Difference Between Foal and Pony (With Table)

Both Foal and Pony are animal species as a part of the globe. They both are generally kinds of horses. Foal and Pony are somewhat similar, but some things are different as different animals on their own. These living creatures come with different characteristics, habitats, and abilities.

Foal vs Pony

The difference between Foal and Pony is that Foal is the baby horse. On the other hand, Pony gets considered to be a small horse. Pony and Foal are different in weight, shape, and size. Pony has short legs than the Foal. These both are different breeds of horses and differently vary from each other.

The foal is essentially a baby horse; this term is given when the horse’s baby is not more than one year old. So, we can say it is not a breed anymore but a term used for normal horses in place of baby horses. The very term may differ with another by breed differentiation.

Pony is a small version of a horse. You might have seen animations having a flying horse. These horses are pony. The breed of Pony is equine. You can see these are short-legged puffy horses. The hairs are also very long, and due to stumpy legs, they have short-legged steps. These horses are weighted and very intelligent too.

Comparison Table Between Foal and Pony

Parameters of ComparisonFoalPony
Scientific NameThe scientific name is Equus caballus The scientific name is Equus ferus caballus
Breed The breed is Thoroughbred. There are more breeds as well. Many breeds get found like the Shetland, Welsh, Miniature, Mountains
Life expectancyNormal horses like the baby Foals live for 25 to 30 years.The pony horses live for more than 30 years, i.e., more than the Foals.
HabitatThey live in almost every kind of place and habitat with their durable body types.They live in harsh areas covered with fields.
AppearanceNormal horses are muscular in body type with a long neck, short hair, and long legs.Ponies are short-legged, and the hairs are very long than the normal horses.

What is Foal?

Foals are from the same breed, which the normal horses with long legs, long necks, short hair horses. The Foal is a small horse that is still a baby now. The age limit is less than one year old for such a horse is called Foal. Hence, we can say that these types of horses are not more or less than one year. The stay time of Foals in the womb of the female horse is more or approximately 11 months, and after that, they grow very speedily. Foal means not any specific gender suppose foals are female or males, but no. The foal is a term this does not define the gender of the horse with it. Hence in simple words, the foal is a term for both male and female horses across the globe.

The living creature Foal can be able to eat the solids. It can eat food is up to the next ten days after birth. The body ratio is smaller than the legs after the birth of Foals. The average of legs in an average horse is somewhat smaller than foals.

Whenever these Foals are more than one year old, their term changes to yearlings or any other scientific name. This category of horses is generally used in racing activities or for farming activities in the ancient and medieval periods. Recently in many parts, these are used but not in much quality.

What is Pony?

The pony has now seen by kids like a cartoon of a sweet character, right? Well, ponies are indeed horse breeds that are sweet and intelligent at the same time. This Equus is enough amongst all the other Equus. They are taught in a fairy world in school going small children. The breeds and sizes, colors are many some are white, black, beige, and multiple colors.

The Equus family member Pony is shorter as compared to Foals. Foals are longer by their leg portion, and ponies are short. The Pony is fatter in weight and body ratio as compared with Foals. Pony’s heights get fixed and grow up to 146 cm, and not more than these heightened ponies get found anywhere. Many breeds of ponies are there Welsh, mountains, small miniatures, etc.

Usage of pony is like donkeys and for children fun, the Pony breeds in harsh climates and places with a lot of grass and greenery. Apart from the fairy world, pony also has various other tasks and is used worldwide for the same. You can also keep one for yourself if you have a farm, it will help you a lot in it.

Main Differences Between Foal and Pony

  1. Foals are baby horses later called yearlings. On the other hand, Pony is their kind of horse. 
  2. The other difference is that Foals are longer than Ponies in height. The height of Foals is not fixed. 
  3. The height of the ponies gets fixed, and the ponies are much heavier than Foal.
  4. The foal can adapt to every climate. On the other hand, Pony lives in harsh climates. 
  5. Foal has shorter hairs and looks more soothing than ponies. Pony has long hair and also requires frequent grooming. 


All of us have seen animals and pets, but horses are one of them too. The previous talks talk about the Foal is a term and Pony is a breed. Both species are different in their ways, and the characteristics also differ.

The Foal is a baby, while the pony is a whole different animal varying in many ways from the pony. Both are beautiful animals to cherish and have as a pet in homes.


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