difference during childhood. They can quickly find a connection with what they heard and what they see.

Two prominent entities in folklore which also featured in comics are Fairies and Pixies. These characters feature in many stories in many situations, mostly in offering help, support, gifts and miracles.

Though many identify Fairies and Pixies to be the same, there are a few differences exist between them. These entities sometimes may not be indicated while a mother tells a story, but it can be seen and experienced that there are a few clear differences between the two.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fairies are mythical creatures originating from European folklore, often depicted as tiny, winged human-like beings with magical powers.
  2. Pixies are also mythical beings from European folklore, particularly from British tales, characterized as small, mischievous, and sometimes wingless creatures.
  3. Both fairies and pixies are popular in literature, art, and popular culture, but they differ in their origins, physical characteristics, and the nature of their magical abilities.

Fairies vs Pixies

The difference between Fairies and Pixies is that the Fairies have human-like features with Dragonfly wings bigger than their body, while Pixies do not have features like humans and also have shorter butterfly wings.

Fairies vs

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFairiesPixies
SizeFairies are 6 inches in size.Pixies are 4 inches in size
WingsDragonfly wings, longer than their bodyButterfly wings and shorter ones
GenderBoth Male and Female Fairies are available in the comics and filmsThere is no gender demarcation in the Pixies
AppearanceThey are miniature humans and have human-like featuresThey do not have any human-like feature, and they have coloured skin and hair
NatureFairies are kind and loveablePixies are mischievous and rude


What are Fairies?

Fairies are the most popular fictitious characters featured in many folklore all over the world. They mostly feature in situations when there is help or support needed.

Fairies are miniature humans. They are depicted as 6 inches human-like creature with dragonfly wings.

In fact, in certain animated films, the fairies have different wings too. The common factor among all the fairies is, they have the wings longer than their 6-inch body.

It is also observed that the fairies are displayed with dresses. They dress up cute for the colour of their wings.

Fairies behave just like humans in all the stories. Fairies are considered very kind and loveable in all the stories.

Though there are gender differences, female fairies are prominent in all the comics and animated films. It can be seen that the fairies most of the time spends its day being within the bushes of flowers as well as bugs.

Fairies are portrayed as angel-like creatures, where they have miraculous powers to support the main characters in the story. They are the ones who give wealth, intelligence on a click.

Fairies are allergic to silver and at the same time, and they are also found living underwater. They love eating fruits and cheese very much.


What are Pixies?

Pixies are not as famous as the Fairies, but they are miniature beings with no human-like feature like the Fairies. Pixies have coloured skin and also spotted with hair on their head.

However, the head is covered with pointed hat in all the animated films, it also has wings attached to its body. It has shorter butterfly wings.

The Pixies are 4 inches long. Though the physical characterization of Pixies is made in such a way that they do not wear any clothes.

But in a few comics, it can be seen with clothes as well. Pixies, unlike the fairies, are rude and mischievous.

They are named for putting people in trouble and gain happiness from it. Comics or animated films have not differentiated their gender so far.

They fly along with the bushes and consume nectar as its prime source of food. As they are depicted rude, they also tend to fight for their loved ones.

They are usually found picking fight with the fairies. Unlike the Fairies, the Pixies are super fast in movement.

Some comics portray them to be ferocious too. They live for 20 years and incidentally, they are allergic to silver.

Main Differences Between Fairies and Pixies

  1. The main difference between Fairies and Pixies is, the Fairies are a miniature human-like creature with human behaviour while the Pixies are miniature beings which have an insect-like behaviour.
  2. The Fairies are 6 inches long while the Pixies are 4 inches long in size, making the latter look smaller than the human miniature.
  3. The Fairies have dragonfly wings that are longer than their body, while the pixies have butterfly wings and it is shorter than its body.
  4. The Fairies are found to eat fruits and cheese while Pixies survive on nectar and pollen.
  5. There are male and female fairies available but the Pixies are not gendered specific.
Difference Between Fairies and
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