Flip 2nd Generation vs 3rd Generation: Difference and Comparison

The flip camera was introduced on 1st May 2006. It is a pocket-friendly camcorder that was designed by Pure Digital Technologies, and therefore this company was forwarded by the Cisco System.

It enabled its users to record and therefore it became popular because of its simplicity and chic look. It was the idea of Jonathan Kalpan to introduce flip camcorders.

Currently, it is not in use anymore and hence the makers have abounded it. And, Flip 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation are two of its versions about which we will be discussing here.

Key Takeaways

  1. Flip 3rd Generation has a larger display and higher resolution than Flip 2nd Generation.
  2. Flip 3rd Generation offers more memory and better battery life than its predecessor.
  3. Flip 3rd Generation includes additional features like slow-motion video recording and image stabilization.

Flip 2nd Generation vs Flip 3rd Generation

The JBL Flip 2nd Generation was released in 2014 and features a compact, cylindrical design with a rubberized exterior for durability. It has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 5 hours of playback time.  The JBL Flip 3rd Generation was released in 2015 and features a similar design to its predecessor, but with some upgrades. It has an even more durable and a longer battery life of up to 10 hours.

Flip 2nd Generation vs Flip 3rd Generation

The flip 2nd Generation is one of the versions of flip camcorders. It comes with a 4GB Storage space. The flip 2nd Generation weighs about 363 grams, which is comparatively heavier.

Even though it was widely used but now it has been discontinued by the company.

On the other hand, the third version of flip camcorders by the Cisco System is Flip 3rd Generation. It is availed with 8GB of Storage which is quite great. And, it weighs around 250 grams which are lighter than the flip 2nd Generation.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFlip 2nd GenerationFlip 3rd Generation
Recording QualityThe flip 2nd Generation camcorder possesses only 30fps quality. The flip 3rd Generation has a better recording quality of 60fsp.
Size Flip 2nd Generation is comparatively a bit bigger. The compact size of Flip 3rd Generation enables its users to carry it easily.
Battery The flip 2nd Generation supports 2AAA batteries only. 3AAA batteries are required for the Flip 3rd Generation.
Image StabilizationWe are not able to stabilize images on the flip 2nd Generation camcorder. Flip 3rd Generation camcorder allows us to use its stabilization feature.
AdvancementThe flip 2nd Generation lacks behind in terms of advancement. The Flip 3rd Generation is highly advanced and comes with more good features.

What is Flip 2nd Generation?

In simple words, if we need to describe the flip 2nd generation we can say that it is a kind of camcorder developed by the Cisco organization, and flip 2nd generation is the 2nd variant of flip camcorders.

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People loved such camcorders because of their simplicity and since they can be carried from one place to the other the users found it convenient to capture their precious moments.

The flip 2nd Generation is around 363 grams in terms of weight, which is quite heavier than the other variants of flip camcorders. And the dimensions of flip 2nd generation are like its length is 15.9 cm, its width is 7.9 cm, and its height is 8 cm which is quite bigger but yet handy.

Also, it comes with 4 GB of storage space and no there is no space for any external memory card. Therefore, the users had to depend only upon the 4 GB internal storage.

The flip 2nd generation gives a picture quality of 30 fps which is not that great but yet usable. Its sound quality is great as the microphone is horizontally attached to the back of the camcorder.

We can only insert 2AAA batteries in the 2nd generation. Even though it is a great camcorder but it lacks in several aspects.

What is Flip 3rd Generation?

Flip 3rd generation is the 3rd generation of flip camcorders. Camcorders are small devices that are used to capture images as well videos and flip is one such camcorder.

It comes with some cool and advanced features and one major feature of flip 3rd generation is that has an image stabilization feature that allows a moving object to capture it in the form of a picture without any blurriness.

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The length of the flip 3rd generation is 5.59 cm, the width is 3.05 cm, and the height is around 10.67 cm which is a bit smaller than the other generations of flip camcorders.

Also, it only weighs about 250 grams. The recording quality is also good and gives a clearer image to the users and the quality comes with 60fsp. Therefore, we can get clear and good-quality videos and images.

The flip 3rd generation only supports the 3AAA batteries in it. Therefore, the users can not use any other batteries. As we all know the flip camcorders have been discontinued and hence not in use.

But, a few years ago it was quite in the trend and widely used by people to capture their memories.

Main Differences Between Flip 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation

  1. The flip 2nd generation camcorders come with 30fsp recording quality while on the other hand, it is 60fsp in the flip 3rd generation.
  2. The size of the Flip 2nd generation is comparatively bigger while on the other hand, the flip 3rd generation is a bit smaller.
  3. Only 2AAA type of batteries is used for the flip 2nd generation while on the other hand, the flip 3rd generation can only use 3AAA batteries to operate the camcorder.
  4. A moving object can not be stabilized in the flip 2nd generation while on the other hand, the flip 3rd generation can capture stabilized images.
  5. The flip 2nd generation is not that advanced but on the other hand, the flip 3rd generation has comparatively more and efficient features than the 2nd generation.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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