iRobot i7 vs iRobot i7+: Difference and Comparison

Cleaning is a vital function that needs to be done frequently to keep a place neat. Cleaning not only helps to make a place look better, but it also aids in removing unnecessary material in a place.

The unnecessary material includes left-out wrappers, packaging covers, etc. Dust removal is also an important process in cleaning. Many people are allergic to dust. Improper cleaning may lead to worsening their health situation.

So, it is highly important to keep the place clean and neat. Traditional methods of cleaning a floor include sweeping with the help of a broomstick.

This is followed by mopping the floor manually with a few drops of disinfectants added to it to kill the germs. Failure to remove the dust in the workplace would also pave the way for strange odors, especially when pet animals are around.


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Cleaning a large area frequently is a tiring process when done manually. With technological improvement in all sectors, the cleaning process has got several upgrades by incorporating advanced bots.

Bots are robotic platforms programmed to do a specific task along with a few decision-making powers to aid them in completing the task. 

These tiny bots are no longer four inches high and function autonomously to finish the task. They do execute in a step-by-step manner as programmed. iRobot i7 and iRobot i7+ are the two cleaning vacuum bots performing well among their competitors.

Key Takeaways

  1. The iRobot i7 and i7 Plus are both robot vacuum cleaners with similar features, but the i7 Plus includes a Clean Base automatic dirt disposal system.
  2. Both models have smart mapping technology that allows them to learn and map your home, but the i7 Plus can empty its bin automatically, making it more convenient.
  3. The i7 Plus has a larger dustbin capacity than the i7, making it suitable for larger homes or homes with pets that shed a lot of hair.

iRobot i7 vs iRobot i7+

The iRobot Roomba is a smart robot vacuum designed to clean hard floor surfaces with advanced technology. The robot uses a dual multi-surface brush and a powerlifting suction to remove small and large dust particles. The i7 series uses a manual intervention for emptying waste. The iRobot i7+ uses a self-emptying base where the waste in the bin automatically gets disposed of.

iRobot i7 vs iRobot i7

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniRobot i7iRobot i7+
UseIt is a Wi-Fi-connected robot vacuum cleaner.It is also a Wi-Fi-connected vacuum cleaner robot with no manual intervention in waste disposal.
Automatic Dirt Disposal SystemPresentAbsent
Robot Dimension13.34 inches width x 3.63 inches high.13.34 inches width x 3.63 inches high.
Dimensions of the Dirt Disposal BaseAbsent12.2” Width x 15.1” D x 19” Height.
Dirt Disposal BagsHave to be bought separately.Two bags are provided along with the package.

What is iRobot i7?

iRobot i7 is a robotic vacuum cleaner designed to ease the work of cleaning in the household and other areas. It is a smart robot that is equipped with a smart navigation system.

Using this feature, the user can direct the robot to the places to be cleaned and no-entry zones. Once the map is saved, the user can ask the robot to clean the place at a specific time.

This helps the robot to clean multiple rooms efficiently. The smart navigation system also ensures that the robot does not collide with any obstacles present while cleaning.

iRobot i7 can be controlled either through the app designed by the provider or through voice. This device is compatible with Alexa. So, controlling the robot will not be difficult.

It consists of a three-stage system for cleaning purposes. It includes suction and main and side cleaning brush. It runs with the help of a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. It has a run time of 75 minutes. It also comes with an option to get upgraded to i7+.

There are many sensors present in the robot to enhance its features. For example, the acoustic sensor helps to detect areas with more dirt for better cleaning. The cliff sensors prevent the robot from falling from stairs.

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irobot i7

What is iRobot i7+?

iRobot i7+ is also a Wi-Fi-connected robotic platform intended to improve efficiency in the cleaning process. Like i7, i7+ uses a vacuum to suck the dust and clean the surface.

The i7+ deploys an aero force system, which uses a HEPA filter, blocking allergens effectively. Like the i7, the i7+ has a cleaning efficiency of 99% and a battery runtime of 75 minutes.

i7+ is identical to i7 in dimensions, capabilities, cleaning process, etc. The only difference is the inclusion of automatic waste disposing mechanism in i7+.

It comes with a clean base which helps dispose of the waste from the collection bin of i7+. The collection bin has a small hole that would remain closed all the time due to the presence of a small rubber flap.

When the robot docks in the station, two things start taking place. First, the robot gets charged. Second, the platform identifies the rubber flap and sucks its dust.

This dust gets transferred to vacuum bags present at the top of the tower. When the bag gets filled, it sends a notification to the user to change or empty the bag.

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Main Differences Between iRobot i7 and iRobot i7+

  1. iRobot i7+ has an automatic waste disposal system, which is the main difference compared to the iRobot i7 model.
  2. The addition of an automatic waste disposal system has increased the cost of i7+.
  3. Apart from the basic home base in both models, a clean base is an extra feature in the i7+.
  4. The docking base of i7+ occupies more vertical space than i7.
  5. Though it is possible to upgrade from i7 to i7+, the reverse cannot be done now.
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