Difference Between God and Jesus Christ

The existence of ultimate power has always been a great question of all times. The abstract form which is believed as the controller of the universe is always questionable.


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There are people, religions,or beliefs that maintain the idea of the figure of God, which is certainly hypothetical. Sometimes this abstract form of control over the universe is also addressed as ‘nature’.

Undoubtedly, there is something that is holding on to the universe, there is some reason for the existence of even a microorganism, but the sole question arises that ‘who is that controller?’.

God vs Jesus Christ

The difference between God and Jesus Christ is their visible existence. God and Jesus are entirely different from each other, Jesus can be a part or incarnation of the abstract form but Jesus cannot be addressed as God.

God vs Jesus Christ

It is seen in religions like hinduism or jainism that god is depicted with the incarnation of lords. There is always a huge difference between God and something like God.

The debate of what is God is never ending, it is a vicious structure of  debates and discussions. Thus every interpretation is said to be correct in it’s own way.


Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonGodJesus Christ
Form of powerAbstract form of powerHuman being
Basic interpretationThe creator of all beings and the universe.The Messiah of God
LifeImmortal ( as per scriptures)mortal, as Jesus died (seen in records).
Mentions in BibleReferred GodReferred as human being
Extent of knowledgeUnlimited knowledgeLimited knowledge


Who is God?

God is often referred to as “thinking structure”, it is an absolute abstract form. There is no certain definition of God.

“God” is a belief of people.

There is no specific word that defines the divine. God is often considered as the supreme power who is the creator of all the visible and invisible things or all the tangible and intangible substances.

The existence of God persists in the minds, as God is eternal and immortal, nobody in the world can claim the figure of actual God thus in scriptures God is often referred to as ‘spirit’. Just like every religion christanity also refers  God as the supreme power, the abstract form is the unlimited power and knowledge.

The Bible mentions God as the purest soul and also mentions the love of God towards humanity. The understanding of God is vicious.

The deeper a person thinks, the more interpretations are made. There are no certain written records of what God looks like or what God is.

Even the bible or any holy book is the creation of human beings which is again an interpretation of a human mind.


Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is considered as the son of God, the son of man and the son of spirit. Jesus Christ was predominantly a human being.

It was said by him that he is not God. Jesus Christ was born with the holy spirit from the womb of Virgin Mary as mentioned in the second major part of the Bible.

Unlike God, Jesus Christ was a person whose existence can be easily claimed through history, as the bible and other records mention about the works of Christ.

It is certain that Jesus Christ was a person, and whatever there is mentioned about him was his own words about him, and not just interpretations of people. He was a creation of God just like any other person.

Jesus Nazareth was considered a messiah for people sent by God. ‘Christ’ was the title he was given later on by the people itself.

Most probably this title of Christ was added with his name after his death. As per the history records, Jesus was caught by some enemies through deceptive methods of one of his disciples Judas Iscariot.

He was then executed which is considered as a sacrifice for sins of mankind. After the very third day of electrocution, Jesus woke up and went to heaven to get along with God the father.

And this is how the prophecy of him as messiah was fulfilled. During his lifespan Jesus worried for mankind, preached people, did miracles, forgave sinners and led the foundation of church, during his travels he made twelve disciples whom he gave the task of spreading love.

Jesus Christ

Main Differences Between God and Jesus Christ

  1. God is a spirit ( according to scriptures) whereas Jesus himself declared not to be a spirit rather he considered himself human with flesh and bones.
  2. God is said to have unlimited knowledge while Jesus being a person is said to limited knowledge.
  3. As per scriptures God is immortal, on contrary Jesus died which is evident in records as well.
  4. God is considered as supreme creator of all living or living things, bible or invisible things, whereas Jesus was a Messiah or saviour.
  5. God is defined as perfection whereas Jesus attained perfection through his sufferings during his lifespan.
Difference Between God and Jesus Christ


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