Difference Between Friends and Best Friends (With Table)

Friendship is a wonderful relationship that states the mutual affection between two people. It is described as one of the strongest intrapersonal bonds a person can have besides its family or siblings. Friendship has certain characteristics like love, kindness, honesty, loyalty, generosity, affection, sympathy, trust, understanding etc. Friendships are also interspecies such as the friendship of humans with dogs, birds, cats, etc. Friends and Best friends form a part of every person. They are very instrumental in making a person what it becomes.

Friends vs Best Friends

The difference between Friends and Best Friends is that friends are groups of people with whom we talk, share, and hang out. Friends can be in many numbers. A best friend is someone an individual wants to go out with alone, and they can share anything and everything they feel. Best Friends are best of all friends. So they are usually one or two in number.

Friends are people whom a person feels attached to and have affection for them. They give support, assistance whenever we need them. Sometimes friends also behave like our patrons and benefactors. Friends can be anyone, maybe if they belong to the same group, party or nation. Friends can also be someone we have never met in our lives, but they are our friends on social networking sites.

Best Friends is a person who is best among all the other friends. They are accommodating, provide an advantage, are desirable. A person prefers best friends over their friends as they can share all their secrets with them. Best friends didn’t judge you. You can be very open in front of them. They will give you the right assistance, and when you do anything wrong, they will try to help you and give you an honest opinion about your mistakes.

Comparison Table Between Friends and Best Friends

Parameters of ComparisonFriendsBest Friends
TermFriends is an umbrella term that consists of every type.It is a specific and personal term.
LoyaltyThey didn’t care about it much.They value it highly.
SupportThey will support you sometimes.They will always be there for you.
FlexibilityThey are very strict about time.They are very flexible.
ConnectionNormal connectionStrong Connection

What are Friends?

Friends is an umbrella term that consists of both personal as well as casual relationships. It takes time to bond with friends as you need to have the same interests, same liking or common ground of anything so that both of you can connect. Friends are a group of people, and it depends on how much they prefer them according to affection and care. Friends can turn into your best friends once you connect on a deeper level.

Friends can also be considered as the beginning stage of a relationship or friendship. Friends can lead to the ultimate form of friendship. Friends can be family members, siblings, or strangers who will remain friends until the end of your life. A person can be friends with anyone. There are no age restrictions. They can be older, younger or of the same age. There is no level of intimacy among friends. Friends are like guests who visit our life and behave very respectful and in a decent manner.

Friends will always try to praise you, compliment you. They will never criticize like best friends. They will always pretend to be on your good side, although they may not like it. Friends will call you very often, and it may also happen that if you lost touch with them, they might tend to forget you. Friends will not sympathize with you, they will be worried about you, but they can’t tell you what you should do next if you have failed in your life. Friends get tired if you tell them the same things again and again. They will not always listen to your rant.

What are Best Friends?

Best friends connect on a personal level. There is no casual friendship with them. They are the best of friends. Best friends have a very deeper level of understanding and connection. The level of intimacy, trust, care etc., is on another level. Childhood friends become best friends sometimes. Best friends are more acquainted with your actions, behaviour, reactions etc. they will never judge you. They will criticize you and give an honest opinion if you have done anything wrong.

Best friends are so close that they are like siblings. They can even turn into your lover or your life partner. They keep all your secrets to themselves and also helps you to save from embarrassing moments. They always stay by your side whenever you want them. They are available 24*7 and are reachable. Best friends are always less than friends. Traditionally it is considered that an individual has 1 or 2 best friends. If best friends betrayed you, then it becomes challenging to forgive them.

Forgiveness can also be difficult or easy depending upon the mistakes and situations. They are never jealous of you. They will always motivate you to reach higher to new heights and always root for you. They are very much happy and excited because of your achievements. Best friends can always listen to your same jokes and laugh at them. You can tell them anything without thinking. You can rant at them or about anyone. They will always assure you and comfort you whenever you need it.

Main Differences Between Friends and Best Friends

  1. Friends is an umbrella term that consists of every type, whether it be best friends, close friends, casual friends etc. Best Friends is a specific personal term and very close to us.
  2. Friends didn’t care much about loyalty. Best Friends value loyalty highly.
  3. Friends will support you sometimes. Best friends will always be there for you.
  4. Friends are very strict about time and not very flexible. Flexibility is one of the pro features of Best friends.
  5. Friends have a very normal connection with you. Best friends have very Strong connections, and it is impenetrable.


Both friends and Best friends are the backbones of our lives. Without friendship, living life is no good. Friends and Best Friends are built on similarities and commonness. Friends only convert to Best friends. Without commonness, it is not possible. Both have communication patterns. Both did not need any effort. If both are there, you can hang out, cheer up, walk, smile and do many things. Both are there to help you, although help will be different as per your closeness and intimacy. Best friends place is equal to your family members. But Friends place is just like any other random person in your life. Best friends are friends for life both in good and bad times they are together.


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