Hilton vs Hyatt: Difference and Comparison

Hotels can be an important part of a trip to any destination. Moreover, luxurious and affordable hotels at exotic locations providing exclusive services and benefits to loyal members attract travellers while choosing the hotels.

Hilton and Hyatt’s hotels are well-accepted hotel brands in the world that may seem similar, yet both Hilton and Hyatt are extremely different in their policies as well as their services.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hilton and Hyatt are both hotel chains that offer luxury accommodations and services.
  2. Hilton has a larger global presence, with over 6,000 hotels worldwide, while Hyatt has around 1,000.
  3. Hilton offers a wider range of hotel brands, from luxury to budget, while Hyatt focuses on luxury and upscale hotels.

Hilton vs Hyatt

Hilton is a global company that includes a series of luxury hotels around the world, with 18 brands and 6215 properties. It is known for its loyalty program. Hyatt is a series of hotels that are known for their loyalty program with perks like a fitness club, hot breakfast, and pool at a reasonable price.

Hilton vs Hyatt

Hilton Hotels is famous for its loyalty programs. These programs offer unlimited free stays and some travel credits upon sign-up.

The more you stay in hotels and earn points, the more benefits and services you receive. Moreover, Hilton also provides well-equipped services such as airport transfers, meeting rooms, and room service.

Hyatt hotels are different because they offer additional services such as hot breakfast, pool, and fitness club at reasonable prices. Hyatt Hotels also has an excellent location.

This is the reason why many travellers prefer to stay at Hyatt Hotels over any other hotel. Moreover, Hyatt has more pet-friendly hotels.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHiltonHyatt
BranchesIt has 14 branches all over the world.It has 12 branches all over the world.
BreakfastOnly a few hotels offer free breakfast.More hotels offer breakfast.
WifiHilton only offers free wifi to their members.Hyatt offers free wifi for everyone.
Loyalty programHilton Honors loyalty program.World of Hyatt loyalty program.
Cancellation PolicyCancellation should be done within 24 hours.Cancellation cannot be done within 24 hours.
Pet-friendlinessHilton has only a few pet-friendly hotels.Hyatt has more pet-friendly hotels.

What is Hilton?

Hilton Hotels is best known for its loyalty programs. Hilton offers unlimited free stays and some travel credits upon sign-up for their loyal customers.

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Moreover, points can be earned by every stay at Hilton Hotels, and more benefits and services can be achieved.

Hilton Honors is a loyalty program that was launched by Hilton, although it is not available in all their hotels. The Hilton Honors membership can be achieved after 10 stays per year.

Moreover, it will be upgraded after every stay.

The Hilton Honors exclusive members get benefits such as late checkout, free access to fitness centres, free continental breakfasts, free snacks, guaranteed discounts, free wifi, and free access to the executive floor lounge.

Hilton’s other factors, such as the services offered by the hotel and its mesmerizing location, impact a customer’s decision to stay in a Hilton hotel over other hotels.

Most people choose Hilton Hotels over those of other companies because they trust the brand name and reputation the company has gained.

Moreover, the reason for this is that people know that Hilton Hotels are well-equipped with services such as airport transfers, meeting rooms, pool, fitness club, and room service.


What is Hyatt?

Hyatt hotels are enchanting, captivating, and unique from other hotels because they offer additional services such as hot breakfast, airport transfers, meeting rooms, room services, a pool, and a fitness club at very reasonable prices.

Hyatt hotels are mostly located in a bewitching and excellent location; moreover, it is one of the main reasons why many customers prefer to stay at Hyatt hotels over other ones, despite the higher cost than other hotels.

Hyatt is well-known for its loyalty programs. Moreover, Hyatt offers free night stays, complimentary elite nights, cancellation insurance, and travel credits upon joining the loyalty programs.

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The loyalty program was launched by Hyatt and is best known as the world of Hyatt loyalty program. Hyatt also has more pet-friendly hotels than any other hotel.

The world of Hyatt’s loyalty program can be achieved by earning points while staying at Hyatt hotels. Moreover, after every stay at Hyatt Hotels, the tier is upgraded.

The most benefits can be achieved by becoming an elite member of Hyatt Hotels.

The world of Hyatt elite members get benefits such as free wifi, complimentary continent breakfasts, late checkouts, early check-ins, complimentary elite night credits, annual free night stays, travel protections, cancellation insurance, and luggage protections.


Main Differences Between Hilton and Hyatt

  1. Hilton is found to have 14 branches all over the world, whereas Hyatt is found to have 12 branches all over the world.
  2. Hilton only offers free wifi to their members, whereas Hyatt offers free wifi to every loyal customer.
  3. Only a few Hilton hotels offer free breakfast, whereas most of the Hyatt hotels offer free breakfast.
  4. Hilton has only a few pet-friendly hotels, whereas Hyatt has more pet-friendly hotels.
  5. Hilton offers cancellation of rooms within 24 hours, whereas Hyatt rooms cannot be cancelled within 24 hours.
  6. Hilton Honors is the loyalty program offered by Hilton, whereas World of Hyatt is the loyalty program offered by Hyatt.
Difference Between Hilton and Hyatt
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Last Updated : 30 August, 2023

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  1. The difference in the number of hotels and countries where they are established is significant, this article shows it excellently.

  2. It is surprising how different both chains are in terms of the services and benefits they offer, it is important to consider these differences before choosing a hotel.

  3. It is interesting that both are luxury chains, yet they focus on different services and benefits to attract clients.


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