Difference Between Fortnite and PubG (With Table)

Fortnite and Pubg both these games are huge sensation among teenage groups. Anyone who has even the slightest interest in gaming would know these games. The huge popularity of these games is worth mentioning, as most of the gamers fall into either the category of Fortnite or PUBG(Mobile). 

The high-end graphics and real-life experience make these two games outrageously famous among young minds. Both these games have taken over the world after a few years of their release and are still the first choice among gamers for their versatility.

Fortnite vs PubG

The difference between Fortnite and PUBG(mobile) is that Fortnite is an online battle royale game full of diverse experiences where you can create your world. You may play to win solo or lead your team to be the last team standing above all, providing only one map. Whereas, Pubg is also an online battle royale game that can be played solo or multiplayer but with the availability of multiple maps.

Fortnite uses strategies for building the game and planning your next move as well. The graphics are more like animated versions, unlike other battle royale games online. The characters also possess powers which makes them more powerful and prepared for their victory. You can play with your friends against a wide range of player. There are four modes of this battle royale:- Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World. 

Players Unknown Battleground(Pubg) is also an online battle royale game to play either solo or with your friends. It is more of a military-inspired theme where you fight against your enemies with almost all weapons having real references to the real-life military world. And, Pubg does give you a realistic experience being a game. It just feels so real with the weapons and the shields to prep you up for your battleground. Pubg has various modes as Arcade Mode, Team Death Match, Rage Mode, Payload Mode, and so much more.

Comparison Table Between Fortnite and PubG

Parameters of Comparison             Fortnite              PubG
Initial release in27th July 201723rd March 2017
Availability and variations Available in PC, Android, iOs, Xbox, and PlayStation, having the same specifications.Available in PC, Android, iOs, Xbox, and PlayStation but with different specifications.
Supernatural powersWeapons have supernatural powers and use of magic.Realistic use of weapons.
CrossplayPossible.Not possible.
Maps Only one map.Four maps as of now.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is the online battle royale game where you use strategies and plan your whole game with your friends, and move forward to be the last one standing among the others. Fortnite’s graphics are quite featured like animated characters and more of a creative planned game. It’s available on P.C., android, iOs, Xbox, and Playstation. The Fortnite game on mobile is the same as that available on other platforms.

Fortnite offers indicative colour weapons, which makes it easier for the players to know more about the powers of their weapons and how rare, is. The animated graphics make it fascinating for the players to experience a magical battle royale experience online with friends.

Fortnite also supports Crossplay, which makes it easier for the players to play among other players no matter what the device is. Whether one is playing on P.C. or Mobile. Fortnite offers a single map that does have so many other strategy building in it and different modes, but then there are not many variations for maps in Fortnite, which limits the area of the battleground.

However, the colour indicative weapons and strategy building in Fortnite makes the experience an all-around delight for any player, whether playing solo or with friends. The smartphone version can be easily downloaded from Epicgames.com, and one can enjoy playing either in P.C. or smartphones.

What is PubG?

Pubg is an online battle royale game with a more realistic feel to it. It provides a military-based theme with a training ground to practice before you enter into the real field of battle.

You can play solo, duo, or with three other members in your group against many others. The game introduces us to the military world and thus, introducing us to real-life weapons and their uses too. 

Pubg (Mobile) has more gamers than any other platform as it is so easy to adapt the gameplay to just your phone. But you do need a phone with better specifications to handle the graphics of this realistic game, and one can always change the settings of the graphics according to the phone. It also gives us insight into the various weapons and vehicles used in the game and their uses. 

Fight amongst your enemies, taking shelter in the houses and arm yourself with high-end weapons, and win your battle. It’s an engaging game and massively popular among teenagers for being easily available on the play store.

Main Differences Between Fortnite and PubG

  1. Fortnite has graphics of animated style, where the characters are more cartoon structured but strikingly stand out for their colours and concept. Whereas, Pubg is more realistic in its graphics giving real-life experiences of a military battleground.
  2. The weapons in Fortnite are very different from that of Pubg. In Fortnite, there is colour indicated system such as grey, green, blue, purple, and orange stand for common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. On the other hand, in pubg, there is no colour indication system for weapons.
  3. Fortnite can be played on any device but for smartphones, it is only available on Epicgames.com, while the smartphone version of pubg is easily available on Google play store or Apple Appstore.
  4. In Fortnite, there is the option of Crossplay which allows players to play through different devices with their friends( Ex; Smartphone and Pc). On Pubg, there is no option of Crossplay which will only allow players having the same set of devices to play together.
  5. While talking about Maps, Fortnite only has one map to offer though a lot is going on that map. On the contrary, Pubg has four maps as of now; Erangle, Vikendi, Miramar and Sanhok.


With regards to Fortnite v PUBG, there are likenesses that can’t be overlooked. All things considered, there are various contrasts between Fortnite and PUBG. Fortnite is splendid, open, and has a denser guide, while PUBG is coarse, unpredictable, pleasant, and flaunts numerous guides.

Both the battle royale games are immensely popular among teens as well as adults too. Due to the versatility of the games, some likenesses cant are very addictive. Once you get the hold of it, there’s no going between. You have immense options in the game to keep yourself entertained either solo or with your friends. 

One gets to meet the people of different regions while playing, which diversifies the game in its way. If you are a gamer and are into shooting games while strategizing your moves against your enemies, these games are just for you.


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