Difference Between Fishing and Angling

Hobbies are significant parts of a person’s life, and they are frequently turned into a lifestyle and a profession. So it is with aquatic life, which comprises a person’s pursuit of aquatic life in seas and inland waters all over the world.

With that in mind, this article shows the difference between fishing and angling, which is a well-known and popular water hobby as well as a lifestyle.

Fishing vs Angling

The main difference between fishing and angling is that fishing is a tag, or the act of capturing fish, whereas angling is a type or technique of fishing for enjoyment or sport using a rod, line, and hook. It is mostly used as a scientific term.

Fishing vs Angling

Sport fishing is still one of the most popular types of outdoor activity in the world. Fishing is the activity of attempting to catch fish. Fish are commonly taken in the wild, but they can also be captured in stocked bodies of water.

Fishing, like hunting, began as a means of supplying food for survival.

Angling is a popular sport fishing technique, but commercial fisheries also employ angling techniques such as longlining and trolling. Angling is a form of fishing that uses an “angle” (fish hook).

The hook is connected to a fishing line, which is connected to a fishing rod, which is equipped with a fishing reel, and so on.

Comparison Table Between Fishing and Angling

Parameters of ComparisonFishingAngling
MeaningFishing is a label or broad phrase that refers to the use of various ways or tools to capture fish.Angling is a type of fishing in which people use a fishing rod, hook, and other equipment to catch fish.
MethodsTrapping, netting, spearing, and even angling are all means of catching fish in fishing.Angling is a type of fishing that involves the use of a fish hook; other types of angling include float fishing, bottom fishing, and lure fishing.
OccupationIn fishing, a fisherman is someone who fishes or gathers shellfish from a body of water.When it comes to angling, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. A fisherman who uses the angling technique of hook fishing is known as an angler.
EquipmentsFishing rods, nets, fishing lines, fishing weights and bobbers, fishing reels, and a variety of other fishing equipment are utilized.A hook or angle with a fishing rod is the most important piece of angling equipment.
TermIn fishing, the term “fisherman” refers to both a professional and a general term that includes a range of different categories.An angler is more commonly referred to as a hobbyist.

What is Fishing?

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes that has been done since antiquity. Some refer to it as a sport, while others see it as a way of life. Fish can be caught in the wild or in stocked bodies of water.

Though it began as a matter of survival for many, it has since evolved into the most popular hobby for killing boredom.

Fish are captured for a variety of reasons, including consumption and enjoyment. Fisheries provide not just a source of food and income, but also a sense of community and cultural identity for communities like fishing villages.

Hand- gathering, spearing, netting, angling, and trapping are all methods for catching fish.

In fishing, any kind of small-scale, commercial, or subsistence fishing practised is called “traditional fishing” by using techniques such as rod and tackle, arrows, throw nets, etc.

Fishing for enjoyment or competitiveness is what recreational and sport fishing are all about. Conventions, rules, licencing restrictions, and laws govern recreational fishing.

These typically prohibit the use of nets and the catching of fish with hooks that are not in the mouth.

What is Angling?

Angling, sometimes known as sport fishing, is the practise of catching fish with an “angle”, or a fish hook. A fishing line is tied to a fishing rod, and the hook is attached to it (this, typically, is fitted with a fishing reel).

To attract fish, a bait is attached to the hook. Baits can be either natural (insects, earthworms, and maggots-dead or alive) or artificial (a ‘lure’ can, but does not have to, represent real prey).

Spinning, fly fishing, and bait fishing are the three methods of angling. Angling can be done with a rod and reel or simply with a line.

Every angler’s go-to fishing technique is the classic hook, line, and sinker technique, in which the hook is hooked to a line and weighed down by a sinker. Angling is typically done for fun (recreational) or for food.

Sport fishing is dominated by angling, although commercial fisheries also employ angling techniques such as longlining and trolling.

Anglers also compete in fishing tournaments, where they compete for rewards based on the weight or length of fish caught in a set amount of time.

Main Differences Between Fishing and Angling

  1. Angling is a type of fishing that involves humans using hook rods to catch fish, whereas fishing is a tag or label that refers to the use of various means or tools to capture fish.
  2. Fishing has various methods like netting, trapping, spearing, and even angling to catch fish. Meanwhile, in angling, lure fishing, bottom fishing, and float fishing are methods.
  3. A fisherman is a person who fishes or gathers shellfish from a body of water while fishing. An angler in angling is a fisherman who uses the angling technique of hook fishing.
  4. In fishing equipment, like fishing rods, nets, fishing lines, fishing weights and bobbers, fishing reels, and other varieties are utilised. In contrast, the most important piece of equipment in angling is a hook or angle on a fishing rod.
  5. Fishing is the professional term used under which other categories are considered, whereas in angeling, the common term used is “a hobbyist.”
Difference Between Fishing and Angling


Angling and fishing are either one and the same or completely different based on specific criteria, depending on where one looks. Anglers are fishermen, but not all fishermen are anglers, much like an orange is a fruit, but not all fruits are orange.

Whereas “fishing” is a general term for the entire sport and category, “angling” is one of the types of fishing that involves using a hook or angle to catch fish.

This sport has been around for a long time and is now used for more than just survival. It is now used for fun, entertainment, tournaments, and even commercial or subsistence purposes.


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