Difference Between Intranet and Extranet

Many tools are used for distributing information; the first tool that comes to mind is the internet. The advantage of the internet is not hidden from anyone, it is the base of today’s world, and there is nothing that can be searched or communicated with people using this tool.


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But the major disadvantage of the internet is that it is a type of public tool, which means everyone has access to this, and then in case of some private information shared between professionals cannot be done using the internet. To overcome this, there are other types of tools for sharing information.

Intranet and extranet are tools used for sharing information. Following are details along with the differences between both of these tools that will help understand them.

Intranet vs Extranet

The difference between Intranet and extranet is that Intranet is limited to a few connectors that are only an internal part of the organization (employees, telephone dictionaries, etc.), only one organization is responsible for managing and owning this tool, whereas the extranet is used for both internal and external members of the organization (sending email, access data, checking statuses), more than one organization can also manage and owned this tool also it has more connections. Intranet uses higher-level security for sharing the information as the information can be private and crucial while extranet is comparatively had medium-level security. Other differences between both of these tools are mentioned below.

Intranet vs

Intranet is a network owned by private organizations for sharing information among its members. It not only serves the purpose of sharing information but also includes many other computing services. It is owned and managed by a single organization that has access to only internal members of the organization. It has a higher level of security and is derived from the internet. It is used for sharing information in a small area and to maintain the secrecy and privacy of the content being shared.

An extranet is also another network tool used by private organizations for computing services and sharing information. It is owned by single or multiple organizations and has access to more members that also include some of the external members, for example, debenture and shareholders of the organization. It is further derived from the Intranet, as it has more reach and covers a relatively larger area. It is also secure and maintains the privacy of the information shared.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIntranetExtranet
Information distributed organizationsSingle organizationSingle or multiple organizations
Network areaSmallComparatively large
AccessibilityInternal members onlyInternal and external members
OwnershipSingle ownershipMultiple ownership
Security levelHigherMedium

What is Intranet?

It is mainly used to convey messages or information in the organization among its workers. Following are some of the advantages of Intranet:

  1. Cost: cost of this tool used for circulating information in the organization is low. Therefore, it also makes the membership fees are low. Further, there is not any important maintenance and printing cost included in this. Therefore it is an economically friendly option.
  2. Accessibility: by using the intranet, workers did not have to be 24 hours in front of their computers for getting the data or any other information. Hence, it provides easy access to organizational data.
  3. Security: it is among one of the safest options for professional communication among the people working in the organization. The access to the information is not given to any third party but only the members who maintain the privacy and secrecy of data.
  4. Intra-personal communication: as mentioned above, it is clear how it contributes to professional communication, but along with this, it also promotes a social environment among people in the organization by promoting intrapersonal communication. Therefore, people working together can bond with each other.

Along with the above advantages, it also has other advantages such as time savings, coordinated effort, dynamic nature, profitability, etc.

What is Extranet?

This tool is used in several organizations for several purposes. It is being used more due to its following advantages:

  1. Communication: an extranet is a tool that allows communication on a large scale between multiple organizations and their external members. This communication is important to make a balance between internal and external members so that the organization can work efficiently.
  2. Flexibility: communication process is not limited to the working hours of the organizations. This process can take place anytime and anywhere. This makes the process of circulating or communicating information more flexible.
  3. Efficiency: there is no third party or tool involved in the process of communicating and other data-related activity, which makes the organization work more efficiently.
  4. Security: maintaining a professional relationship between different members in the organization is very important and that also without violating the privacy and secrecy of the organization. The extranet is exactly the tool that is the safest place that serves this purpose.
  5. Reduce Errors: this tool reduces errors such as any misunderstanding between suppliers and their customers, stakeholders, and working members in the organization. Therefore to work properly, it is important to keep a check on these errors.

Main Differences Between Intranet and Extranet

  1. Both of these are used for sharing information. For sharing the information in the organization tool used is the Intranet, whereas the when the information has to be shared between internal and external members tool used in the extranet. It also means that the Intranet is only limited to spreading the information among the internal members, while the extranet is not limited to the internal member but is also used for external members.
  2. They are owned by organizations. The difference is in the number of organizations they are owned by. Intranet is owned by one organization, while one or more than one organization can own the tool extranet. This also implies that one organization is responsible for managing the Intranet while many organizations are responsible for managing the extranet.
  3. In both of them, security is installed. In Intranet, it is installed through a firewall, whereas in the extranet, the main motive for installing the security is to separate the Intranet and extranet.
  4. In terms of connected devices, the Intranet has fewer or comparatively fewer numbers of devices connected with the tool, whereas the extranet has relatively more connected devices with the tool.
  5. Intranet is a type of private network in an organization, while extranet is also a type of private network, but it is also used for distributing the public network among customers and suppliers.
  6. Intranet is inspired to derived from internet whereas the Intranet is further responsible for the introduction of the extranet.
  7. An example of the Intranet is WIPRO using the internal network, and an example of an extranet is DELL using the network for business-related information.
Difference Between Intranet and


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