Difference Between Harman Onyx 3 and Harman Onyx 4

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Music is no less; music plays a vital role in human life music for many purposes like working out, relaxing, or even partying. Music evolved as the instruments and technology that powers the music changed its form.

Today, many studios use the highest quality equipment like the microphone, speakers, headphones, and recording rooms, which has resulted in excellent acoustics music due to the quality instruments.

Making great music is not all the person listening also wants to experience music in a quality way. Therefore, many companies and manufacturers have started making quality headphones and speakers for personal use, resulting in an excellent listening experience.

Many brands are competing today to manufacture the most selling product. Still, Harman is one of the brands that sells and manufactures the bestselling equipment in the studio and personal use equipment.

The Harman Onyx is the best-selling portable speaker, with Onyx 3 and Onyx 4 acing the market and becoming the bestselling products.

Harman Onyx 3 vs Harman Onyx 4

The difference between Harman Onyx 3 and 4 is that the Onyx 4 is much more lightweight in portability and caring; the Onyx 4 weighs 7 pounds, and the onyx 3 weighs at least 7.30 pounds. The Onyx 4 sounds much better with an extraordinary warm base and balanced high and mids, but the onyx three also sounds great with a crisp treble.

Harman Onyx 3 vs Harman Onyx 4

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHarman Onyx 3Harman Onyx 4
MeaningThe Onyx 3 is the best-selling speaker. It offers an excellent sound quality as it has a great set of woofers set in. It also offers excellent built quality with the speaker grill in the front and leather at the back to give an outstanding style.The Onyx 4 is the second bestselling speaker. It offers an excellent sound quality than the onyx three because it offers excellent bass and balances the highs and mids in a significant way; it also provides the same sleek design with leather and speaker grill.
PlaytimeThe Onyx 3 offers 5 hours of playing time in a single charge.The Onyx 4 offers 7 hours of playing time in a single charge.
Bluetooth VersionThe Onyx 3 comes with an older 4.1 version.he Onyx 4 offers the latest 4.2 version.
Special featuresA chain of a total of three speakers can be connected to produce more prominent sounds.A chain of a total of 100 speakers to produce more prominent sounds.
Color OptionsThe Onyx 3 offers two vibrant colors that are purple and blue.The Onyx 4 offers three classic colors that are white, black, and blue.            
Ports offeredIt offers two ports that are one micro-USB for charging and a 3.5mm aux port.It also offers two parallel ports that are one micro-USB port and a 3.5 mm aux port.

What is Onyx 3?

The Harman Onyx 3 is one of the best-selling speakers in the market. It is made out of the best materials that a removable grill in the front and leather padding at the back that acts as anti-slipping material and offers some design to it.

The Onyx 3 offers the old Bluetooth 4.1 version and a mono setup with two woofers and 60 Watts output. The bestselling feature is that it can connect up to 3 speakers simultaneously to make more prominent sounds.

The speakers’ downside is that it does not offer any waterproof system that makes it not portable to beach or pool parties. The speaker also offers a generous 2600 mAh battery that lasts around 5 hours on a single charge.

It also offers two colors to choose from. One is blue, and the other is purple.

onyx studio 3

What is Harman Onyx 4?

The Onyx 4 is the 2nd bestselling speaker but offers more than the onyx 2.

The speakers offer the same building with a leather cushioning pad a non-removable grill; the speakers have better and upgraded woofers that provide the same but yet an excellent 60 Watts output.

The speakers offer the latest 4.2 Bluetooth version with a massive 3000mAh battery that lasts 7 hours in a single charge.

The bestselling feature about the speaker is the stereo setup that can be made when two speakers are joined via the HK Connect app that is only available for the Onyx 4. It can also connect a 100-speaker chain simultaneously that is the most outstanding feature seen in any speaker.

The speaker’s bass quality is better than the Onyx 3, and it offers an outstanding balance between the mids and high that balances the music.

onyx studio 4

Main Differences Between Harman Onyx 3 and Onyx 4

  1. The Onyx 3 offers 2600 mAh lasts 5 hours on a single charge, whereas the Onyx 4 offers a 3000 mAh battery that lasts around 7 hours. 
  2. The Onyx 3 offers the older version of Bluetooth, that is the Bluetooth 4.1 that only enables the connection of 3 speakers at the same time. In contrast, the Onyx 4 uses the latest version that is the Bluetooth 4.2, making it helpful to connect 100 speakers’ chain simultaneously.
  3. Both the speakers offer excellent bass quality, but the Onyx 3 provides a little tight and numb base, whereas the Onyx 4 is not a significant bass upgrade, but it does offer a little punch to the quality. Both speakers provide some great mids and highs, but the Onyx 4 provides a significant frequency in the highs.
  4. The Onyx 4 offers a capability with the HK connect app that enables two speakers to join and provides a stereo setup that is a much better setup than the mono setup. In contrast, the Onyx 3 only offers a mono setup.
  5. The Onyx 3 offers pop colours that are blue and purple, whereas the Onyx 4 offers vibrant and decent colours that are white, black, and blue.



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