Difference Between iRobot 675 and E5 (With Table)

This is the era of technology where most things are happening because of AI or using the help of the internet. Now, you will find only a few people who do not know anything about using the internet or any such kind of stuff. During these changing times, we must change too because we need to keep our lives updated by keeping up with the latest changes in technology.

Similarly, in the olden days cleaning was possible by broomsticks and mopping the floors but nowadays, these things have become technological and are made easy for human beings. Humans are becoming more and more lazy day by day because of these kinds of innovations in technology. For those who do not know what iRobot 675 and E5 is then they are nothing but technology vacuum products.

These simple gadgets are small and they vacuum clean all your room floor on their own. You do not need to put in your effort to do that with your hands because everything is automatic. The product works like a vacuum cleaner and can be used anywhere to clean the dust lying on the floor.

iRobot 675 vs E5

The difference between iRobot 675 and E5 is that E5 is much better if you look at their overall performance although these two vacuum cleaners have similar features. The E5 is much better in the sense that it is much better when you are using it on a low-pile and as well as on a high-pile carpet. The E5 also comes with a much larger dirt compartment with a long-lasting battery.

Comparison Table Between iRobot 675 and E5

Parameters of ComparisoniRobot 675E5
Build QualityiRobot 675 has an awesome build quality and most people have loved it.The E5, on the other hand, also has an awesome build quality and both these products have the same rating when it comes to build quality.
Height3.94 in (10.0cm)3.94 in (10.0cm)
Width13.39 in (34.0 cm)13.39 in (34.0 cm)
Depth15.83 in (40.02 cm)15.75 in (40.0 cm)
Total Weight7.59 lbs7.28 lbs
Battery Recharge Time2 hours1 hour 40 minutes.

What is iRobot 675?

IRobot 675 that falls under the category of the Roomba series is a robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity. This is the latest technology that has an excellent vacuuming system. The product comes with extra benefits and features like its connectivity that comes with an app control and also there is voice support.

iRobot has made an excellent choice for introducing this product into the market because now cleaning has been easier. The product received excellent ratings and reviews from the customers because of its advantages.

The price might come a bit higher but I think it is worth your money if you look at the product details and also the reviews and ratings from the customers. The long-lasting batteries will give you the product enough time to complete its vacuuming wherever you want it to vacuum.

Now, the connectivity like Wi-Fi and a mobile application lets you control or regulate the way you want it to. In other words, this product is the future of robots where this is just the beginning. The product also comes with voice support that means one can have voice controlling.

iRobot have come up with several other similar products and E5 was one of them. When comparing iRobot 675 and E5 then there would be not much differences to see.

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What is iRobot E5?

The iRobot E5, on the other hand, is also a similar product to the iRobot 675. There are only a few differences between these two products. People have said that the E5 has got much better battery life than the iRobot 675.

Although they both have similar features and functions in some ways, E5 has impressed people in the market but this does not mean that iRobot 675 is less impressive. Both are impressive in their ways and you can check for their ratings and reviews online itself and judge which one is the best according to you.

It is said that iRobot E5 has a better performance when they work on low-pile and as well as high-pile carpet. Other than that iRobot E5 has got a larger dirt compartment as compared to iRobot 675. So, in these two parameters there are the differences and other than that both these products are quite impressive.

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Main Differences Between iRobot 675 and E5

  1. iRobot 675 and E5 are both automatic vacuum that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and other features.
  2. iRobot 675 has a much more total weight than E5 which is little bit lighter in weight.
  3. Both have an excellent battery life and are quite impressive.
  4.  Both these products’ batteries can be removed and the product has got a battery life indicator.
  5. Both iRobot 675 and E5 have the power adjustment feature on them which is a major advantage.


 In the end, it is the best product that one will look for in the market today. Yes, there are plenty of products available in the market today with different styles, preferences, designs and such other kinds of stuff. It is your choice to decide upon which brand or product you want to go for. Well, if you are new to the product then there are product description videos available on the internet.

Do have a look at those videos and make the right decision. Other than that I would say iRobot products are something to look at because though they might come a bit pricey but they will give you the best product satisfaction.


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