Difference Between Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitness is the number one priority in every human’s life, fitness and health go side by side a fit person can achieve every goal, a healthy mind thinks extra-ordinally and comes up with new ideas and thinking. But in today’s busy life, fitness has fled away due to everyday stress and problems.


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To overcome this with the invention of the latest technology called fitness bands, which allows you to count your steps, monitor your heart rate, check the number of calories you burned, and get alerts to take short walks if being settled for long times.

Fitness bands also help you track your sleep cycles.

Fitbit today is the most trusted and the best company to produce fitness bands, which includes all the best features, including the features like alarm clocks, message notification, and call alerts.

The Fitbit Inspire and the Fitbit Inspire HR is the most demanded series in the market; many times, these terms are used interchangeably, but there’s a vast difference.

Fitbit Inspire vs Fitbit Inspire HR

The difference between Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR is that the Fitbit Inspire HR offers more features than the Fitbit Inspire. The Inspire HR provides a heart rate monitor at the back of the tracker to track the pulse rate, which is 95% appropriate, whereas the Inspire is a lower version of HR and doesn’t offer a heart rate monitor.

Fitbit Inspire vs Fitbit Inspire HR

The Inspire HR provides many sports and exercise catalog to track from, but the Inspire has a limited number of exercises catalog.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFitbit Inspire HRFitbit Inspire
MeaningIt s a fitness band which is the topmost series in the Inspire production line manufactured by Fitbit it offer features like an active herat rate sensor.It is a fitness band which is from the lower series of the Inspire production line it is a budget fitness abnd so it doies not offer any heart rate sensor but the basic features.
Basic FeaturesPedometer, calories burn, sleep tracking, silent alarms, notification alerts, heart rate sensing, swim tracking and guided breathingPedometer, calories burned, sleep tracking, silent on wrist alarm, notification alerts and can be worn as a clip.
Prices (2020)Starts from 80 dollarsStats from 70 dollars
Available ColorsOnly one-color option is availableTwo color options are available.
Clipping OptionIt cannot be used as a clip can only be worn on wristThe tracker can either be worn on wrist or the waist with the help of a small clipping system
Exercise ModeOffers more than 15 plus odesOffers only 5 plus modes  

What is Fitbit Inspire HR?

Fitbit Inspire HR is one of the top fitness brands in the Inspire production line manufactured by Fitbit.

Fitbit is one of the most famous brands that manufacture fitness bands and fitness watches, the Inspire HR, as the name suggests, offers an active heart rate sensor that counts the pulse rate in real-time.

The Inspire HR heart rate sensor also creates a deep sleep cycle by automatically tracking the time, deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep. It also offers features like guided breathing because it reads your heart rate.

 Inspire HR offers tons of features, but one of the active features is that it creates a profound picture of your exercise habits. It offers at large dozen different exercises and sports with real-time statistics of your progress.

Inspire HR is also waterproof as it offers real-time swimming. Other than that, the Fitbit HR Inspire also provides features like notifications, vibrating alarm clocks, etc.

The Fitbit HR connects to your phone via the Fitbit app and can track your GPS location to offer you the best pics. The Fitbit Inspire HR is 30% costlier than the Fitbit Inspire, but it offers a high number of features.

fitbit inspire hr

What is Fitbit Inspire?

The Fitbit Inspire is the lower version of the Fitbit company’s Inspire production; it is 30% less costly than the Fitbit Inspire HR. The Fitbit Inspire does not offer features like an active heart rate sensor, guided breathing features, or even swim tracking.

Fitbit Inspire is a budget edition of the Inspire HR. It offers basic features like step and activity tracking, the number of calories burnt, sleep tracking, and the vibrating silent alarm.

 It also features automatic exercise recognition and short reminders to move your body if sat for long.  And the essential features that are notification and alerts the Fitbit Inspire offers at least two colors in the purple and black edition market.

One of Fitbit Inspire most recognizable features is that it can be worn as a clip-on to your waist instead of wearing it on your wrist.

 The Inspire is a budget addition and offers low-cost features; moreover, the Inspire HR and Fitbit Inspire both offer, A very similar choice of elements less than the heart rate sensor.

The Fitbit Inspire is a budget band for those looking to get into the world of fitness but with a very low-cost investment.

fitbit inspire

Main Differences Between Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR

  1. The Fitbit Inspire HR offers an active heart rate sensor to check the pulse rate in real-time, whereas the Inspire is a budget edition, and it does not provide any heart rate sensor.
  2. The Inspire HR does not give any clipping system; it has to be worn on the wrist all the time, whereas the Inspire can be worn on the waist and the help of a clipping system.
  3. The Inspire HR offers a large number of features like heart-rate sensing, Swim cycles, and guided breathing, whereas the Inspire provides basic features like pedometer, calorie burnt, sleep tracking, and the notification alerts
  4. The Inspire HR only provides a single colour option, black, whereas the Inspire offers a tin of colour choices.



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