Human vs Computer: Difference and Comparison

Human has a brain that lets them decide what they want to do. A Computer is a machine that needs an operating system for executing any operation.

Key Takeaways

  1. Humans are living organisms capable of independent thought and decision-making, while computers are electronic devices that perform tasks according to programmed instructions.
  2. Humans possess emotions and physical sensations, while computers do not.
  3. Humans can learn and adapt to new situations, while computers require programming and cannot think outside their programming.

Human vs Computer

A human is a biological being, part of the Homo sapiens species, characterized by having a highly developed brain and the ability to reason, communicate, create, and experience emotions. A computer is an electronic device that can perform various operations automatically based on instructions from a user or a program. It consists of hardware components.

Human vs Computer

Human has a brain which thinks and creative things born. It has the power to make decisions. Humans have more efficient than a computer. A

A Computer is a machine that needs software to execute any action. It requires a high speed for processing. It is a serial machine, and it works digitally.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHumanComputer
DefinitionA living soul with mind and body who breathes air and eats food for survival.A machine that needs electricity and an operating system.
Number of usersOne user at a timeMulti-user at a time
Execution partBrainOperating System
SpeedDifferent at different timeHigh every time
Growing FactorAge, heightVersions of software

What is Human?

A living person who breathes to survive is called a human. Humans have a brain which helps them make decisions and do all sorts of work depending on their environment.

Humans are single users of the brain. No one else can use their brain to do their work.

Humans have their speed, and it cannot increase. Humans have emotions and feelings.

Humans can feel the nature of the person through others’ words. Humans have various gender, due to which they can be distinguished and have different body structures.

Human has different languages to speak. Humans can listen to others.

Humans tend to forget things that are not useful to them. Humans can think about everything, which makes them able to make decisions.


What is Computer?

A Computer is a machine that needs an operating system. This can do multiple things at a particular time.

This machine is digital. This machine requires an operating system.

Computers are not born, but Humans invent them.

Computers need to update with a new version so that speed is not affected. They cannot do the work independently; instead, it requires input so that output is successful.

A Computer cannot be creative. It needs some code or command for implementation. A Computer can only understand binary language.

The Computer has a larger space to store all sorts of things. Computers have no thinking capability.


Main Differences Between Humans and Computer

  1. A Human is not a machine, whereas a Computer is a machine.
  2. Human has a brain, but computer has an operating system.
  3. Humans can do their work independently, but a computer needs a command to complete a task.
Difference Between Human and Computer
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