Difference Between GMC Canyon and Tacoma (With Table)

A light-duty truck with an enclosed cabin and a low side tailgate is a commonly preferred specification of a pickup truck. With a plethora of options available to us, we might feel overwhelmed and confused in selecting the right choice. Both GMC canyon and Tacoma are excellent options, though almost similar they differ in a few features that make them different.

GMC Canyon vs Tacoma

The difference between GMC Canyon and Tacoma is the mileage. It is better in the canyon than in Tacoma. Both pickup trucks are popular and preferred by many users due to their comfortable features. However, they differ in their cost, style, technology, fuel economy, and the level of comfort that they offer. They also have a difference in their towing capacity and engine capacity. Their size also varies.

GMC Canyon is a compact model. With its new update in 2021, it has got a renamed trim lineup with new AT4 trim. It is known for its towing capacity and responsive handling. It is best known for its highly user-friendly infotainment system But it has been given a low rank in the terms of safety.

Tacoma has greater driver assistance features and offers a better off-road experience. It is specially designed and engineered for off-road adventures. The power to tow and haul is obtained from its 3.5-liter V6 engine. It also has a 6-speed manual transmission. It is designed in such a way that it provides more grip while driving across terrains that offer low traction.

Comparison Table Between GMC Canyon and Tacoma

Parameters of ComparisonGMC CanyonTacoma
 CostIt has a reasonable price and it is an affordable option.Tacoma is an expensive midsized pickup truck.
Style Canyon has a rugged interior and a classic-looking body. It is modern and the interior is highly equipped with technological features that are functionally centered. It has an aggressive look.
TechnologyIt has features like  Apple car play and Android Auto compatibility, HD Rear Vision Camera, a variety of Power Outlet options, a new tire fill alert along with a rear seat reminder.   Tacoma offers  Apple CarPlay compatibility, panoramic view monitor, integrated backup camera with rear parking sonar. It also has a smart key system with a push-button start, multi-information display in addition to two USB charge ports.  
Fuel economyCanyon’s has a highway mpg of a whopping 30.The Tacoma has a highway mpg of 23.
ComfortIt offers more legroom with its heated and cooled front seats.                   It offers more hip and shoulder room but has only heated front seats.

What is GMC Canyon?

With its compact size and responsive handling, it is known best for the infotainment that is easy and comfortable to operate. Among its competitors, it has a great towing capacity. Despite its advantages, it also has a few disadvantages like poor and ancient interior quality.

It has fewer bed features compared with its rivals. It has room for about 4 to 5 passengers with a horsepower of 181-308. It is preferred by a lot of people due to its compact size and design. With its three capable powertrain options, it has earned solid fuel economy ratings. It has excellent towing and hauling capacities. It offers a comfortable driving experience and the features are user-friendly.

The interior may seem attractive but lacks quality due to the cheap plastics and unstable products used in the construction. It would be better off with more safety features. It is best suited for users who do not mind the interior and safety features. It is a good choice to tow and haul goods daily.

It might not be the best for those who expect a luxurious interior. The engine with its four cylinders has a horsepower of 200, 308 V6, and a horsepower of 181.

What is Tacoma?

It is a perfect choice if you would carry your goods or drive across off-road regions often. It is inclusive of projector-beam headlights and a deck rail system. It has a unique feature that provides automatic climate control. This feature is offered by the front dual-zone.

The pickup truck is also integrated with fog lights. It comes with a 4-way power-adjustable driver’s seat. Another advantage is the smart key system which provides great security. The machined alloy wheels are about 17 inches. It is inclusive of an available panoramic view monitor that comes with a camera.

The pickup truck has a multi-terrain select with a crawl control option. It also provides you the option of locking the rear differential. The pickup truck is equipped with premium JBL audio in addition to its dynamic navigation. It has a TRD Pro front skid plate that is extremely good and essential.

It is equipped with good and high technology features. Its crawl control gets you out of a rocky and a hard place easily. It is built in such a way that it helps you to effortlessly smooth out the rough stuff where ever the trail gets wild. The audio system is compatible with android auto and apple car play.

Main Differences Between GMC Canyon and Tacoma

  1. GMC Canyon is not as capable as Tacoma when it comes to off-road experience.
  2. GMC Canyon has lesser driver assistance features whereas Tacoma has more features.
  3. GMC Canyon has great towing and hauling options when compared with Tacoma. The fuel economy of GMC Canyon is lower than that of Tacoma.
  4. GMC Canyon is reasonable when it comes to cost and it is less expensive whereas Tacoma is more expensive.
  5. GMC Canyon offers 4 trims whereas Tacoma offers 6 trims.


Tacoma comes with greater customization options for the driver’s seat. The canyon can tow about 7700lbs whereas Tacoma can tow a maximum capacity of 6400lbs. The Canyon offers more torque and horsepower than what Tacoma provides. The Canyon has an impressive 308 horsepower along with 275 ft. lb. of torque whereas Tacoma, has 278 horsepower and 265 ft. lb. of torque.

If the towing capacity matters to you you can right away choose GMC canyon. As Canyon has more legroom than Tacoma, the passengers and the driver will experience a comfortable ride. The size of both pickup trucks is almost the same and they occupy the same amount of space. The turning radius is also quite the same in both the trucks and the handling is quite easy and convenient.


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