Difference Between Hilton and Hampton Inn

Both are high-end luxury hotels that offer the guests the best care and hospitality. Despite their similarities and being partners with each other, they have many differences in their prices and various services.


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Hilton vs Hampton Inn

The difference between Hilton and Hampton Inn is that Hilton hotel is more world spread than Hampton Inn and also Hampton Inn offers many exclusive services to the guests that Hilton only limits for their Honor members. Hilton also has the facility of the executive lounge for their guests to use, but Hampton Inn is not capable of doing the same.

Hilton vs Hampton Inn

Hilton hotel is a luxury hotel whose global presence is remarkable. They offer the best hospitality and services.

It offers the best room deals that come with free breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Hampton Inn’s prices are lower than Hilton.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHiltonHampton Inn
Global presence Hilton is available at more places than Hampton Inn.Hampton Inn is situated in lesser places than Hilton and has less of a global presence.
Loyalty program Hilton hotels have loyalty programs called Hilton Honors, and it is free to join.As Hampton Inn is a part of Hilton, people can join Hilton Honors. Hampton Inn does not have any loyalty program of its own.
Executive loungeHilton has an executive lounge, but only its Honors Diamond members can be able to access it.Hampton Inn does not have an executive lounge facility.
Wi-FiHilton only offers their Honors members free Wi-Fi.Hampton Inn offers free Wi-Fi to all.
Free breakfast Only some hotel partners of Hilton offer free breakfast to the guests.Hampton Inn proposes the facility of free breakfast.

What is Hilton?

Hilton Hotels are now known as Hilton Hotels & Resorts. It is a luxury hotel that is spread into the world, and it is very popular for its hospitality and global brand name.

Their loyalty program is named Hilton Honors, and people get much more advantages if they opt for a membership. The basic membership is free.

They bestow exclusive offers plus extravagances to the members such as free Wi-Fi, access to the executive lounge, keyless entry, digital check-in, and the members can also use a mobile application to choose their particular desired room.


What is Hampton Inn?

Hampton by Hilton is counted in the largest hotel franchises in the U.S. It is a luxury hotel but known to be moderately costly.

They offer and accept the loyalty program of Hilton. They offer free Wi-Fi even without the membership, and they are pet friendly too and has separate smoking rooms.

A room with a queen-sized bed in Hampton Inn costs around 240 dollars, and that also includes breakfast in it. Hampton Inn is present in Asia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, South America and the USA.

hampton inn

Main Differences Between Hilton and Hampton Inn

  1. Only some hotel partners of Hilton provide this service, whereas Hampton Inn has the facility of free breakfast everywhere.
  2. Hilton also has the service of the executive lounge for its Honors Diamond members, while on the other hand, Hampton Inn does not have any such service.
Difference Between Hilton and Hampton Inn


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