Difference Between iPhoto Album and Smart Album

Taking pictures and organizing them is not an easy task. With the help of some software, the process can be done simply. For Apple users, the iPhoto album is in-built in them, which makes it convenient for organizing images and events. For other users, people can use a smart album that will automatically compile images from your gallery. 

iPhoto Album vs Smart Album

The main difference between iPhoto Album and Smart Album is that iPhoto is used for organizing events and images according to the user preference. The smart album is used for maintaining a powerful album that is used by photographers. iPhoto album is available only for Apple users. While smart album’s interface and preview options are very bad. 

iPhoto Album and Smart Album

iPhoto Album lets the user easily drag images and compile those images from events. It also allows them to manually add instructions. Users can set distinctions for their images in the folder by using ratings and keywords. One downside of the iPhoto album is deleting the images. Once you delete the image, it will still be available on google drive

The smart album will automatically gather photos in your library that meet specific criteria and then display those photos. If you are finding it uncomfortable. Then you can deactivate that account by following some simple steps. You need to choose help and click on license activation, which will be available in the top menu. Then, you can click the deactivate option, which will deactivate it. 

Comparison Table Between iPhoto Album and Smart Album

Parameters of ComparisoniPhoto AlbumSmart Album
Image settingsIt allows the user to drag and compile images using eventsIt allows the user to set conditions automatically
AdvantagesIt provides support to high-end tools like photoshopIt is easy to design in a smart album
DisadvantagesIt is only limited to the Apple ecosystemInterface and image preview are bad
DefinitionIt is used to organize images in events according to the user preferenceIt is a simple and powerful album built for photographers

What is iPhoto Album?

It is used for organizing images in events based on their preference. It is considered as the popular software application developed by Apple company. It is user-friendly, as it allows you to edit and can easily organize the already stored digital images and videos. Even people who are new to this field can easily edit the images. It has various options which help the newbie editor to edit videos in one go. When people buy MacBook, they will get an iPhoto album in that.

Every PC produced it from early 2002. Users can easily import images from different sources such as scanned images, images burned from CDs, images from the internet, and taken from a digital camera. You can utilize the images in whatever format you want. Even though it has these many features, but it does not have any extended features which are available in adobe creative suites. While organizing the images allows two options called events and albums.

It allows users to organize the images in a more convenient way for locating and accessing related images. Users can upload different images on their personal websites for some reason. Later they can create a new album and move all those images in this new album. It makes the work that simple. Incorporating ratings and keywords in the album allows users to easily sort the images whenever they want without any difficulties. 

What is Smart Album?

It is a simple album builder used by photographers. They offer free trial options for their users. For this free trial, you need not enter your credit card details. You can simply give your details and start the free trial. It is a good way to collect items that are based on attributes. It doesn’t matter whether the picture is inherent to itself or not. Or adding information based on the keywords. All these options are available in the smart album.

It allows you to slice your library in many endless different ways. When you delete an album in the smart album, it will be deleted from the organizing framework. It does not matter whether the photos are static or smart. Everything will be still available in the library untouched. It is very simple to create an album in the smart album. All you need to do is choose a file and then select a new smart album. It will create a new album.

You need to define the rules and create keywords for your album. Once you have chosen everything, you need to click Ok. Now you can start with your work. Editing it is also very easy. You need to select the album that you want to edit. Then select the file and then select edit smart album. This will allow you to edit the album. There are plenty of conditions available, and you can choose one of them according to your choice and requirements. 

Main Differences Between iPhoto Album and Smart Album

  1. iPhoto is used for organizing images and events that are preferred by the user. On the other hand, the smart album is a powerful album mainly built for photographers.
  2. Deleting an album in iPhoto will store them in the drive. On the other hand, deleting an album in the smart album will store them in the library instead of deleting it permanently.
  3.  iPhoto album was first introduced by the Apple company in 2002. On the other hand, the smart album was first introduced in 1995.
  4. The image settings in the iPhoto album allow the user to compile and drag images. On the other hand, in the smart album, the image set can be done by the user automatically.
  5.  The downside of using the iPhoto Album is it is available only for Apple users. On the other hand, the downside of the smart album is the interface, and the preview option will be bad. 


Both this software is useful, but it is not that effective as the paid ones. The paid ones like adobe creative suites are much more convenient and have extra features in them. But people who are using iPhones and MacBooks can use this, as they can use them without paying any extra money. People who are new to the field of editing also find this useful.

Smart albums also pick images randomly from your gallery and create an album. It is available on many android phones. You can even add and delete albums easily without learning any extra features. Everything is simple for people who are amateur editors and want to gain some experience before entering into the field of editing. 


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