Difference Between HK416 and MR556

Assault rifles gained their place in the public market mainly after World War II. An assault rifle is what uses an interposed cartridge and a magazine that can be detached, therefore, it is also known as a Fire rifle.


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With brilliant features and power, the assault rifles are highly capable of replacing fully-powered rifles and the machine guns. They have a relation with Adolf Hitler, who used the term “assault rifle” for publicity purposes.

Selective fire is a feature that these rifles have, which means that the rifle is capable of being adjusted to various firing modes. It also comes with a cartridge that has muzzle energy somewhere less as compared to the battle rifles, but more than the pistols.

The go-to assault rifles dor most people are the AR15 and the M16. Although they are quite affordable, they fail to stand at par in satisfying their needs.

Two of the precise, powerful and reliable assault rifles that cost a lot more are the HK416 and the MR556. The features they have and the output they provide, are all worth the price point they come with.

HK416 vs MR556

The difference between HK416 and MR556 is that MR556 is the Civilian variant of the HK416. HK416 has a fully-automated Fire control system, whereas, MR556 does not contain an automatic system, rather has a traditional one.

HK416 vs MR556

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonHK416MR556
LaunchHK416 was first launched in 2004. MR556 was launched as the Civilian variant of the HK416 in 2009.
Fore-endIt comes with a free-float quad rail system along with an integrated folding at the fore-end. While it comes with the free-float rail system and a keyhole at the fore-end.
WeightIt weighs about 6.5 pounds.It is heavier and weighs about 8.6 pounds.
Barrel LengthIt comes with either a 10.4-inch, 14.5-inch, 16.5-inch or 20-inch barrel. Whereas it only has a 16.5-inch barrel.
Barrel ProfileThe barrel is chrome-lined and weighs less. The barrel here is heavier and is differently aligned.
Gas Block SystemIt has an automatic Gas block system. While it does not have an automatic system; has a traditional Gas system.
Bolt GroupIt does not have a newer version of the bolt group. It comes with a newer bolt group.
Fire Control System It has a fully-automated Fire control system. Whereas it is not capable of firing automatically.

What is HK416?

The HK416 is a German-based assault rifle developed and manufactured by Heckler and Koch. It has a design based on the AR15 rifle.

The rifle is equipped with some extremely remarkable features. It weighs about 6.5 pounds and comes with four barrel variants having lengths of 10.4-inch, 14.5-inch, 16.5-inch or 20-inch.

Along with all these features, HK416 is also equipped with an automatic Gas system. The gas system is a short-stroke system acquired from the HK G36.

Several countries including Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany and many others have accepted the variants of HK426 as their primary weapon.

In addition to all this, high quality built and the presence of the free-float quadrant rail in them offer an option to make use of the common accessories like sites, scopes and lights with the rifle. HK416 is highly reliable and is perfect for meeting the needs.


What is MR556?

The MR556 is a Civilian variant of the HK416. It is also an assault rifle built by Heckler and Koch, introduced at the SHOT Show in 2009.

The rifle weighs about 8.6 pounds, the increase in its weight is due to its traditional Gas system which is quite heavy. Also, the barrels are heavier and have a length of 16.5-inch.

There is a modular free-float rail system present in the MR556, along with an OSS compensator. The system requires the use of no extra tools for its installation or removal.

The barrel in MR556 is not profiled in a chrome-line, unlike the HK416. This is a plus point as it makes the accuracy of the rifle free from any effect.

The MR556 is designed for delivering high-range performance in arduous conditions too. It is equipped with a two-stage trigger and a long charging handle, which makes it easier to handle altogether.


Main Differences Between HK416 and MR556

  1. MR556 is a Civilian variant of the HK416.
  2. MR556 weighs more.
  3. The barrel of HK416 is chrome-lined, while not in MR556.
  4. HK416 has an automatic Gas system, while MR556 has a traditional one.
  5. Only the HK416 is able to fire automatically.



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