Difference Between Ford Ranger and F150 (With Table)

Choosing a better vehicle, especially a truck, is a big task. Due to the vast competition and excess features, picking a better truck is difficult. A perfect truck must have sufficient space and travel long distances that are the priority factor while buying. Ford is the leading company despite the rivals and is ahead in trucks. It is a popular company for vehicles in America. Ford Ranger and F150 are the two high-selling options of Ford.

Ford Ranger vs F150

The difference between the two trucks is with six different engines, and a brace of transmission listed on the option sheet F150 has more power while; the Ford Ranger has only one engine, which leads it to have low power.

Comparison between Ford Ranger and F150

Parameters of ComparisonFord RangerF150
SpaceThe cabin space of Ranger is less in comparison to F150.The F150 has an excess amount of cabin space than that of Ranger.
PriceThe Ford Ranger is cheaper than F150.The price of the F150 is a bit higher in comparison to Ranger.
PowerRanger has only one engine and thus has 270 horsepower, while F150 stand on the higher side.F150 has six different engines and about 290 horsepower while Ranger has less.
Fuel Capacity The capacity of the Ranger Fuel tank is 18 gallons, while the F150 has a higher number.F150 has a fuel tank capacity of 23 gallons which is more than Ranger.
UtilityFord Ranger has three seats which are less than F150.F150 has better seating of about four people, which is more than Ranger

What is Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger is a popular truck among the American people and is one of the bestsellers.  The Ranger has a single engine with a 2.3L EcoBoost inline-four, which could make 270 horsepower and 310 units of twist. Ranger is mated to a 10- speed automatic. The Ford Ranger is slimmer and can fix in any crowded place or garage.  Ranger can fit five people, but for adults, it can only fit three. The fuel tank is 18 gallons and needs to refill sooner, especially for a long journey. 

The cargo of the Ranger is short and available in standard bed size. The cargo space is about 43.3 and 51.8 cu. ft. The capability of the Ranger is a maximum of 7500 lbs, and it varies as per the equipment. Ranger’s fuel economy is 21 mpg in cities, 26 on highways, while 28 for its two-wheel-drive truck. The four-wheel-drive has 20 mpg in the city, 24 on highways, and 22 combined. Ford Ranger includes Pre-Collision Assist tools like Automatic Emergency Braking. The Ranger is pulled back onto straight and narrow by the Lane Keeping Technology standard on the two trims. The Lariat’s adaptive cruise control helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from other machines. The Ford Ranger holds the place on the cheaper side and is convenient for parking anywhere.  The Ford Ranger has SuperCab and SuperCrew along with Five to six feet bend lengths.  Both SuperCab and Supercrew have four doors. The SuperCab has rear-hinged back doors, and SuperCrew has four independent doors.

What is F150?

The Ford 150 is the latest model brought up by the company. It is a vehicle truck popular in America. The F150 is available in a trio of cab configurations that includes Regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew. The person who prioritizes space will checkout F150. It has six different engines with a brace transmission listed on its options sheet. This offers a prodigious amount of power to the truck—the F150 pumps about 290 horsepower. The F150 can load 13,200 lbs. along with proper equipment. The other models can handle at least an 8,000-lb trailer. Its specific models could take up to 3000 lb. with cargo and passengers. The fuel tank capacity of F150 is 23 gallons which lessens its tour to the gas station and is excellent for a long journey.

The fuel economy of F150 is 2.7L EcoBoost V6 which is rated to be 22 mpg for a combined cycle. The rate of F150 is on the expensive side, while its features make it accessible. Ford 150 has a smooth ride due to the suspension technology.  F150 has luxury features like advanced navigation massaging climate-controlled seats. The Raptor is the halo model for the F150 lineup. The F150 has a six-passenger capacity with SuperCab, and SuperCrew has four doors. The F150 has three-bed options, five foot six, six foot eight, and eight-foot. 

Main Differences Between Ford Ranger and F150

  1. Ford Ranger has a single-engine while F150 has six different engines, which increase its power.
  2. F150 is broader, which makes it difficult to fix in crowded places, while Ranger is slimmer and can be fit anywhere easily
  3. Ford Ranger has less cabin space and is not suitable for larger family or goods sellers. On the other hand, F150 has trio cab configurations making it a perfect choice for space priority buyers.
  4. The fuel tank capacity of F150 is higher while that of Ranger is lower.
  5. Due to the large interior space, F150 is comfy for a long journey and family trip on the other hand Ford Ranger doesn’t have huge space and is suitable for the basic ride.


After going through the above statements and comparison it is difficult to choose between Ford Ranger and F150. Both have their pros and cons. Ranger has a low price with modern technology and standard bed size. While F150 has an exclusive price with a higher fuel tank and more space for people. For people who are conscious of a spacious and comfortable journey with less tour to the gas station then F150 is the better choice. Overall F150 is an excellent choice due to its capacity to cover a long distance with a minimal halt at a fuel station and its huge space to carry members and also the six engines that increase the power. It has luxury features which makes it the king of all trucks and the perfect choice for people.


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