Difference Between Gift and Present

Whenever there is any special occasion or something we will buy either a gift or a present. But these two are often not the same, and they have many differences.


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Gift vs Present

The difference between Gift and Present is that gift is given to people on their own, and they will do this willingly. On the other hand, presents are given to the person just for the sake of formality. Gifts are even handmade so that they can showcase their love. But presents are usually not handmade, and they will be bought directly. 

Gift vs Present

A gift is either a handmade one or paid one which we give to people we love. We will give them on their birthdays, parties, or special occasions.

A present is more of a formal gift given to people only for the sake of being recognized somewhere, or they want to make any new contacts.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGiftPresent
DefinitionIt is given to the person to showcase their joy and happinessIt is given more for the sake of formality
Derived fromMiddle EnglishFrench
HandmadeGifts are sometimes handmadeBut presents are usually not handmade
Verb usageIt is a form of giving a giftIt is used for the form of presenting
Talent and abilityThey are handmade sometimes so that they will show the talent and abilityThey are not handmade so they won’t show any talent and ability

What is Gift?

The gift is given to somebody on special occasions or if they achieve something. People give this with lots of joy in their hearts.

These kinds of gifts are even available in online shops as well. You can buy them directly from them from the comfort of your home, and they will even make gift wrapped.

These kinds of gifts system exist for many years. And kids will get excited whenever they hear they are going to get gifts on their birthday.


What is Present?

A present is more like a formal form of a gift. Here people will give them because they have to do that to the other person. They even do this sometimes without being willing.

Some people even give presents to introduce someone formally. Or it is a key to start a new business or to grow their existing business. Giving presents is more for respect.

It can be even a handmade bouquet as well. It has become mandatory now. Also, it has become a new tradition as well like wherever they go or to make any new contacts they will go with a present. 


Main Differences Between Gift and Present

  1. When we see in the verb form, it is the form of giving the gift. But here, it represents something more formally.
  2. The word gift can be used as a birthday gift and the gift of life. On the other hand, the word present can be used as a Christmas present, new year present. 
Difference Between Gift and Present


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