Infinity Insurance vs Geico: Difference and Comparison

Insurance companies provide various services to its customer, which helps in one or other ways. They have all the coverage and offers. While some have better rates, others have different coverages and customer services.


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Such two popular insurance companies in the United States are Infinity Insurance and Geico. Based on their coverage, and rates, they are being rated by the customers. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Infinity Insurance is a regional insurance company that operates in a limited number of states, while Geico is a national insurance company with operations in all 50 states.
  2. Infinity Insurance specializes in non-standard auto insurance, while Geico offers a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, and life insurance.
  3. While both companies offer online and phone-based customer service, Geico has a larger customer service network with physical offices in many locations.

Infinity Insurance vs Geico

Infinity Insurance is a company that specializes in providing non-standard auto insurance to drivers who may have difficulty getting coverage from other insurance providers due to factors such as a poor driving record or a lack of credit history. GEICO is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States and offers a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, and life insurance.

Infinity Insurance vs Geico

Infinity Insurance is headquartered in Alabam, US. Their parent organization is Kemper. They are one of the leading insurance companies in the United States.

They bring affordable and personalized solutions through their Auto, Personal, valuables, and Life insurance. They have approx 30000 agents and brokers representing them and services approx 6.2 million policies.

Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and founded by David Lloyd George. Geico is more popular than Grange Insurance and has been around for 80 years.

It is a bit more expensive than Grange and has limited liability coverages in the States. Geico is highly rated for its offers and its auto insurance services. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonInfinity InsuranceGeico
ServicesIt provides insurance products for auto, life, health, and valuables and services approx 6.2 million policies.It provides car insurance and other insurance such as motorcycle, life, flood, identity, Jewelry, commercial auto, etc.
Insurance ratesInfinity offers good prices for ones who have bad credits but less than Geico.Offering better prices for drivers who have credit scores less than 580, Geico is best for those having bad credits.
About themHeadquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, the US, it has non-standard car insurances for drivers who pay higher rates for coverage and represent higher than normal risk.Headquartered in  Chevy Chase, Maryland, doesn’t rely on independent agents and follow direct-to-customer sales model to provide superior services to their customers.
Additional discountsProvides discount for registering the policy account profile account.Provides discount for federal employees on vehicles with daytime running lights.
Roadside AssistanceCovering up to 5 disablements within 12 month period, Infinity has 24-hour roadside assistance.Request service using the Geico mobile app for any kind of roadside emergency, such as if you need to tow, have a dead battery, or are locked out.

What is Infinity Insurance?

Infinity Insurance provides services such as Life, Personal, Health brand, and Auto insurance and employs over 9500 associates for providing exceptional services in the US.

It was founded in 2002, and Kemper is its parent organization which is the 13th largest car insurance company. They are represented by more than 30000 agents and brokers.

They provide additional discounts for those who register for an online policy account profile.

Apart from these, They cover up to 5 disablements in 12 months and have 24 hours of roadside assistance.

They also provide car insurance of non-standard type for those who pay high rates for comparable coverage and fall in the higher risks group.

Several discounts are given by Infinity, such as Paid in full discounts, vehicle safety accounts, paperless discounts, good student discounts, safe driver discounts, etc. They mainly depend on the state and vary according to them.

Also, their mobile app is helpful for customers and allows them to view id cards, make payments and helps in finding repair shops.

What is Geico?

Geico is a retail insurance company founded in 1936. It offers car insurance with other insurances like flood, identity, overseas, motorcycle, general liability, commercial auto insurance, etc.

They are much more popular than Grange Insurance and have a wide range of offers and services. The liability service provided by Geico is limited in some states.

Even if the vehicle doesn’t have collision coverage, they can still get the vehicle fixed. They are offering services in more than 18,000 locations in the US.

They have little high prices, but they also have some rates which have more coverage at less cost. They depend from location to location.

It is the second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the US. It has more than 40,000 associates and 17 major offices around the country.

geico 1

Main Differences Between Infinity Insurance and Geico

  1. Infinity Insurance offers 24-hour road assistance, which covers 5 disablements within 12 months and is available for towing to the nearest facility for repair, whereas Geico offers road assistance through a mobile app service where you can request service, and they will assist them in any kind of Emergency Roadside services.
  2. Infinity has offers and additional discounts for registering policy account profiles online in most of the states, whereas Geico has additional discounts for federal employees and also policy features of accident forgiveness.
  3. Infinity provides non-standard car insurance to drivers who have to pay higher rates for coverage and who represent a higher risk than normal, whereas Geico provides exceptional services along with superior coverage for customers using their direct-to-customer sales model.
  4. Service is provided for approx 6.2 million policies, Infinity Insurance offers insurance for health, valuables, auto, and life, whereas Geico provides car insurance and other insurance such as motorcycle, life, flood, identity, Jewelry, commercial auto, etc.
  5. Infinity Insurance is Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, US, and was founded in 2002, whereas Geico is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Mary Land and was founded in 1936.

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