Difference Between Gacha Game and Loot Box

Today people all around the world from different countries play a lot of video games. There are so many varieties of games that are available today, Which have a variety of features and variations between them.


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Gacha Game vs Loot Box

The difference between Gacha game and Loot box is that the gacha game is actually a collection of cards, toys, characters for earning points in a game in the real world, and on the other hand, a loot box is a specific item available in games which has surprises and other surprise elements when a person reaches a certain level in a game.

Gacha Game vs Loot

The gacha game is the game which is popularly started to be on people’s phones when they prefer gaming on their phones.

The loot box is a game which was originated from the concepts from loot systems which was once a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGacha GameLoot Box
Number of lettersThis term has 9 letters.This term has 7 letters.
MeaningThis game includes buying cards, characters, toys which consisted of points by spending actual money in the real world.This feature is available in different games, including opening boxes and only in a video game through spending actual money.
Surprise elementThe surprise of what would be inside would be in a card or a character in this.The Surprises of loot boxes would be in a box or a treasure-like thing.
ConceptThese games come under a loot box.Different games termed as Gacha games is what sets it apart from the loot box.
CostThere is not always a need to pay for opening cards.There is a need to pay money.

What is Gacha Game?

The gashapon, Which is a system from which the Gacha games emerged, is a system that is basically a vending machine that helps small capsules having a toy inside to it similar to the kinder joy toys inside the chocolate.

Basically in a gacha game, people spend money by buying boxes and packs or cards or A toy which will be opened after they are bought.

A person who intensely plays this game feels it very hard to actually collect the highest-ranking cards and most powerful characters as it is not that easy to obtain.

What is Loot Box?

Just like the Gacha games loot box concept also originates by opening a box or a bucket that includes some surprise in them after reaching a certain level in a video game.

But when a person gets addicted to such a feature in a video game, he may end up spending a lot of microtransactions to open just this box for knowing what is inside.

Games such as Battlefront 2, Star Wars etc., had an amazing approach for the concept of loot box, which Later criticized the players.

Main Differences Between Gacha Game and Loot Box

  1. The term Gacha game has 9 letters, and on the other hand, the term loot box has 7 letters.
  2. The Gacha games are usually free to expect some, and on the other hand, every loot box game is rated for payment.


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