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Difference Between Hijab and Khimar

The concept of ​​the hijab and khimar is not exceptionally new. Hijab is a very ancient word.


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Hijab vs Khimar

The difference between hijab and khimar is that hijab is considered as a kind of barrier or a veil from which no one can see you whereas hijab is a cloth that covers the upper part of the body i.e. from the head to the waist. . In the Qur’an, the word hijab is used in a very strict way to denote a veil or a discipline. This concept of Hijab divides one person from another. Khimar is a headscarf. It is written in the scriptures that the headscarf was tied around the hair and tucked around the hair at the back.

Hijab vs Khimar

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The word hijab means a barrier, a division, or a cover, the word has great significance in Islam which includes everything that a woman needs to be submissive or to be disciplined.

Khimar is very different. Khimar is a type of cloth that is used to cover any object. Recently, the term is often used about body coverings.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHijabKhimar
Definition The word hijab portrays the demonstration of concealing by and large however is regularly used to depict the headscarves worn by Muslim ladies.  Khimar is a cloth that covers the top portion of the body which means head to waist.
StylePin it from both sides, bring it towards the chin and bring the scarf from one side to the shoulder and bring it to the other side and widen it forward. The khimar is a headscarf. On scriptural occasions, the headscarf was tied around the hair and tucked around the hair at the back.
TypesHijab is just a scarf that covers head to shoulder.Khimar has many types. One is just covering head to neck, the other one is covering head to shoulder. The length depends on what you prefer for yourself.
Origin wordHijab originated from the Arabic word Al-Hijab which implies the cover that isolates man or the whole world from God.The khimar originated from the three words ‘khamara’, which signifies ‘ghatta’ importance to disguise, stow away, or to cover something. 
UsesHijab is a big word in Islam, Hijab is used for Quranic commands.  Khimar is just a type of cloth that applies to the top covering a pot or container, to any head cover worn by individuals.

What is Hijab?

The term hijab broadly refers to the practice of concealment, although by law it is a scarf used by Muslim women. These scarves come in many styles and shadings.

In the Qur’an, the word hijab is of great importance which denotes a hidden barrier. It is a screen or any likeness thereof that divides one person from another.

In other words, the term hijab is also used to refer to the binding of women that keeps them away from the outside male, and can also be used to include a spiritual measure.

It is very important to note that, when addressing the hijab, In the Qur’an, does not address women first but addresses men first. Islam places an obligatory obligation not on women but on men to notice the hijab.


What is Khimar?

The concept of covering the head is called ‘Khimar’ in the Quran. Khimar begins with three words, which denote to hide, remove or cover something.

Among the women of Jahiliyyah (before Islam) it was considered their culture to wear a headscarf. It was considered a handkerchief-type style of head covering that was wrapped and then thrown backward.

Khimar is an Arabic word meaning “top-covering” and it was new not only to cover women’s heads but also to mean covering other objects.


Main Differences Between Hijab and Khimar

  1. Hijab is not only a scarf but it is used for the orders of the Qur’an whereas Khimar is used to cover things that may be anything.
  2. Khimar is a part of the hijab that is used as a cover. But we cannot count Hijab under Khimar. The importance of the hijab in Islam is considered very great.
Difference Between Hijab and Khimar
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