Difference Between FR-S and BRZ

We can assertively state that the invention of cars has made our life considerably easier. Now, cars not only serve as good of necessity but there are also luxury cars that become a statement of panache.


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The market for luxury cars has become so competitive that certain companies rebrand their cars just to garner more attention in the market. Two such cars which have now become the talk of the town are Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.


The difference between FR-S and BRZ is that while both belong to the Toyota luxury car family, the former goes by the name Scion FR-S and has a broader and edgier front appearance. It also has a different interior and weighs slightly less. On the other hand, the latter has a simpler and elegant front view and weighs relatively more. 


FR-S is a luxury car that belongs to the Toyota luxury car family. The front appearance of it is edgy and suave. The bumper appears to be smiling if you take a good look at it. The fog lights and headlights are not very snazzy as they have halogen bulbs that run in broad daylight.

BRZ also belongs to the Toyota luxury car family, and its key difference from the other sports car is based on its appearance. The front appearance of the car is subtle and refined, and the bumper appears quite classy. To add on, the fog and headlights are not just halogen bulbs but LED lights that run in broad daylight.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFR-SBRZ
BumperEdgier bumper that appears to be smilingSuave bumper with a refined touch to it
Fog lights and HeadlightsThey are just halogen bulbs and nothing fancyThey are quite fancy as they are LED and beam lights
WeightRelatively less heavyWeighs just a few pounds more
AntennaIt is small and receives radio signalsReceives radio frequencies and is also a satellite antenna
Car Handle It is steel-gray edgedIt is completely black

What is FR-S?

This car belongs to the Toyota luxury car family. It looks quite suave due to its front appearance. Its bumper is broad, edgy, and appears to be smiling. The fog lights and headlights are only halogen bulbs and not fancy as you would expect them to be.

The antenna that is fixed on its top is small and can only receive radio signals. The car also weighs slightly less in comparison to Subaru BRZ. The outward appearance of this model is not the only aspect that sets it apart.

The trunk offers decent space but does not include a trunk dress. However, that is not a problem as it can always be customized by the owner. If we look at the interior of the car, the handle is quite stylish as it has a silver edge instead of being all black.

The foot mats and seats are jet black instead of being plain. However, even though quite pleasant to look at, the seat might be as durable as it looks. The steering wheel has a design in the center that differentiates it from the other plain-looking steering wheels.

The built-in sound system and heating system are better than decent and make this car a favorable choice.

fr s

What is BRZ?

Once again, this car, too, belongs to the Toyota luxury car family. It is slightly more priced, and its appearance makes it quite evident. The fog lights are LED light strips that work in broad daylight too. The headlights are beam lights.

The antenna that is fixed on its top not only receives radio signals but also has a satellite connection. The car also weighs slightly more in comparison to Scion FR-S. The car’s trunk is spacious and comes with a trunk dress, thereby eliminating the need for the car owner to customize it.

The interior of the car also gives it a better footing. Despite being all black, it has the much-needed appeal factor. The car handles inside the car are jet black, and so are the foot mats and seats.

In addition, the seats have a net-like cover stitched to the seat that makes it far more durable. The steering wheel is plain black and, despite being plain, goes pretty well with the overall aesthetics of the car.

The built-in sound system and heating system are better than decent and make this car a favorable choice. The car’s gauge light gives you the real feel of sitting in a luxury car.


Main Differences Between FR-S and BRZ

  1. The bumper of the FR-S appears to be broader and edgier. If we take a close look at it, it might also appear to be smiling. On the other hand, the bumper of BRZ may be as broad as the former but has a sleeker look, thereby giving it an overall classier and elegant touch. 
  2. The fog lights and the headlights are both halogen lights that run in daylight, too, in the FR-S. In contrast, the fog lights in a BRZ are not typical halogen lights, but built-in LED lights that have an elegant glow. Furthermore, the headlights are also beaming lights. 
  3. The weight of an FR-S is relatively less. In contrast, the weight of a BRZ is slightly more in comparison.
  4. The antenna that is fixed on the top of the FR-S can only receive radio signals. However, the antenna on the BRZ is a little bigger, and it can receive a radio signal and satellite connections.
  5. The interior of the FR-S has a steel-gray edged handle, jet black seats, and foot mats. On the other hand, the interior of the BRZ is entirely black, and the trunk comes with a trunk dress.
Difference Between FR S and BRZ


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