Fortuner vs Harrier: Difference and Comparison

Both the Fortuner and the Harrier are popular car models that many people love. There are many differences between the two types of car models based on price, features, build quality etc.

Let us discuss in detail the main differences between Fortune and Harrier.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Fortuner is a larger, more rugged SUV with off-road capabilities and a powerful diesel engine.
  2. Tata Harrier is a more urban-focused SUV with a stylish design and comfortable interior.
  3. Fortuner provides better off-road performance and towing capacity, while Harrier offers a smoother ride and a more sophisticated design.

Fortuner vs Harrier

The Fortuner is a mid-size 7-seater SUV manufactured by Toyota that has a powerful engine, maximum comfort, and good long-term reliability, but it is costlier. Harrier is a 5-seater SUV manufactured by Tata Motors Limited with a lavish, sophisticated, and luxurious interior.

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The Fortuner operates with a 2694 cc engine capable of carrying 4 valves or cylinders along with 7 seats and 4 cylinders which is best known for its strength and excellent comfort. The seat quality of this car is wonderful having ventilated seats.

It also has a multi functioning steering wheel having both petrol and disel engines.

The Harrier is powered by a 1987 cc engine that produces approximately 171 hp and can comfortably seat five people. Exquisite ride quality and luxurious interiors do not surprise owners.

The stunning design of the vehicle is truly remarkable. The attractive ride also showcases safety features that will attract more car lovers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison  FortunerHarrier
 Seating CapacityIt comes with a well built design and a seating capacity of 7 seaterHarrier is provided with a 5 seater capacity
Sunroof and size of tyreSunroof is not present.
The size of the tyre is 265/60 R18
It is provided with a panoramic sunroof.
The tyre size is 235/65 R17
 Petrol/Diesel engine Fortuner has both petrol and diesel engineHarrier has only diesel engine 
 Engine type   2694 cc engine  1987 cc engine
 Other featuresProvides excellent control to the driver and also provides maximum comfort to the rider. Airbags provided to driver, passenger and side front.Exquisite ride quality and luxurious interiors do not surprise owners and airbags provided to side front, driver and passengers.

What is Fortuner ?

Its breaking power of Fortuner is also amazing. It provides excellent control to the driver and also provides maximum comfort to the rider.

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It also has a variety of safety features that make this ride reliable. I would recommend this amazing creation to all car lovers.

This car is known for its strength and comfort. The premium appeal of this car is completely incomparable.

The quality of this beast seat is excellent. It is powered by a 2393 cc engine that can easily take up to 7 seats.

The car offers a very good off-road experience. The suspension of this mysterious car fully enhances the riding experience.

The braking power is also excellent. It provides excellent control to the driver and also provides maximum comfort to the rider.

It also has a variety of safety features that make this ride reliable.

The Fortuner has a driving range of about 800 km and gets 2.8 liters of diesel and 2.7 liters of petrol. The reliability of the Fortuner engine is very good compared to any other car.

The premium appeal of this car is absolutely unmatched and the car seat quality is excellent.

toyota fortuner

What is Harrier ?

Harrier relies on the Omega RC platform developed by Tata in association with Jaguar and Land Rover. Tata Harrier is a solid and well-built car.

It only comes with a 2L turbocharged diesel engine. It can deliver 168 bhp of power and torque and 350 Nm of torque.

It comes in the price range of Rs 13.8 lakh to Rs 20.4 lakh. Not just about the Harrier Power, it’s also about the very premium appeal and features, the sharp lines on the sleek front end and side profile look perfect and sporty, especially with the sloping roof at the rear.

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The design is sporty, modern and aggressive and the car gets a sophisticated and elegant look with exquisite design elements and Toyota with a completely different design approach. The 2.0L turbo engine can produce 231hp so the looks of the car will not impress you.

The Harrier comes with a diesel engine and does not have a petrol engine, it also has a panoramic sunroof, which makes it even more attractive. Harrier has a graceful riding quality with attractive interior design that leaves the riders stunned.

The design of the car is truly appealing to the eyes.

tata harrier

Main Difference Between Fortuner and Harrier

  1. Fortuner has a 2694 cc engine whereas Harrier features a 1987 cc engine.
  2. The former does not have a sunroof, on the other hand, the latter comes with a panoramic sunroof which is very stylish and lavish.
  3. The Fortuner is powered with both petrol and diesel engine but Harrier has only diesel engine.
  4. The seating intake in Fortuner is 7 and in the case of Harrier is it 5 seater.
  5. Fortuner doesn’t have a good infotainment system but it is has a great engine with reliability whereas Harrier has infotainment system and a great built quality.

Last Updated : 25 February, 2024

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