Difference Between Fossil Gen 4 and Gen 5

Watches too have come out like a huge technology in today’s world. Today in the watch market you will see that not only there are normal watches that are only capable of telling the time but also there are watches that have several other features like calling, listening to music and other such kinds of purposes.


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Now, you can just imagine the changes in the technology and innovations where a small device is capable to perform things like smartphones and other devices. And keeping the price tags aside people really love to purchase these kinds of watches for personal satisfaction.

Fossil is simply a huge brand name that is into fashion and clothing. Fossil is also known for their watches in the market and they are something to look at because of their looks, design, and features.

Fossil Gen 4 vs Gen 5

The difference between Fossil Gen 4 and Gen 5 is that Gen 5 is the successor of Gen 4 that comes with extra benefits and features. The battery is in extended mode, speakers, and with a storage capacity of 8GB. The watch runs on an OS from Google Wear and can also support iOS 10. The watch is also compatible with Android too.

Fossil Gen 4 vs Gen 5

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFossil Gen 4Fossil Gen 5
Water ResistantYesYes
OS SupportAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
Body MaterialThe Fossil Gen 4 is made up with stainless steel.Gen 5, on the other hand, is also made with stainless steel.
Strap MaterialGen 4 strap is made with stainless steel.Fossil Gen 5’s strap is made with silicon.
ColoursComes in silver colour.Comes in black colour.

What is Fossil Gen 4?

Fossil gen 4 is a premium watch that performs almost everything that a smartphone can perform. This product was introduced by Fossil back in the year 2018 and since then the product became the favourite choice for most customers.

Now, you might be wondering with such a price so high what features does it have. You might be surprised to know that after purchasing this product you will not have to use your smartphone frequently because this watch does what a smartphone can do.

For example answering calls, Google assistant, touchscreen, and other smartphone activities. The product also supports making payments through Google Pay which is another advantage point.

Having all the smartphone-like features this watch also has enough storage where you can keep your favourite music. The battery life is something to notice because with 24hrs battery runtime it is enough for a person to complete his/her day-to- day activities.

The product impressed with their other feature and that is the microphone for calling purposes. There is almost no problem while speaking to the other person during a call.

fossil gen 4

What is Fossil Gen 5?

Fossil did not stop introducing their watch products because after the success of Gen 4 they introduced Gen 5 back in 2019. It was only a gap of less than a year Fossil made this decision to bring in their latest model Gen 5.

Now, Gen 5 was almost similar to that of Gen 4 but the main question is what is new in this product? Well, the design of the strap was changed with some other changes.

The Gen 5 also came with longer battery life and a fast charger. The charger can charge the battery up to 80% in less than an hour.

Well, due to the addition of some basic features Gen 5 came in much costlier than Gen 4. Fossil made the storage capacity of 8Gb and RAM capacity of 16GB.

Well, I would say that Gen 4 is much better if you are looking from a very budgeted point. Gen 4 will give you almost every features that gen 5 already has in it.

Main Differences Between Fossil Gen 4 and Gen 5

  1. Gen 5 is the successor of Gen 4 which was released less than a year’s gap after Gen 4 was released back in the year 2018.
  2. Gen 4 has a battery life up to 24 hours and has all the smartphone-like features in it like calling and other kinds of stuff.
  3. Both these watches support or are compatible with android and iOS.
  4. The strap of Gen 4 is made of Silicon whereas the strap of Gen 5 is made with stainless steel.
  5. Both these products support Google Pay for online payment.
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