Difference Between GotoWebinar and Zoom

In this digital world, people need not travel to different places to attend webinars and seminars. They can do it from the comfort of their home using the meeting conducting apps.


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The two famous meeting conducting apps among them are GotoWebinar and Zoom. These help people to conduct meetings and seminars among people from wherever they are. 

GotoWebinar vs Zoom

The difference between GotoWebinar and Zoom is that in GotoWebinar, they can allow up to 3,000 participants in their priced plan. In zoom meeting, it will allow only 1000 participants at a time on their priced plan. In gotowebinar, you can choose the trial option and check their features. But in the zoom meeting, there is no trial option for you to check. 

GotoWebinar vs Zoom

GotoWebinar is a webinar conducting app which allows users to participate from all over the world. It has camera options that you can either enable or disable as per your choice.

The attendees can also resize their screen and webcam images. You can also install this app on your laptop. In the gotowebinar app, you can add up to 24 panelists.

Zoom meeting is used by many people across the world for interacting with their families and friends. It is mostly used for conducting business meetings, as the people can present their documents during the meeting.

Compared to other meeting conducting apps, it is considered to be a better one because of its impeccable features. With the zoom app, you can conduct meeting for 1000 participants.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGotoWebinarZoom
ParticipantsIt can allow 3000 participants.It can allow 1000 participants.
Cloud storageThey have an unlimited cloud storage plan.They don’t provide unlimited cloud storage.
UI usageThey don’t have a good user interface.They have a good user interface.
Free trialIt has a free trial option.It has no free trial option.
Social promotionIt has options for social promotion.It has no social promotion option.

What is GotoWebinar?

It is a webinar hosting app that allows people to conduct events and meetings. It has a flexible meeting schedule, links that can be joined instantly, tools, emails that are reminded automatically.

It has drawing tools that allow the panelists to highlight and annotate their presentations. For 3,000 users, it is not free. But you can sign up for a free trial to check how the app works.

If you enjoy its features, you can continue with the plan.

If you are not comfortable with their features and find some difficulties, you can cancel their subscription plan. They will remind you before the trial period.

With gotowebinar, you can interact with people via chat, question, and answer, and can raise polls. If the host finds anything not good with the participants, they can unmute them.

To see the past attendees’ details, you have to log in to gotowebinar. In the past events tab, you can see the list of people who registered along with their details. 

To participate in the gotowebinar, you need to register first. For registration purposes, you need to give your name, email address, and phone number.

The meeting details and the link will be sent to your email. These are the basic questions that are required for registration.

If you want, you can create custom questions as well. Gotowebinar is very safe to join. They have different levels of security systems that will protect their users.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a webinar conducting app which allows people to conduct webinars and workshops. You can download this app on any of your devices.

The downloaded app will give you a better experience than an online one. It will display the active speaker view by default.

You can see a thumbnail if one or more participants join the meeting. At a time, you can view four participants if you are using that app on your mobile phone.

On a laptop, you can view many participants. It is also used by educational institutions to take online classes for their students.

Students can join the live class and clear their doubts with teachers. It has a chat system that allows users to type their queries.

Participants can also raise their hands if they have any questions. For a zoom meeting, the host will have to first create a link and then send it to the participants.

It will contain links, meeting IDs, and password details.

Participants can join using the link or using the meeting id and password. Participants can also register for the event in advance by giving their name, email address, and phone number.

They will receive the meeting details at their registered mail address. The basic plan of zoom meetings is free, which allows only 100 participants at a time.

If you want to conduct it with participants, you have to buy their subscription plan. 

Main Differences Between GotoWebinar and Zoom

  1. GotoWebinar is less expensive when compared to zoom meetings. On the other hand, in zoom meetings, their monthly subscription is expensive.
  2. GotoWebinar allows you to check their features using a free trial option. On the other hand, in zoom meeting, there is no free trial option.
  3. GotoWebinar offers you to have a social promotion on their platform. On the other hand, in zoom meetings, there is no social promotion option on their platform.
  4. Gotowebinar has an unlimited cloud storage option. On the other hand, in zoom meeting, you cannot have an unlimited cloud storage option. It allows an unlimited storage option.
  5. The downside of Gotowebinar is, they don’t have a good user interface. On the other hand, Zoom provides a good user interface. 


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