Difference Between GMC Canyon and Sierra (With Table)

GMC Canyon and Sierra are designed in a versatile manner to satisfy the needs of the user in an ultimately impressive way. With all their endlessly capable features deciding between the two options might be quite tricky. Though they have a lot of features in common, they vary slightly in a few ways.

GMC Canyon vs Sierra

The difference between GMC Canyon and Sierra is the capacity and size.GMC is a popular and high-selling pickup truck. Canyon and Sierra are two of its models. Both the truck has a stylish and also a rugged exterior. It gives you the privilege of travelling in rugged terrains but still enjoys a luxurious and comfortable ride. Though it is a pickup truck, it doesn’t fail to provide a comfortable and seamless driving experience.

GMC Canyon has a lot of user-friendly features, which makes it a capable pickup truck. It has a very good towing capacity and responsive handling feature. Its new model has been updated with new AT4 trim and a renamed trim lineup. It has some drawbacks like its poor reliability rating and interior quality that is not to the expected level.

GMC Sierra is a full-size truck and looks extremely modern and trendy on the road. It can accommodate three passengers. With its strong and capable performance, the lesser fuel efficiency makes it a second choice when it comes to pickup trucks that need to transport goods on a daily basis.

Comparison Table Between GMC Canyon and Sierra

Parameters of ComparisonGMC CanyonSierra
Comfort It has a lesser headroom, legroom and it is compact.It has greater legroom, and the height also offers a comfortable headroom. It is roomy and comfortable.
DimensionsIt has a slimmer body than Sierra, and it is easy to park your vehicle.The model is not slim when compared with Canyon, and thus finding room for your car in the parking lot might be challenging.
Drivetrain It offers less torque than Sierra.It offers more torque and hence feels to be powerful and strong.      
Handling    It has a smaller radius which makes the process much easier. It has a larger turning radius which makes maneuvering in and out of tight spots difficult.  
Seating Capacity  It has less seating capacity, and it is compact.It is the best choice if you want to accommodate more passengers in your car.

What is GMC Canyon?

The front seats are made up of good quality leather. The front seats are heated. The steering wheel is wrapped with leather. The driver’s seat is a 6-way power-adjustable seat. The front passenger’s seat is a 4-way power-adjustable seat. The GMC has an excellent 8-inch premium infotainment system and a screen. The audio system is quite good too.

The vehicle has a 6 speaker audio system. The car is built with a remote vehicle starter system. It is also inclusive of the EZ-Lift and Lowers locking tailgate. It has extraordinary safety features. Some of the safety features are rear park assistance, the presence of an HD rear vision camera, warnings for lane departure, and forward-collision alert. The model is also built with teen driving technology.

GMC is expected to tow a maximum load of 7000 lbs, and it has a payload capacity of 1,605 lbs. Though it may look a little rugged from the outside, it doesn’t fail to offer a comfortable interior. It has an option of 2 beds and 2 cabs which differ in engine options, drivetrain options, performance capabilities, and a few features. The car is adorned with a lot of high-end technological features. The vehicle is built with a bed that is smaller in size than that of the Sierra.

What is Sierra?

The seats are heated and ventilated enough. The rear outboard seats are also heated. The front seats are tailored with good quality leather, and they are 10-way power-adjustable. The heated steering wheel is wrapped with leather. The premium GMC infotainment system is made up of next-generation technology. The car has an 8-inch digital driver information center which is a special feature.

The audio systems are good and contain 6 speakers. The opening mechanism is keyless open and start. The safety features are the integrated trailer brake controller, hitch view and hitch guidance, an HD rear camera. It is built with teen driver technology. Hill-start assist is its unique safety feature. Sierra can tow a maximum load of nearly 11,100 lbs, and it has a payload capacity of 2,240 lbs.

It provides a lot of premium upholstery features and options. Along with the option of two beds, it also provides an option of 2 cabs. It has plenty of added features built with new and recently developed technologies. It is compatible with apple car play and android auto. It has an impressively ultimate bed space, and its features provide complete versatility. The vehicle is built with a bed that is larger in size than that of the Canyon.

Major Differences Between GMC Canyon and Sierra

  1. GMC Canyon has lesser space and room when compared with Sierra.
  2. GMC Canyon has a slim-built body than the body of Sierra.
  3. GMC Canyon has a smaller turning radius, but Sierra has a larger turning radius.
  4. GMC Canyon accommodates two passengers while Sierra accommodates three passengers.
  5. GMC Canyon offers less torque, whereas Sierra offers more torque.


GMC is known for producing good quality and capable pickup trucks with efficiency and high performance. Both Canyon and Sierra are outstanding models under their production. Choosing the right pickup truck is influenced by a lot of factors, including capacity, payload, size, cost, purpose, and frequency of use.

If you require a truck that can carry heavy loads and travel well in rugged landscapes, Sierra would be a better option. You can also upgrade with features that better satisfy your needs and requirements. Both trucks are popular due to the technology used and the luxury and comfort they provide. They are excellent performers.


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