FX35 vs MDX: Difference and Comparison

In the contemporary world, several cars with different classifications can be seen on the road. Among the car classification, SUV is one of them. The abbreviation for a sport utility vehicle is SUV which combines features from off-road vehicles with elements of the road-going passenger.  

SUVs generally have tall bodies and high ground clearance. FX35 and MDX are two of the SUV models launched in 2012. Apart from being SUVs, several differences make them unique. This article focuses on differentiating FX35 and MDX. 

Key Takeaways

  1. FX35 is a luxury SUV made by Infiniti, while MDX is a luxury SUV made by Acura.
  2. FX35 has better performance and handling compared to MDX.
  3. MDX offers more interior space and seating capacity compared to FX35.

FX35 vs MDX 

The difference between FX35 and MDX is their size. FX35 is a bit smaller in comparison to MDX. FX35 offers a height of 65.0”, a width of 75.9”, and a length of 191.3”. On the other hand, MDX provides a height of 66.2”, a width of 78.5”, and a length of 191.6”.  

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The standard V6 engine of FX35 is plenty powerful. It provides sharp steering and a strong brake, and around the curves, it feels very agile. However, on bumpy roads, the ride can also feel harsh. The upscale materials and build quality in the cabin are quite impressive.  


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With the equipment of the powerful engine, MDX offers plenty of power after speeding up, but from a stop, it is a bit sluggish. It is crisp steering, and athletic cornering make it fun to drive an SUV. It gives a ride that is firm and generally comfortable. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFX35MDX
Fuel capacity90.0 L79.5 L
Fuel systemElectronic Fuel InjectionPGM-FI (Powered Fuel Injection)
Passenger capacity57
Horsepower 303 horsepower at 6300rpm 303 horsepower at 6800rpm
Towering range5000 pounds2000 pounds

What is FX35? 

The FX35 is an SUV designed for those who value performance, style, and technology over trailblazing, a soft ride, and cargo. It offers a car-like performance level rivalled by a few SUVs or crossovers. The FX35 always feels ready to face a road full of twists and turns.  

The all-wheel-drive system of FX35 is sophisticated, which enhances all-weather and on-road capability. When it comes to true off-road usage, it is not intended for that. It provides high-quality materials and premium standard features, distinguishing it as a true luxury crossover. Once audio and navigation systems are accustomed to the layout, then they are easy to use.

In terms of front seats, they are supportive as well as comfortable. Occupants enjoy a modern and plush cabin endowed with all of the luxury and high-tech trappings. The notable options included in FX35 are adaptive cruise control, a clever top-view camera, land departure warning, and intelligent brake assist.   

In terms of its drawbacks, the luggage space is quite smaller compared to its competitors. Larger passengers might feel a bit cramped due to its rear-seat space. The optional larger wheels may find the taut suspension taste a bit harsh. The back seat is quite tight, and taller rear passengers will wish for more leg and headroom.


What is MDX? 

With a “super handling” all-wheel-drive system, the MDX dynamic enjoyment comes. MDX uses its AWD system during cornering to apportion power to outside wheels automatically. The net effect is a crossover with predictable driving dynamics in all types of weather conditions.  

When it comes to inside the cabin, it offers handsome wood trim, soft leather, buttons, knobs, and switches with precise action. The base comes full of standard features, but only three packages are available to push the luxury and tech into a territory more familiar to European model buyers.  

The standard safety of MDX includes front-seat side airbags, anti-lock brakes, active front head restraints, side curtain airbags, stability control, and traditional control with a trailer towing stabilizing feature. It is pretty spacious for an SUV or a three-row midsize luxury crossover. For children, rearmost seats are preferred, but adults can ride without any complaint for short journeys.

MDX offers an optional CMBS monitor following closure rate and distance and uses auditory and visual warnings to alert for a possible collision with a driver. In case the system senses an imminent collision, it can apply hard braking and cinch up the front seat belt. 


Main Differences Between FX35 and MDX 

  1. FX35 is a bit smaller than the MDX. FX35 has a height of 65.0”, a width of 75.9”, and a length of 191.3”. But MDX has a height of 66.2”, a width of 78.5”, and a length of 191.6”.  
  2. The fuel consumption of FX35 in the city is 13.4 L/100km, and on the highway, it consumes 9.3 L/100km. On the other hand, the fuel consumption of MDX in the city is 13.2 L/100km and 9.6 L/100km on the highway.  
  3. The front and rear tire size of FX35 is 265/5OVR2O and P265/60VR18 with a wheelbase of 2,885 mm. In contrast, MDX provides front and rear tire sizes of P255/55R18 and P255/50R19 with a wheelbase of 2,751 mm.  
  4. In terms of auto transmission, FX35 comes with seven-speed automatic transmission. On the flip side, MDX has a six-speed automatic transmission.  
  5. When it comes to the interior, FX35 in the front cabin provides more headroom than the MDX. But MDX has more leg and headroom in the back compared to FX35. 
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