Difference Between Insure and Ensure

The primary difference between Insure and Ensure is the involvement of a written agreement between the concerned parties.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Insure relates to financial protection, specifically providing coverage against potential loss through insurance policies.
  2. Ensure means to make certain or guarantee that something will happen or be the case.
  3. Usage is context-dependent: “insure” in financial situations, while “ensure” relates to certainty in various contexts.

Insure vs Ensure

The difference between Insure and Ensure is that the meaning of insurance is to make a contract with a company to provide compensation in case of loss of an asset, in exchange for a fee per month or another periodic settlement; whereas to ensure is only to make a verbal or mental resolution to perform an act, prevent an action from taking place, achieving a goal or providing something to another.

Insure vs Ensure

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Insuring an asset involves an insurance company whose purpose is to make it easy for a customer if a loss has occurred by paying for the damages.

Hence, this act of insurance is considered a necessity in financial matters to avoid major setbacks in case of an accident or a similar disaster.

Insurance provides financial security, whereas ensuring to do something provides mental satisfaction that a specific responsibility or task will be taken care of in a certain way by a particular party.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonInsureEnsure
Literal meaningProtecting an asset in case of lossConfirming an act, in favour of or against
GuaranteeActual guarantee, in the form of a contractVirtual guarantee, in the form of verbal promise or intention
UseWhen providing contractual fiscal assuranceWhen providing metaphorical assurance
LiabilityOn insurance companyNo one
ContextUsed for financial mattersUsed for general matters


What is Insure?

Insure means to protect against any contingency in the future. In fiscal terms, it is the act of paying a company a certain amount of money periodically over a certain period of time to make sure that compensation is made in case of an accident or loss of wealth, property, health or life.

Insure cannot be used as just an intent for protection; instead, it is a contractual arrangement between two parties that seal the deal regarding the payment of repair in case of possible damage. For example,

‘John had his car insured as soon as purchasing.’

Here, ‘Insuring’ is the act of making a contract with an insurance company for the protection of his vehicle by John.

It means that if, in case of an accident, his car is damaged or the driver or passengers are injured, the insurance company will compensate and provide payment for damage repair and hospital charges for the treatment of the people involved.

It is a legally bound association between the customer and the company.


What is Ensure?

Ensure means to make sure an act or deed. It is basically used as an intention to confirm that a particular action will be taken against or for accomplishing an objective.

It can also be used to assure protection against risk; however, it does not imply that compensation is provided for it in case of loss. It is just a resolution to make sure or not let something happen.

For example,

‘John ensured all necessary registrations of his car as soon as purchasing.’

Here, ‘Ensuring’ is the act of making sure that John himself completes all registrations for his vehicle.

This act does not involve another party and bears no liability on anyone if the task was not actually completed.

It is John’s personal agenda to get all registrations settled for his car, and with his own effort, he has taken all necessary steps to get it done. Once the task is over, it is not to be paid for by anyone.

ensure 1

Main Differences Between Insure and Ensure

  1. Insure means to issue an insurance policy regarding the matter of an asset, whereas ensuring means to make an intention to accomplish a task.
  2. Both could imply protection against contingency; however, insuring would also provide compensation for loss, whereas ensuring will only be an effort to avoid such a loss.
  3. Ensure is used for all types of confirmations, whether in favour of a task or against or for provision or protection; however, ensure is limited for use in a financial arrangement between parties to confirm a company’s liability in exchange for a periodic fee.
  4. Insuring something would bear legal consequences in case of events happening against the insurance; however, ensuring something is only a verbal promise and can only account for a person’s inability to achieve a specific goal.
  5. Insuring involves payment of fees and a legal obligation, whereas ensuring is merely an act of resolve which does not require any fee or legal action post it.
Difference Between Insure and Ensure
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