Ghost vs Poltergeist: Difference and Comparison

When We are told, there are many creepy and spooky existences. Isn’t it scary! Several spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, and demons also exist.

Sometimes, the soul of the body can’t go to another realm after death, which results in the existence of such. Moreover, they are seen by everyone.

However, sometimes even negative energies also form such weird and creepy existence. There are a lot of theories and research.

But coming to the main point, ghosts and poltergeists are two different entities. However, they are very difficult to tell them apart. 


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Key Takeaways

  1. Ghosts are believed to be the souls of dead people, whereas poltergeists are mischievous spirits or energies.
  2. Ghosts appear as apparitions or shadows, while poltergeists are associated with unexplained noises and moving objects.
  3. Ghosts are associated with hauntings of specific places, while poltergeists are often associated with hauntings of people or families.

Ghost vs Poltergeist

A ghost is a supernatural entity or spirit of a deceased person that is believed to haunt or appear to the living. A poltergeist is a type of ghost or spirit that is believed to be responsible for physical disturbances or unexplained noises, such as knocking on walls and throwing things.

Ghost vs Poltergeist

Ghosts are classic supernatural entities. It can be described as a spirit of a deceased human being that somehow couldn’t escape this realm.

The reasons can be sudden death, unresolved issues, violent death, and trauma related to life. They make an appearance along with the ability to speak and change in temperature and odour.

Moreover, they are not commonly malevolent. However, they get attached to certain places. 

Poltergeists are ‘noisy ghosts’ that defines their ability to make noises or disrupt the environment. Unlike ghosts, they do not make their appearance.

However, they make noises, throw objects, and disrupt the surroundings. Although, there’s another theory that a poltergeist is a different entity that has nothing to do with ghosts or spirits.

They’re very violent and dangerous as compared to the ghosts. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparison Ghost Poltergeist
Definition Ghost is the spirit of a deceased human being.A poltergeist is a form of energy that is controlled intentionally or unintentionally by someone. 
Appearance A ghost appears. Poltergeist shows their presence by moving stuff. 
AggressiveGhosts are more passive.Poltergeist is more aggressive.
MovementGhosts can also speak, change the temperature, and can appear with a specific odor.Poltergeist causes noises, throw objects, and disrupts the environment. 
LinkageA ghost is associated with a place or a person.Poltergeist feeds on the emotional state of humans.

What is Ghost? 

Several entities are present on this Earth. One of them is the ghost which is a classic supernatural entity.  They are spirits of deceased human beings who somehow couldn’t escape this realm wholly.

The reasons for not entirely leaving this realm can be any reason, such as sudden death, unresolved issues, violent death, and trauma related to life. 

Ghosts are passive. They are not generally wicked or dangerous as they can be considered troubled. However, a ghost can be good or bad. Also, they are not aggressive.

Simply briefing about ghosts, they are deceased human beings who could overcome their death. Thus, they couldn’t move across the realm but passed through the afterlife. 

Moreover, it is considered that they are known to make an appearance sometimes in front of humans. Additionally, they have the ability to speak, change the temperature of a confined place, or bring a specific odour. 

Their troubled nature is justified as they didn’t get closure about their crossing afterlife. Thus, they end up partially caught up in this realm and interacting with humans. 

Also, they stick to a location rather than a person that explains a lot about “haunted houses”. 

Many indications can also be felt during their presence, such as a sudden and unexplainable chill, unexplained foul or pleasant odour, strange noises,  and a sense of being watched. 


What is Poltergeist?

Several entities are present on this Earth. One of them is the poltergeist which is a type of ghost. Thus, it is also a supernatural entity. Although, it is believed that they have nothing to do with spirits or ghosts. 

They are considered kinetic energy that causes a disturbance, especially physically. Apparently, it makes it unique.

Poltergeists are aggressive in nature. They are malevolent or dangerous, as they can be considered noisy ghosts. Additionally, they do disturb the neighbouring environments. 

Simply briefing about poltergeists, they are noisy ghosts, a type of energy that can cause a physical and psychic disturbance. 

Moreover, it is considered that they do not make an appearance. Additionally, they have the ability to make noise, throw objects, or harass humans physically and psychically.

Unlike ghosts, they do not stick to one location but feed off the emotional state of a human being.

They are not evil spirits but energy or psychic disturbance created unintentionally through a person’s negative emotions.

However, it is also considered that a poltergeist is controlled unintentionally by a living person. And it is commonly linked to teenagers due to their strong emotions and turmoil in their adolescent life. 


Main Differences Between Ghost and Poltergeist 

There are different scary and spooky existences on Earth. From the unknown to the known, there’re several existing things that are unexplainable and unseen.

But they are present on the Earth. One of the scary and creepy existence is ghosts and poltergeists. It is very different from each other as they are explained in different theories.

Although, people tend to confuse them as they are hard to tell them apart. 

  1. A ghost is the spirit of a deceased human being, while a poltergeist is a form of energy that is controlled intentionally or unintentionally by someone. 
  2. A ghost appears, while a poltergeist shows its presence by moving stuff. 
  3. Ghosts are more passive. Meanwhile, a poltergeist is more aggressive. 
  4. Ghosts can also speak, change the temperature, and can appear with a certain odour. Meanwhile, a poltergeist causes noises, throws objects, and disrupts the environment. 
  5. A ghost is linked to a place or a person, while Poltergeist feeds on the emotional state of humans.
Difference Between Ghost and Poltergeist

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