Features vs Benefits: Difference and Comparison

The company focuses on how well the features of their product and how it will make a difference in the user’s life. Although the meaning may resemble similar, the concept of the terms is completely different from each other. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Features are the characteristics or attributes of a product or service; benefits are the positive outcomes derived from these features.
  2. Features describe what a product or service does; benefits explain how it solves a problem or adds value for the customer.
  3. Effective marketing strategies highlight both features and the resulting benefits to appeal to customers’ needs and desires.

Features vs Benefits

The difference between Features and Benefits is that features consist of the statements or words that specify the qualities of the given product or service that is being talked about, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, benefit consists of the statements or words that shows how the product or service has improved or revolutionized the customer life.

Features vs Benefits

Features are something that explains the qualities that are possessed by the given product or service offered by the company. For example – A razor with three blades that are meant for smooth gliding on the skin with detachable quality for changing it after getting blunt.

The benefits are linked with the problems the customer faces because only the consumer purchases products to resolve them with the benefits provided by the product or service.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFeaturesBenefits
Meaning It is something that helps in determining the qualities of the product or service.It is something that is seen after using the product or service by the customers.
Tells CustomerWhat is goodWhy it is good
Shows Specifications or the different facts for the given product or serviceEmotional connectivity can be built by the customers while using it
ProvideDetails of the service or product that has been talked aboutChanges in the life of the user after buying it
Lies In Within the product or serviceCustomer

What are Features?

The characteristics that are persisted by the product are determined by the qualities consisted of them. The features related to the product are released or given by the given company itself.

For example – A company is selling a microwave consisting of three types of baking systems, grilling, convection mode, with additional rotisserie mode.

These features are basically provided by the company depending on the needs of the customer over time. Thus it is said that they lie within the given service or product. 


What are Benefits?

The term is related to the observations or output received or experienced by the customer by themselves after the use of their respective products or services given by the company.

Referring to the above-given example – A company is selling a microwave consisting of three types of baking systems, grilling, convection mode, with additional rotisserie mode.

Hence, it is stated that the benefits lie in the customer experience and the emotional connectivity they formed with those products. 


Main Differences Between Features and Benefits

  1. The term features provide detailed information or knowledge about the given product or service, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the term benefits provide information about the changes they experienced after the use of the given product or service.
  2. The product or service features lie in themselves they aren’t mentioned externally, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the benefits are explained or majorly output experienced by the customer. 
Difference Between Features and Benefits
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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