iPod Touch 2G vs 3G: Difference and Comparison

The launch of the iPod has revolutionized the listening format. The concept of how users consume music has changed.

The parent company has sold more than 400 million units of iPods, since its release.

The device is highly demanded in the market. iPod has two most popular models: iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch 3G.

Key Takeaways

  1. The iPod Touch 3G has a faster processor and more RAM than the 2G model, providing better performance.
  2. iPod Touch 3G offers higher storage capacities than the 2G version, up to 64GB.
  3. Both models share a similar design, but the iPod Touch 3G supports additional software features due to its improved hardware.

iPod Touch 2G vs iPod Touch 3G

iPod Touch 2G was released in September 2008. Available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB storage capacities with a 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display with 480-by-320-pixel resolution. iPod Touch 3G was released in September 2009 Available in 32GB and 64GB storage capacities with a 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display with 480-by-320-pixel resolution. 


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iPod Touch 2G vs iPod Touch 3G

The CPU of the iPod Touch 2G model is 533 MHz ARM 1176JZF-S. The memory offered in the device is 128 MB LPDDR DRAM. The version of the operating system in the device is 2.1.1.

The device’s storage option is 8, 16, and 32 GB flash memory.

On the other hand, the CPU of the iPod touch 3G is 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A8. The memory offered in the device is 256 MB LPDDR DRAM.

The version of the operating system in the device is 3.1.1. The storage option in the iPod Touch 3G is 32 GB and 64 GB flash memory.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniPod Touch 2GiPod Touch 3G
Release date 9th September 2008 9th September 2009
System on chip S5L8720S5L8922
CPU type 533 MHz ARM 1176JZF-S 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A8
Storage8, 16, and 32 GB flash memory 32 and 64 GB flash memory

What is iPod Touch 2G?

The iPod touch is a product of the Apple family. The manufacturer of the product is Foxconn.

It is a type of mobile device with a touchscreen user interface control.

It can be used for multiple purposes, like as a handheld gaming device, a digital camera, a music player, texting and messaging, or a web browser.

iPod is similar to the iPhone of the Apple family, but it only operates through WiFi and does not operate on the cellular data network.

iPod is not a smartphone. iPod Touch 2G was launched by the parent company in 2007.

The operating system of the device is iOS. The system is on a chip of S5L8720.

The CPU of 2G model is 533 MHz ARM 1176JZF-S.

The memory type of iPod Touch 2G is 128 MB LPDDR DRAM. The 2G model is available in various storage options, like 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. It has a 3.5-inch diagonal display.

The display has glossy glass, which is scratch resistant and is covered also. The display’s contrast ratio is 200:1. It has an 18-bit TN LCD type of display.

The graphics provided in the 2G model of iPod Touch is PowerVR MBX Lite GPU. Different graphics powers every model.

The model has a built-in speaker and a 3-axis accelerometer, and a gyroscope. The connectivity type in the iPod touch 2G model is WiFi of 802.11 b/g.

The model is built-in rechargeable and has a battery type of Li-Po of 739 mAh.

ipod touch 2g

What is iPod Touch 3G?

iPod Touch 3G operates on the operating system of Apple’s Unix-based iOS. This operating system is similar to the OS used in iPhones.

The OS has bundled software that is beneficial in sending and receiving mail, browsing the Internet viewing maps, and other activities.

The iPod touch 3G model supports various online services like Podcasts, App Store, Apple Wallet, iTunes Stores, iCloud, Apple Music, and even Apple Books.

The typing of iPod Touch 3G is done on a virtual keyboard displayed on the iPod’s screen. The description of the iPod Touch is as often as ‘iPhone without the phone’ by various journalists and prominent magazines.

The other models of the iPod touch even had features of notifications and integration with social media platforms.

The owners of the models paid for the updates of iOS in iPod touch 3. This feature received criticism from the users.

The supported iOS version of the model of iPod Touch 3G is 3.1.1. The setting up of the device requires a PC or a Mac for the first time.

However, after being set up,, it does not require any computer and media,; other apps can be easily downloaded from App Store and iTunes store.

To purchase any content on the device, users have to create an Apple ID or can log in with an existing account. This account is essential for downloading any content.

The model also allows third-party applications through the App Store of Apple. Another sideloading of apps is done by Xcode application outside the App Store.

This is mainly intended for developers, programmers, and enterprises.

ipod touch 3g

Main differences between iPod touch 2G and 3G

  1. The battery of the iPod Touch 2G is 739 mAh, while the battery of the iPod Touch 3G is 789 mAh.
  2. The power of the iPod touch 2G is 3.7 V 2.73 Wh, while the power of the iPod touch 3G is 3.7 V 2.92 Wh.
  3. The dimensions of the iPod touch 2G are 110 × 61.8 × 8 mm (H×W×D), while the dimensions of the iPod touch 3G are 110 × 61.8 × 8.5 mm.
  4. The mass of the iPod touch 2G is 120 g or 4.2 oz, while the mass of the iPod touch 3G is 115 g or 4.1 oz.
  5. The graphics of the iPod touch is PowerVR MBX Lite GPU, while the graphics of the iPod touch is PowerVR SGX535 GPU.
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