Difference Between Green Tea and Black Tea (With Table)

In this world, almost all people drink green tea and black tea. Because as we see many people suffering from many diseases and these two tea play a very important role to maintain a healthy life. But still, some people aren’t aware of the knowledge of these teas. So let’s discuss it here.

Green Tea vs Black Tea

The main difference between Green Tea and black tea is that the processing of both plant leaves is different. Green tea leaves take too much time in processing whereas black tea leaves don’t take much time in processing. Green tea doesn’t do an oxidation process but black tea does the oxidation process.

Green tea is made up of a leaf named Camellia Sinensis. Green tea is made in China and then it spreads all over the world. It is scientifically proven that Green tea has many positive effects. There are also a variety of green tea leaves are Camellia Sinensis and Camellia Sinensis Assamica.

Black tea is also made up of a leaf named Camellia Sinensis. But the extraction process of this tea is different and it changes its color because it follows the oxidation process. Asian people generally call it red tea also. The flavor of black tea is stronger than other teas.  The taste of black tea is strong so it is necessary to add sugar-free in it. 

Comparison Table Between Green Tea and Black Tea

Parameters of comparisonGreen TeaBlack Tea
ProcessThe process of making green tea is short.The process of making black tea is long.
ColorGreen tea changes its color from green to yellow.Black tea changes its color from black to red.
TasteThe taste of green tea changes from bitter to sweet.The tase of black tea is very strong (much better than all other tea).
CaffeineCaffeine is very low in green teaCaffeine is the highest in black tea.
OxidizedThe Green Tea is non-oxidized.The black tea is semi-oxidized.

What is Green Tea?

Many people want to cure their diseases by making changes in their diets. And green tea is one of the best things to include in our daily routine. And it is scientifically proven that green tea affects health and gives many benefits. Green tea is used for woundings, cancer prevention, weight loss, skin problems, heart health, low cholesterol, stroke risk, diabetes, and many more other benefits like it helps to prevent stress, chronic fatigue.

This is all done by research in the lab and it gives an improvement in all these diseases. And this research not done in any one lab means different scientists do studies and research of it many times and its result comes positively. Green tea comes in many different types like in the form of loose-leaf, in the form of instant powder, single tea bags, the bottle comes with sugar, supplements comes in a capsule.

However, we know every good thing has a bad side also. Yes, Green tea also has side effects like caffeine sensitivity, liver damage, and increased blood pressure. This all happens when green tea doesn’t take in a proper quantity and it is said that green tea is not taken on an empty stomach and only once a day after breakfast. 

What is Black Tea?

Before any tea this tea comes first means no one knows about any other tea. This tea comes first with a lot of benefits. In western culture, most people prefer black tea. It is considered the most popular breakfast. Black tea was first bought in Europe and rose in England.

The one most important thing that makes black tea different is the oxidation process. During oxidation, oxygen interacts with leaves because of that its color changes from rich dark brown to black-brown. Due to this oxidation process, some changes also occur in the flavor of the tea.

Black tea is produced by two methods, the first one is orthodox and the second one is nonorthodox (Crush tear curl). Changes in flavor are because of how long the oxidizing and healing process takes. The flavor of green tea is of different categories like malty, smoky, brisk, earthly, spiced, nutty, metallic, citrus, caramel, leather, fruity, sweet, and honey. Caffeine levels are higher in black tea. To make the best and tasty black cup of tea you can use fresh and cold filtered, purifying water and add a small amount of black tea in that water and boil it for 2-3 minutes. 

Main Differences Between Green Tea And Black Tea

  1. Green tea is non-fermented whereas black tea is fermented.
  2. Green tea is anti-inflammatory and fights free radicals whereas black tea is less anti-inflammatory.
  3. Green tea flushes out all toxins and waste whereas black teas give you alertness.
  4. Green tea helps a lot in weight loss whereas black tea protects heart health problems.
  5. Green tea has zero calories whereas black tea has some amount of calories.
  6. Green tea supports the immunity system whereas black tea improves energy levels in the human body.


So those who are wondering about the differences between these two teas and want to know more about them can get all the information here. Now decide your drink and enjoy it. This tea is also prescribed by doctors. Making tea is not a big deal. You can buy a packet from the market and the procedure is written on it too. So don’t wait now, keep your diet healthy by eating healthy food and drinks. It is good to have healthy things to keep a doctor away. Choice one of them according to your health issue or tastes of tea. The taste of black tea is strong so it is necessary to add sugar-free in it. Black tea is enjoyed by both hold and cold cup of tea. It is considered the most likely and convenient tea in the world. It has also had some advantages that play a major role in healthy living.


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