Difference Between Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux (With Table)

Transportation and modes of transport are the most evolved human history subject from walking on foot to ridding on horses, using cars to travel to using aeroplanes to fly to other countries.

Today, Ford rules the truck market with all kinds of trucks that it manufactures with Toyota being a close competitor in the market. Thus, making Ford and Toyota the best options to choose from as the best driver. The Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux are the best-selling trucks in the market.

Ford Ranger vs Toyota Hilux

The difference between Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux is that the For Ranger provides only with the diesel tank option. Still, the Toyota Hilux delivers the consumer with both Diesel and Petrol options. In terms of usage, the Ford Ranger provides better mileage on the road with approx.

100km drive with 8.9 litres of oil consumption and Toyota Hilux delivers a drive of 100km with consumption of 11.1-litre oil.

Comparison Table Between Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger

Parameters of ComparisonFord RangerToyota Hilux
MeaningFord Ranger is one of Ford’s best-selling trucks as it provides a great engine that is 2.0L Turbo with a great suspension system and a tremendous on-road mileage.Toyota Hilux is oddly the best truck to choose from as it provides the consumer with both petrol and diesel option with excellent stability and a powerful engine of 2.4L turbo.            
Gear BoxIt provides a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox.It provides a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.
Steering TypeRanger offers an advance and excellent Hydraulic Power steering.The Hilux offers a standard Power steering.            
PowerIt offers a 158 horsepower.It offers a standard 145 horsepower.
Fuel TypeThe ranger only offers a diesel engine.The Hilux offers both petrol and diesel engine.
Alloy Wheel SizeIt offers a 16 inches alloy for better ground clearance.It offers a standard 15 inches alloy wheel.            
Payload CapacityIt offers an average of 765 KG of pay loading capacity.It offers a whopping 1115 KG of payload capacity.

What is Ford Ranger?

Ford is one of the bestselling truck manufacturers globally with its newly built for Ranger hit in the market and has become one of the bestselling trucks in significantly less time.

Ford Ranger offers a four-by-four four-wheel system. It has also newly improved fog lights that help the driver use them in very foggy conditions it also has at the freshly built interior, which is very user-friendly.

It offers the newly built technology that includes voice controls and navigation system and smart push start-stop engine button. It also provides a newly built 8-inch touch screen with all the control for music, climate control navigation system that can also be controlled via voice control.

It offers three engine options: a 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel engine a 2.0 turbo engine, and a hooping 2.2-litre TDi Diesel engine.

It also offers excellent transmission options from 10 speed automatic, six-speed automatic and six-speed manual options.

The Ranger is one of the safest trucks in the market because it offers six airbags and cruise control. The Ford Ranger also provides a rear parking camera which is a must in such a big truck.

What is Toyota Hilux?

Toyota is one of the oldest car manufacturers globally, which has made its name in the global market and is new to the manufacturing of the pickup trucks.

Toyota Hilux is the bestselling truck with a rough and tough exterior system with a 15-inch alloy system. The new Toyota Hilux also offers features like a powerful fog light system power-adjustable mirrors controlled via the touchscreen in the car.

The Hilux also offers eight colors to choose, it offers primary color like silver gold, black and white with its new color that hit the market the emotional red. To enhance the driving experience, the Hilux offers features like handsfree Bluetooth that can be accessed via the large touch screen present in the front.

The touch screen offers all the feature that is the climatic control navigation system Bluetooth connectivity.

The engine capacity of 2.8 liters and 2.4 liter the helix also offers gear transmission to choose from a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

Overall, it is also created great in terms of safety as it offers excellent locking system rough and tough exterior and great comfortable, user-friendly interior making it the bestselling trucks in the market.

Main Differences Between Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux.

  1. The Toyota Hilux offers a newly built touch screen with Apple Play and Android Auto, whereas the Ford Ranger offers a standard touch screen with active voice control.
  2. The Ford Ranger offers a lot of transmission gear system to choose from a six-speed automatic, a 10-speed automatic transmission and a standard six-speed manual transmission. In contrast, the Hilux offers only six-speed automatic and manual transmission.
  3. Ford Ranger only offers a Diesel engine. In contrast, the Toyota Hilux offers two petrol and diesel options, giving buyer more options to choose from depending on the usage.
  4. The Ford Ranger also offers excellent and advance Hydraulic Power steering for better control and handling this feature works great in off-roading as it provides more control. In contrast, the Toyota Hilux offers a basic power steering for standard controlling.
  5. In terms of safety, the Ford Ranger provides outstanding protection. It is a rough and tough exterior to withstand all kinds of dents and scratches. The Ranger offers overall six airbags for extra safety with advanced fog lights and a rear parking camera. In contrast, the Toyota Hilux is also terrific in security; it provides a good exterior with only four airbags in all.


The modes of transportation are the most in human history. Today city trucks are considered a great alternative over SUVs and Sedans as it offers excellent options such as more space.

The truck offers more space that helps regular travellers. The car also provides excellent safety than any SUV as trucks have a rough and tough exterior with exceptional safety features and precaution intact.

Without a doubt, Ford and Toyota are ruling the truck market as each company provides the buyer with great features and excellent quality. The Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux have become the best-selling trucks with its pros and cons. 



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