iPod vs MP3: Difference and Comparison

iPods and MP3 players have been famous for the last two decades as people listen to songs using these media players. In the early 2000s, there wasn’t internet in all parts of the world and people used to store music in these music players by buying them from shops or by transferring them using Bluetooth.

Key Takeaways

  1. iPod is a specific brand of digital music player, while MP3 is a generic term for any digital music player.
  2. iPod is exclusively compatible with iTunes software, while MP3 players can be used with different software programs.
  3. iPod offers more features and functionality compared to MP3 players.

iPod vs MP3

The difference between iPods and MP3 players is iPods are music players invented, manufactured, and marketed by Apple Inc., the company which manufactures iPhones, while MP3 players are generally portable music players that convert music from digital signals to analog signals. Only then can the users hear music in an MP3 music player.

iPod vs MP3

Since iPods are manufactured and marketed by Apple, the customers trust the iPods and their durability. The sense of security is associated with the name of the brand. One of the key features provided by iPods is iTunes. iTunes was one of the first major music stores where one could music buy music at low prices.

While MP3 players are portable music players, these devices were specially designed for patented formats for digital music. They are designed in such a way that even if the music is compressed to reduce the amount of data stored, the music still sounds the same. One key feature these players provide is the FM radio, which many old-school people prefer to date.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniPodMP3
Parent Company Manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. MP3 players are manufactured and marketed by many companies in the market like Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, etc.
Software Used The iPods are designed beautifully by the company and are run by the iTunes software. Software like Napster and Zune Marketplace mostly run MP3 players.
Storage capacity The storage capacity varies from 2GB to 160GB. The storage capacity varies from 2GB to 28GB.
Price Range Since it is discovered by Apple, they are a little costly but provide a wide range of features too. They are available at reasonable rates and are easily accessible.
Features They support features like step-tracker, transfer, and viewing of videos, social media, etc.They provide features like FM Radio, expanding memory slots, audio streaming, and equalization options.

What is iPod?

iPods are music players designed by Apple Inc., and since the company is known for its quality products, people go on to buy them with their eyes closed. The iPods are famous to date in this modern era of smartphones and the internet. It is just that some people like to be authentic when it comes to listening to music, and smartphones might bring some hindrance.

iPods were first manufactured on 23rd October 2001, when the company launched its first Macintosh version of iTunes. Since then, these devices have been famous for the exclusive music provided at the iTunes store, which users can buy at a reasonable rate.

The different iPods, such as iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, etc., have varying storage capacities, starting from 2GB to 160 GB. As of 2019, the company produces only the iPod touch (Gen7). The iPod Touch is no less than a smartphone as it has almost all the features of a smartphone, whether it comes to calls, transfer of music, photos, videos, step-tracker, and even social media.

One thing that an iPod falls short of is the support for FM Radio, which many people still prefer as it sometimes gives the real feeling of those retro songs. They also do not support expandable memory slots and file types like Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Waveform Audio (WAV).


What is MP3?

MP3 players are portable music players that store, organize and play music files. These devices store music in the form of digital signals, and when the audio is played, the music is converted from binary digital signals to analog or audio signals.

The history of mp3 players goes back to 1997 when the company Saehan Information System sold their first portable media player MPMan F10. At that time, these players had a storage capacity of 32 to 64MB, which could store a maximum of 6-10 songs. At the end of 1999, several new mp3 players were launched with 5 to 28 GB storage capacity.

Most mp3 audio players store the music files in mp3 format; some store the files in WMA, WAV, or MIDI form. The music can also be compressed to reduce the files’ size, but the music’s quality remains the same. They commonly have a USB port that allows the users to connect their earphones or headphones.

Some of the unique features supported by an mp3 player are the FM radio, options for expanding the memory slots, making your playlist, and equalization options. We don’t have to buy music from any store like, unlike iPods. Also, the files can be transferred from anywhere, whether a PC, desktop, or mobile phone.


Main Differences Between iPod and MP3

  1. To listen to music on iPods, the music has to be bought from iTunes, while the music can be transferred from any device in the case of MP3 players.
  2. iPod is manufactured by a specific brand called Apple, while several brands can manufacture MP3 players.
  3. iPods support many features simultaneously, such as the transfer of photos, videos, etc., which is impossible in an MP3 player.
  4. iPods lack the features of expanding memory slots, while memory slots of MP3 players can be expanded.
  5. iPods have a scrolling wheel which makes the device handy, while MP3s do not provide any scrolling wheel.
Difference Between iPod and MP3
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