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Difference Between Google VR and Samsung VR

Virtual Reality will be part of the tech world. Even it has massive growth in a short time. Google and Samsung are two big tech giants. The Virtual reality introduced by them is called google VR and Samsung VR.


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Google VR vs Samsung VR

The difference between Google VR and Samsung VR is their company. The Google VR is developed by Google, whereas the Samsung VR is developed by Samsung, whereas the.

Google VR is a budget-friendly one, whereas Samsung VR is a high-end and demanded version of VR. Google Cardboard is the product of Google, whereas Samsung Gear VR is the product of Samsung.

Google VR vs Samsung VR

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Google virtual reality can be achieved simply and affordably. The google carboards virtual reality is a budget-friendly one. In simple, you can say it like the world of cardboard.

You just need to get it and fold it. Now the world of cardboard virtual reality is ready to use. The Google Cardboard virtual reality is affordable and anyone can easily buy it. You can build your own virtual reality.

Once you set the VR, you can easily explore different types of applications along with different methods for viewing. You can easily pick which is best for you.

The Samsung VR is called Samsung Gear VR. The Samsung Gear virtual reality is developed by Samsung Electronics along with third parties. The Samsung VR released in November 2015.

Virtual reality creates various changes in the technology world and it became the trending technology nowadays. people are curious to experience virtual and augmented reality.

Samsung VR is mostly compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones. The Galaxy phone acts as a headset display and also a processor.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonGoogle VRSamsung VR
HeadsetGoogle cardboard is a budget-friendly headsetSamsung Gear VR is a revolutionary headset
PriceGoogle VR is budget-friendlySamsung VR is expensive
WorkingGoogle VR works better with android phonesSamsung VR works better with Samsung new galaxy models
FeaturesGoogle VR has no top-notch featuresSamsung VR has top-notch features
Developed byGoogle VR developed by GoogleSamsung VR developed by Samsung along with Oculus

What is Google VR?

Google VR is different and affordable and gives you an immersive experience of virtual reality. You can create your own cardboard or buy from a certified viewer.

You can easily experience virtual reality on your smartphones by Google Virtual reality(VR). Google Virtual Reality comes with distinct types of viewing methods. It is a big advantage of Google VR.

The users can choose the best one which fits them perfectly.

There are plenty of cardboard types available. Some of them are V2, UC 2.0, DSCVR, Boxglass Wood, P2, Homido Mini, And Smart Vr.

Virtual reality works like a bridge between the digital and physical world. Google virtual reality can be compactible with android phones.

Google Cardboard virtual reality is released in June 2014. Around fifteen million products are shipped worldwide. But the production of Google cardboard was discontinued by Google in 2021.

It works on the Android IOS platform. People are attracted by this new technology. They are eager to experience the technology. After the success of Google Cardboard, Google create an advanced virtual platform called Google Daydream.

What is Samsung VR?

Samsung VR is a virtual reality platform. Samsung Gear VR is released in 2015. It is developed by Samsung and Oculus VR. The Samsung VR is one of the popular selling VR.

They have an excellent outlook and stunning features. Samsung Galaxy phones are the perfect combination of Samsung virtual reality.

The gear unit present in the VR acts as a controller and it contains a field of view and inertial measurement unit. These will connect the gear unit with Galaxy phones using USB ports.

Samsung Gear VR comes with a touchpad and back button to help you to work in one touch. The proximity sensor will detect whether the headset is in on mode or in off mode. In 2014, the Samsung Gear VR was announced.

Samsung released two innovative versions of Gear VR by tech enthusiasts. The estimated life span of Samsung Gear virtual reality is four years. It is also developed by Samsung along with Oculus.

Oculus is a big brand in Virtual Reality. Around five million products of Samsung VR are sold worldwide.

Samsung released two different models of virtual reality. They are Samsung Galaxy VR and Samsung Gear VR. On the two Samsung Gear, VR is more popular for its excellent features and stunning design.

In Samsung Gear itself, Samsung released many versions and sub-models. Virtual reality is a growing technology. Many tech Giants introduced their own products daily. Samsung Gear VR is popular and selling quickly.

Main Differences Between Google VR and Samsung VR

  1. Google VR was developed by Google, whereas Samsung VR was developed by Samsung along with third parties.
  2. Google VR has no top-notch features, whereas Samsung VR has top-notch features.
  3. Google VR works better with android phones, whereas Samsung VR work with Samsung’s new Galaxy models.
  4. Google VR is budget-friendly, whereas Samsung VR is expensive.
  5. Google cardboard is a budget-friendly headset, whereas Samsung Gear VR is a revolutionary headset.
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