Happiness vs Satisfaction: Difference and Comparison

Happiness and Satisfaction are positive emotions and states of mind of a person. Happiness is a state of mind where a person is in a positive vibe around him/her for a particular situation happened that causes happiness, whereas Satisfaction is a state of mind where a person’s desire is met or accomplished.

Key Takeaways

  1. Happiness is a temporary emotional state, while satisfaction is a long-term evaluation of one’s life or specific aspects.
  2. Happiness can fluctuate rapidly based on external factors, whereas satisfaction is more stable and reflects overall life circumstances.
  3. Pursuing satisfaction can lead to sustained well-being, while constantly chasing happiness may result in short-lived emotional highs.

Happiness vs Satisfaction

The difference between Happiness and Satisfaction is that Happiness is achieved even when the desires are met or not met. But Satisfaction is felt when a person’s desire is met, and a long waited wish is accomplished. It is also felt when an act of satisfaction is done.

Happiness vs Satisfaction

Happiness is a positive emotion and a positive state of mind. Happiness is associated with the present moment it fades away with time but is fully felt only during a particular course of time.

Satisfaction is a feeling that is felt when a particular desire is met or completed. It is not an emotion like happiness, but Satisfaction also includes happiness as well.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHappinessSatisfaction
DefinitionHappiness is the state of mind and emotion that is positive and it also includes a state of being blissful and joyful. Satisfaction is the state of contentment that meets the desires of the heart.
ConditionsHappiness does not need any conditions that need to be fulfilled.Satisfaction needs some desires or wishes to be fulfilled to feel satisfied.
EmotionHappiness is an emotion without any conditions of fulfillment. Satisfaction is not an emotion rather a peaceful state of mind.
SynonymsCheerfulness, joy, merriment, pleasure, delight, well-being, bliss, rapture, and exhilaration.Contentment, fulfillment, pride, gratification, reparation, restitution, and appeasement.
AntonymsUnhappiness, sadness, grief, and sorrow.Dissatisfaction, displeasure, and discontent.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is an emotion that can also be categorized as joyfulness, cheerfulness, and pleasure that is incurred at any moment. Happiness is felt then that does not need any specific reason.

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If a person acknowledges how to balance their situations and emotions in all stages of life, there will be a stable balance in happiness in his/her life because he/she knows how to handle things without getting too much indulged in them.

It can be felt when we buy new things in life when we help others, and they are benefitted out of it when things change from a negative form to a positive form.

Happiness can also be of various types, like Hedonia, which is happiness derived from pleasure. It is a form of self-care, experiencing joy and feeling of goodness.


What is Satisfaction?

Satisfaction is the state of contentment where a wish or desire is met. It is not an emotion like Happiness, but when we are satisfied, we feel happy as well.

It is a level of fulfilment, and that necessarily does not mean that it should reflect happiness in ourselves; it can also be felt for what we have done for others as well.

Satisfaction depends on the way a person’s perspective is present. Satisfaction can be felt with the same level of heartfelt fulfilment whenever we think about that particular reason behind satisfaction, even after years.

Satisfaction is a constant feeling, unlike happiness. It is also dependent on the person’s belief. For some, even a meal for the day is satisfying, but for some, even a luxurious dinner is not yet satisfying.


Main Differences Between Happiness and Satisfaction

  1. Happiness sounds like love, joy, bliss, pleasure, and heaven, whereas Satisfaction sounds like contentment, fulfilment, and peacefulness.
  2. Happiness can be destroyed by sorrow, grief, unhappiness, and sadness, whereas Satisfaction can be destroyed by dissatisfaction, discontentment, and displeasure.
Difference Between Happiness and Satisfaction
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Last Updated : 21 August, 2023

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