Difference Between Imax 3D and Digital 3D

The form of entertainment has evolved a lot within years at the very first television saw a go to for many people but the quality wasn’t very good as the tv was enclosed within a s wooden box with a Small screen and not so good speaker quality but TVs were owned by the rich class.


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Many European countries followed a regime of collective book reading where the most educated person would read aloud book to the illiterate class and other classes followed by hard liquor drinks but this suddenly faded when the literacy rate rose.

The history of theatre could be traced back to 1895 when the 1st theatre was invented in France where people sat in a room in front of a big screen and good audio quality and paid some money in order to sit there and watch movies communally.

Since then, the theatre has evolved to a lot of extent in terms of sitting capacity, quality of seats arrangement but the most evolved thing is the experience the theatre as seen a major rise of audience with the introduction of 3D cinema causing an illusion of things coming out of the screen with that the 3D cinema evolved and upgraded.

Imax 3D vs Digital 3D

The difference between Imax 3D and Digital 3D is that the Imax 3d offers a relatively bigger screen experience but the digital 3d offers a relatively small screen it can be projected onto a bigger screen but that can result in pixels blurring also Imax 3d and digital 3d both offers different equipment usage and making digital 3d available into smaller devices making transportation easier than the Imax 3d.

Imax 3D vs Digital 3D

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonImax 3DDigital 3D
MeaningImax 3D is a new and great way of watching movies with more giant screens and excellent and superb audio quality that offers an excellent and advanced experience than the regular theatre. Digital 3D was established to give the user, experience of stepping into the movies; they offer the experience of what is happening in the movie.
Screen SizeThe Imax 3d offers a relatively bigger screen size, therefore great for large theatre.The digital 3d offers a small screen size as it is usually made for smaller theatre.
No of ProjectorsThe Imax 3D requires the projection of 2 projectors.Digital 3d only requires the projection of a projector like in the case of standard projection.
Audio QualityThe Imax 3D offers perfect quality as they use high tech speakers.The digital 3d has a top-notch sound quality as it has to make a real-life experience.
Polarizing FormatThe Imax 3d uses a linear polarization meaning a lot of head tilting or movement can distort the 3d image. It is called a straight movie experience.The digital 3d uses circular polarization, meaning movement or tilting will not cause any distortion in the image that several people also prefer.
Lens UsedThe Imax 3d projectors use a curved polarization lens.The digital 3d uses a straight polarized lens.
AvailabilityThe Imax 3d is available in a vast number with over 2000 theatre in over 80 countries.Digital 3d theatre is comparatively less and is also not available in many countries

What is Imax 3D?

Imax 3d is the new way of watching and experience the movie with feeling of the objects actually stepping out of the screen which is usually used in action movies like sticks and rocks following here and there.

This is possible when two projectors, projects the film one over the another to create double picture which is then viewed with special 3d glasses. This picture is in the analog format and is further converted to digital mode.

Also known as the straight movie watching as it uses linear polarization meaning any kind of movement or tilting ca cause distortion in the image.

This kind of movie recording also requires a special camera and lenses that uses a Christine 2k lens that double the standard 1080p HD giving viewers the best quality with the best sound quality.

Moreover, Imax has more than 20,000 there within 80 countries.

imax 3d

What is Digital 3D?

Also known as the any direction movie experience as these movies uses a circular polarization meaning any tilting or shifting do not cause any distortion.

The reason that the digital 3d uses a circular polarization is that the main motive of digital 3d is to make the viewer feeling of actually stepping in the movie so sometimes the seats are also movable for particular scene therefore constant movement is seen as a result it uses circular polarization.

These movies are already recorded in the digital format so no any alterations are further required making the transportation easier as the whole equipment has no to be transported.

Moreover, these movie recording uses a different camera setup and a lens for digital 3d recording. These uses a Sony 4k polarized digital lens that results in great color saturation and results in a 4k movie meaning it is 4 times the actual 1080p experience.

These digital 3d there are projected onto small screen with a smaller number of space and the theatre are usually not available in many countries.

digital 3d

Main Differences Between Imax 3D and Digital 3D

  1. The Imax 3d uses a linear projection or straight film experience meaning any kind of tilting or large movement can lead to distortion of the image and the 3d experience whereas he digital 3d uses a circular image projection or the any face theatre experience as any tilting or movement do not cause distortion the movie and the viewer.
  2. The digital 3d is already in the digital mode as the equipment’s and camera used are relatively different that is able to convert making the transportation easier by courier as no further alteration are required whereas the Imax 3d uses an analog mode and has to be converted further that makes the transportation difficult as the whole equipment has to be transported.
  3. The Imax 3d offers the user with a great audio quality to give the full 3d experience as they use great audio equipment’s whereas the digital 3d offers an outstanding quality as the main motive of digital 3d is to provide the actual experience of stepping in the film.
  4. The Imax 3d uses a large 3d glasses that projects a large whereas the digital 3d uses a small glass that serves lower audience.
  5. The Imax 3d uses a christie 2k lens that is the double of standard 1080p that projects bright 3d images and high contrast color whereas the digital 3d uses a Sony 4k lens that has a built in 3d lens that projects 4 times the 1080 p HD.



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